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  1. That makes sense yes, but why the red text saying it was decided via random draw? I have some edits yes, but only on the England rules, nothing which touches the CL/Europe. Still worth putting in the bugs fourm?
  2. Hiya Ive just had this group happen in my FM save. Now I know you cant see it (i couldnt fit it all in one screen) but Sevilla beat juventus 1-0 on the final match day. With this in mind, why did it come down to a random draw to decide who won the group? Surely, with Sevilla drawing away to juventus and then winning at home, they should of won the group via the head to head rule? Even if you ignore that, shouldn't CL grp stage matches be decided via co efficient if teams finish exactly equal? not a random draw? Maybe im just been an idiot, but it dosent seem to make se
  3. Since world cup 2010 is the only one I have to compare to, yes this still wins hands down
  4. I guess you can afford to be crap all game when you can pull that out the hat in added time Iran:(
  5. Gunna go out on a limb and say that starting at a much bigger club is easier then starting lower down: Much better players, much better back room staff for more accurate advice, allot easier to attract the players you want, the list goes on. And has been said, classic mode is a must, great mode
  6. Usually fails miserably at utd in my saves and lasts no longer then 2 seasons max. After that he tends to manage mostly abroad, often in Germany where he does pretty well. In my most recent save he has lead Dortmund to 3 back to back Bundesliga titles
  7. Seen Celtic go unbeaten in the SPL quite a few times, but that's obviously a very one sided league. That aside the closest Ive seen is Bayern Munich very nearly pulling it off, but lost in the final game of the season
  8. I did a previous save as a "head coach" (So giving allot of the transfer/contract stuff to my DOF, including finding and signing players for the first team). And he made a grand total of 1 loan signing for me within 4 transfer windows:D. I obviously realise there are allot of factors which determine what they do/dont do, but never the less they do seem in general abit on the lazy side, I just have mine for the sake of it. A shame for people who really want to play as a proper head coach and not a manager.
  9. In my first season of FM 14, Zenit made it to the semi finals, after four qualifying games they came 2nd in a grp of Athleico, Arsenal and leverkusan. Beat Benfica & Porto in round of 16 and quarter finals respectively, before finally losing 3-1 agg v Bayern Munich. Dosent match your Celtic, but one of the best Ive seen so far.
  10. Oh dear so many replys from a simple rage post :o Just to let you know Ive since went on a 8 match win streak Sorry all, I do think that idea of an official "aimless vent thread" would be a good idea, Id certainly make some use of it.
  11. Okay, will do in a min. Also, sorry for the """" marks implying fake/negative advice in my post, frustration just boiling over in general.
  12. Okay then, what "advice" would you offer? What steps would you recommend? Keep in mind, im perfectly happy with the way my team plays, yes abit leaky defensibly at times, but not too bad (game in OP post was a one off 3 goals coincided) The midfield in general is excellent, keeping the ball well at all times, hence the 59% away poss, we also get into dangerous positions all the time, hence the high amount of fouls their team is always commting to stop us, I have no problem with the chances themselves we are creating, the CCCs come and go left right and centre, we are creating enoguth chances
  13. Bristol City 3-2 Wolves Shots: 6-25 On Target: 4-10 Fouls: 17-3 Possession: 41%-59% CCC: 1-10 Corners: 0-9 and so on, you get the idea. I cant take this any more, its ruining my entire experience of this game, anything I do feels meaningless beacuse every game comes down to the same question/coin toss before the match: "Will your striker be able to hit a barn door?" if so, continue match as useal, if not, then unless something incredible happens, I am not winning it, no mater what, as its almost impossible to take any points from a game where your striker has the finishing of a 5 year
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