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    22 year old football manger ;)

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    5 aside football, Blackburn Rovers,my wife and my 3 girls!

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    Blackburn Rovers

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  1. Blackburn Rovers and hopefully get them to win the premier league again!!
  2. What a fantastic read!! looking forward to your next chapter
  3. Live in chorley so will be keeping a close eye on this!
  4. Its the fact that they haven't even bothered to email or reply to me that to is shocking customer service
  5. Yeah took the money its usually the case "let's take the money and not give them what thay paid for shocking company
  6. Sorry didn't mean to come across funny just mad!! Sorry again
  7. Yeah that's what I got but I just thought saying that I don't know what to think anymore
  8. Football Manager 2015 inc. Beta PC/Mac that's what is says I have ordered surely that what I should get right? sikker
  9. Tried they wont reply to me were do we go from here if the not replying?
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