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  1. Grant Hanley scored the winner this weekend. This is him in my game Uploaded with ImageShack.us Another homegrown CB from Blackburn that has developed well for me Matthew Pearson. Looks like we got the CB position covered for the next 10 years Uploaded with ImageShack.us Homegrown FTW!! How are they developing in your game?
  2. [video=youtube;kvenWHBIddc] Pique red carded before 10 minutes of the game. The rest is history. WE are unbeaten in the Champs league. This is during the 2nd season.
  3. He is a beast!! Who needs Gotze? This is him at the end of 2nd season. A killer coming from the left. Check out his stat and reputation
  4. End of 1st season. My personal aim/gamble for Champions League football on 2nd season is achieved. Finish second. Have to say that we are very close on winning the league but some poor defending,our main striker not being able to score, and an unlucky calls cost us the tittle. If you look at the final table, we manage to score more goals than the other team, but we are also conceding a lot of goals. The team top scorer is Leonard Kweuke. Yakubu manage to get 14 and Goodwillie got 10. I train Vukcevic to the AMR and Formica to AML. Vukcevic is my ''Modric'' and use him mostly as an advance playmaker on the right side while Formica as inside forward left on a 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 formation. Both provided alot of assist. Keep Hoilett out on the bench but he still manage about 10 assist and some goals. You can see overall league player stats on screenshot below This below screenshot to show the matches we've lost. We only lost twice at home which is good. I like to highlight the 3-5 result again Everton which we are leading 3-0 on halftime and they manage to grab 5 on second half which really make me crazy:mad: . Plus my mistake after they are level we went all out attack and they grab another 2. also The 1-2 result with Man Utd is an unlucky one for us to lose because they manage to get a penalty which clearly ref got it wrong. Financially, after the prize money we have about 8.7 mil on the balance book. Profit is 17.21mil. (both is after league prize money). Does not look good i have to admit but i am happy to go ahead with next season and see what happen lol
  5. Why not? I manage the team i create my own story with my team and share it with the people here. Plus, i'm not using the editor and edit in 100000 milion in the transfer budget?
  6. milokaw

    FM12: Radja Nainggolan

    Got him in first season for 16.5 mil+ (3 mil upfront 48 month loan ) Long process of bid and negotiating . They keep on asking for 20-25 mil. I stand firm and keep lowering the price and suddenly they ask for 16mil+ .
  7. Thanks, no worries just a game . My aim is to have a solid and flexible defence that is good for now and future. Just thought i try this out and see the outcome comes the end of season.
  8. Hi Guys This is my story so far with my Blackburn save, after looking at the squad, i decided to totally upgrade the squad. So here how it goes. My 1st season target with the board is to reach top side of the league. But with that option, there is still not enough transfer budget? How to upgrade? Bah..no problem. I make my own transfer budget which is 50 mil ( buying each players by paying over 48 month) Players Out First! I still need to sell some player and free up the player wages. 1st i give Grella a free transfer. Sold Salgado and Roberts that got me 5 mil. Sold MGP for 7.5mil(48 month payment). Transfer listed Goulon and after some chat he is not happy about it but no club interested. Send Linghazi on Loan with i think 980+ loan fee. Later on sold Givet for 4.5 mil and then eventually got Goulon out for a loan with no fee but 100% wages covered with 1.5mil future transfer fee. Also send 1-2 youngster out on loan with a small fee. I think thats about it for player going out. Here is the players that came in: (all transfer are using 48 month payment) Defence -Vertonghen: aboout 10.5mil (I think about 13.5mil if clause) -Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa-About the same with Vertonghen( Hes going to be my RB) -Sime Vrsaljko for 1.9 mil - Abdelhamid El Kaoutari cost me between 5 to 7 mil (will update later because i cant remember exactly) Midfield - Got Andile Jali for 550K (MC) - Saw Sunderland bid for Younes Belhanda and i bid and got him for about 6-7mil (AMR) - Adam Vass for 800 - 900K Striker -Leonard Kweuke for 3.8 - 4.5 mil So that how my transfer goes and August is approching Total Transfer fee is about 36 Mil++ Total Fee received is about 17mil++ After some friendlies i think i still need another left footed winger or inside forward (Looking for someone like Hoilett) and also another midfielder since i can't stand that N'Zonzi got 10 for workrate and Andile Jali is weak on strenght. Need to find a box 2 box MC. I will allow myself to spend about another 14 mil. There you go. Lets see what the board thinks by the end of the season. That is if i still keep my job by the end of the season Will update the transfer fee i forgotten if anyone interested on the details.
  9. Hmm, seems to work for me. Maybe its time to give some player the hairdryer?
  10. Have you tried re-creating your tactic with the tactic creator? I see something wrong with my old tactic too which i customized a little bit here and there. My defense is getting poor and midfield is having trouble working together. After few games not getting the result, i decide to re-create the tactic again and not changing the setting mentality for some position which in my old tactic i change closing down setting for my ball winning midfielder and mentality for wingers.
  11. Hi SFraser, I have been testing your schedule for 3 season now and i see big improvement on all player. for CF schedule, i have Dzeko(1st CF) and Necid(Dev CF) reach full potential and with the 1st CM schedule, it turned Marek Hamsik close to be a Box2Box Midfielder which is ideal for my tactic(he even good to be train for ST position. The others schedules see good improvement too and i have no issue with them. Theres injuries here and there, but thats normal in real life. I have a question about the CB training, So far i hardly seen much improvent on Jumping attribute, both for Dev and 1st team schedule, for 1st team CB schedule, i've already decrease Ball Control by 5 and Shooting by 3 and increase Tactics by 5 and Defending by 3 just for your info. The others important attiribute is increasing nicely but not jumping. Two example: Jordan Spence, my Limited Defender stopper Otamendi, my CB Cover, i'm sure his heading will improve, but i am not sure about jumping. Can you suggest how i go from here to change the schedule so that i can get improvement for Jumping attribute? or is this normal for shorter height CB? Many thanks
  12. Interesting question, i do remember seeing a player of my team being mark by two player of the opposite team during a match.
  13. milokaw

    FM 10: Kikin Fonseca

    Makes a good tutor too...with his bravery,strength + aggression,would be tough for defend to bring him down,wish his jumping is better. A beast he is
  14. Name: Domenico Cricito Age: 22 Nationality: Italian Club: Co-owned Genoa & Juventus Position: D/WB L, Also can play as DC and SW and competent to play DR. Value: around £ 9.5M Work Permit Needed?: No Good defensive stat, need to bring up his crossing and dribbling ability up and he will be great. The position he is able play makes him a good sub to have in a game.