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  1. Can anyone tell me where is this settings folder, and/or re upload those settings files. New octagon is unusable Thanks
  2. I made a new save just before the game so I can upload it for this matter, but I cant do it before Tuesday
  3. @James Buchanan Yes I have tried that first but as you can see on screenshot there is no Club Word Cup under registration drop down because that competition doesnt require any registration after all! @FrazT I did that already, its definitely not solution since I have zero control over match, but magically whole first team played and luckily i won on penalties. Final match i got to play normally without any registration needed. Please look at this closer..
  4. Im stuck at the team selection screen right before my first game in club world cup, all my players are not registered for competition and I never had option to register. o2p3wiht42903h0214gt0!~!!@!!!! I can not choose any player not even u18 ones. I hope you have some solution for this. Tonight
  5. mate if 99 games are working and 1 is not, obviously the game has the problem not the OS...
  6. Im sure that will work but whats the point? I need to change my operating system in order to play the game? ...
  7. Yes ive tried that multiple times, plus shutting down all applications from task bar..
  8. Hey thanks for suggestion but i have already tried that without success :/
  9. Ive just tried and i cant even contact steam on this issue, they are redirecting me to this website or sega's one
  10. I have Football Managers from 2012 till latest one, and 40 other games. All of them works fine. This is what i get when i click on "Play" http://i.imgur.com/fRhD1E2.jpg Do you suggest me to contact steam support then?
  11. Ive bought the game 2 months ago and still cant play it. Couldnt i get some help please?
  12. Hello, I have found post about this error but I don't have F-security or other things mentioned there. I have tried turning off my anti virus and other running programs, also tried reinstalling game but no success. I'm using windows 10 pro, i5 4670k, gtx 980 if that is somehow relevant. I would appreciate any advices
  13. I have following settings there: Show: Goals Camera: Touchline When im in Liverpool stats screen on example, and i score, replay goes below the stats so i dont see anything. Instead of switching to Field view, and switching back to Stats after goal... Anyhow ty for ur time mate
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