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  1. I have a question. How do you find players for your teams? Especially when playing in the lower leagues.
  2. And suddenly dimartino is back with his strikerless versions of famous forum tactics. Gonna try it.
  3. Agreed. Ask the moderators to delete all of our useless posts and lets stop this stupid discussion. Keep the thread theme to the tactic itself. Cheers and sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. I may be a complete whatever you wanna put there in the blank, I am and I have no problem with that. It's my life and I'm happy that way. But it's not the first time you come here and rant about Hough's tactics. And even if you haven't said directly that he was cheating, indirectly that was what everybody thought you were saying. Get it? I don't want no fight and no war so, peace. Gotta go to work. Cheers.
  5. Just to shut the guy up, I'll do a test with Hull without changing a thing. Only thing I'll do is buy a Anchor man on a free transfer. Lets see.
  6. This guy only comes to this forum to accuse people from cheating. I don't get him. I'm testing the tactic with Braga, in Portugal. I'm top of the league, beated Porto, drawn Benfica, and did no signings, no FMRTE editing, no corner cheats, no nothing, plug and played the tactic just like it is and I'm making no subs during games. Hough knows what he is doing and he is a great FMer. If you don't know how to play, don't come here ranting and acusing people of something that is not true. It's not the first time I see this guy saying somebody is cheating and I believe he did the same a few months
  7. I guess you missed something. dimartino is playing with Mr. Hough's tactic, but he pulled the three ST bak to AMC. The new tactic has the same formation as the others. It's a 4-1-2-3 with three strikers and that's how you should play it. Unless, of course, you wann try dimartino's way. Hope it helped. Cheers.
  8. Something interesting just happened. I'm Hoffenheim and I was playing Panathinaikos at their ground. I was losing 3-1, but since I won 2-0 at my own ground I was not to worried. So, to control de result, I droped my FC to AMC position, I ended up wining 4-3. with 3 goals scored after the 75th minute and to of them with a space of 2 minutes in between. Does pushing your forwards to attacking midfield really work? I'm gonna test it. Cheers. By the way, your classic tactic (the first one) is just great. Can't wait for your new tactic.
  9. Link for what? For a corner routine that is explained a few post above yours? Read post #2140 and aplly it to your tactics. There is no link. Cheers
  10. Yeah. It is a classic tactic. You can only see the insctructions. Player roles are only available for tactics created with the creator. You have all the attributes needed in the opening post.
  11. I'm answering for Mr. Hough and I'm only ginving my opinion, but I think he feels the same. It is not a Diablo tactic. That doesn't exist anymore. You lose a few games, can't win 'em all and sometimes you lose big. But is it a good tactic? It's great. With the right players it can make a lot of miracles. Bu it's not a Diablo and it's not cheating as some people has been saying. Cheers
  12. Just to give a little more encouragement to Mr. Hough and to prove I'm cheating (lol just a joke). Here goes some photos. No corner bug, no nothing. I used both the classic and the Creator ones, 'cause I couldn't decide. When I get back to this save I'll stregthen the team and try going for the Champions Cup and the FA Cup. The two competitions I lost. Cheers
  13. I tried it, but since I never play big teams, it hasn't resulted really well. Maybe I'll try it again later.
  14. I don't know if this is a stupid question but I didn't want to open a new thread in vain. I need a few guidlines on how to set my defence. How to stop wingers from getting crosses and how to stop those strikers from getting away leaving my CB behind. I've read a few things and I play my defence high on the pitch and have my FBs closing down low and man marking. My CBs are man tight marking closing donw low either. Am i right, am I wrong? Some would be very apreciated. Cheers.
  15. Maybe the links expired. I don't have the tactics, if I had I'd put'em up for you. Sorry.
  16. First season V6 home and Eagle away, had 19W 14D and only 5L. But now, at my second season Eagle's not helping, so mostly I'm with V6.
  17. Playing as Portsmouth. Finished 5th first season, still playing my second one. In my prevous save got Dorchester to Coca-cola League 2 in 4 seasons. As long as you consider Dorchester as one of the big teams in England, I'm pretty sure I'm not playing the big ones.
  18. Isn't that the point of a community? That we all work together? That's what we've been doing. Others more than me, but almost all of us. By the way, I found, just recently, that Eagle at hard away matches and V6 at home, works wonders for me. Another thing... glad you're back.
  19. Oh, ok. Thought you were using some tweaked version of one of the tactics. Thanks.
  20. That's not what I meant. Which one of the tactics are you using?
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