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  1. I have a question. How do you find players for your teams? Especially when playing in the lower leagues.
  2. Yeah! I probably should be looking at some of my TI's, but since coming back to this system, in the Sporting CP match, I have only lost one. In the penalties, to Paços de Ferreira, for the Portuguese Cup. That kind of sucks.
  3. So, I guess we can say that a simple change of team mentality, adapting it to the current of the match, is enough, I guess. I just beat Sporting CP, 2-0, and only changed my team's mentality. Ok, I'm Benfica, and am a lot better, but that is not the point. I'll keep on going this way and see how the league ends.
  4. I've been too quíte. But now, a something came to my mind. So I decided to create this little thread. Both to seek for help and, hopefuly, to start a discussion. A few years back, I guess it was the 2011 version of the game, I watched a vídeo, made by Uncle Sam, on how he played. His idea was that what you needed to do was, simply addapt your team's mentality acording to the match events. I decided to follow and ended um há vingança lots of success. Lately I read that Cleon does the same thing, sometimes, I guess. I wonder, is it possible to just change your team's mentality, o is the game, these days, só complex that you need a lot more than that? What do you guys think?
  5. You should definitely analyse the Chilean tactic. I might be wrong, but this World Cup is showing a prominence of the 3 at the back tactics, just like yonko pointed out. Chile, when attacking, left 3 man at defence, and when defending, the wide midfielders dropped back to help the CB. I believe Costa Rica, against Uruguay, played a 5 men defence, with the wide men going forward when attacking. I'm starting to believe that every World Cup edition brings new tactics. It's the evolution of the game.
  6. I wasn't going to, but I have to update you on my quest with these tactics. After my last post I decided to start a new save, and as I said I'm too lazy, lately, so I went with the classic version of the game, taking charge, this time around, of Varzim. Varzim are a well known team in Portugal. They have already played the top tier of our football but have been in the II Division (now known as Campeonato Nacional de Seniores) for the last couple of years. In fact, last season they achieved promotion but due to not having money and having a lot of financial problems, they refused to register for the Second League and to keep on playing in the II Division with semi-professional players. So, a good team, but not a great team. First season was a charm. It saw us take 1st place in the 1st phase of the league. In the second phase we got the second place, due to a few bad results here and there, and secure a promotion playoff spot. Playoff we won comfortably. Since in FM you can not refuse to play the professional leagues, on we went to the second league. But it wasn't easy. The new more realistic transfer market makes it a little harder for teams that get to the professional leagues for the first time. And in Portugal, the difference between a team from II Division and Second League is huge. At least is what I've felt, the times I got teams promoted. First season in the Portuguese Second League was consolidation season and went like this: Second season was a different story. I knew I could push for promotion and that was what I told the board. Did we get it? Yes we did. On top of the table. A few signings here and there and we started our first season back at the top tier a little shaky. With three games to go, this is how we stand. To top all this, I am to play the League Cup final against Sporting Lisbon. And to make it even better my complete forward has been one of the top goalscorers of the league in all seasons, being appointed top goalscorer of the portuguese cup in the first season. I ended up having to re-sign him at my second season, because I didn't notice his contract was ending and he got released. Shame on me. He is a player that had scored 17 goals, prior to signing for my team, this is 10 seasons before. In 4 years of playing for me he has 74 goals. His name is Vitor Hugo. The ones playing the portuguese league can take a look at him, he plays for Vizela at the begining of the game. He is not an awesome striker, but he came with me from the lower leagues and is still top of the goalscoring table in the Premier League. I play like this: Silk & Still every time I'm the underdog and Rainmaker every time I'm favorite. Home or away. You don't win all the time, but you win most of the times. And, to end, two very important victories. Against Porto, League Coup group stage first game: And for the league, away at Estádio de Alvalade, against Sporting Lisbon: I'm loving your tactics. So, thanks for the good work.
  7. Yes he is. He is as female as I am Joffrey Baratheon. I've seen it.
  8. What? Cleon is "retiring"? No way! Well thanks for the things I learnt from what you wrote and welcome to the new guys. Who aren't that new, because they have been around for a while.
  9. Hey! Little feedback from this old lurker, occasional poster. A bit of background. Having missed on last year's edition of the game, I decided to take the lazy approach this year, so decided to download a few tactics and see what worked. At my forth season in the game, I took a job at my home town team, recently promoted to the National Seniors Championship (Campeonato Nacional de Seniores) in Portugal. Ermesinde, the team, is a really weak team, with no money and a really low reputation. But, since in my first two seasons I had gotten a modest Operário dos Açores and another recently promoted Campomaiorense teams to the second place in the league (these ones with tactics of mine), I knew I could do something for a team I love. So, about the league. This is the third division of Portuguese football. It is played in two phases, composed of eight groups. Only the two first teams of each group will qualify for the promotion phase. In the first season I used another forum member tactic and got my team safe from relegation and getting the first place of the league, in the Relegation phase. Got the best scorer of the league. Second season, I played the same tactic... 'till halfway through the season. That's when I found Silk & Steel. I finished 4th in the first phase of the league and second in the second phase. I sticked (is this right?) to it and third season was a charm. Halfway through, got V2 running and took second place in the first phase, qualifying for the promotion phase. Second phase saw my team run away with the first place and a place in the Champions Final, which I also won. This season, I'm playing Silk & Steel away, and Rainmaker home, like last season. Home is not going too well, but away is going fine. Although, I'm siting 8th place with a team that has no money to hire players and the highest attribute I can get for the key attributes is 9. I'm playing mostly youngsters and old, decrepit, players that can barely hold the 90 minutes of the match. So I "blame" your tactics for my current success. Thanks. Cheers. P.S.: As I said above, I'm too lazy these days, so there are no pictures.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, and I might be, he will not be as adventurous as he would with an attacking mentality. And even if you change his duty his mentality will always be the same, since ticked orders are not afected by shouts, nor TC changes in duty.
  11. I'm still playing last year's version, 'cause I didn't want to buy the new one (shame on me). But, as I said before, you're threads are an incredible source of information and FM knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to post these things. Cheers.
  12. And suddenly dimartino is back with his strikerless versions of famous forum tactics. Gonna try it.
  13. Yeah, it's helping me to, at least, enjoy the game a lot more. Though I do not win all the games, or almost all, like you do, I enjoy this way much more than just pressing the "continue" button all the time.
  14. I had to post this. Hope it's ok. Playing the game your way, well my way but based on what you do, I have recently had a lot more fun playing and good success. Admiting I used someone else's tactic through the first three seasons of my career, I was getting bored, but it was the simpler way to play since I play most at work (shame on me). Or so I thought. It isn't that hard to play your formations and ideas. In fact, like many of you "gurus" defend, keeping simple will make it more successful. And in fact it did. I reached a 3rd place in China with a reletively weak tianjin team in my first season and the champions league quarter finals in my second, leaving after that and joining Changchun for only 6 games, but with 5 wins and 1 draw, raising from 8th to 6th. But my reason to post in here is this next match. Last (in game) year I took over Algeria. My last match, before this one, saw us beating Russia 1-0 and now I have to face Spain. image host Ok, I know I lost the match and it was a friendly. But i kept Spain away from my goal for most of the time. And they only had one clear cut chance, which was not the play that originated their goal. It was a really awful game from my team, with no beauty at all, but, for most of time, it was effective. I was happy to steal a draw. Unfortunately we lost, but I know I did the right thing and it was fun to watch Spain shooting from range and throwing crosses from one side of the box to the other. I'm getting my fun playing back, thanks to reading your threads and others like you. Thanks Cleon.
  15. I love Benfica to death. I do, but still portuguese? We're more south american than we are portuguese. But, as long as Jesus keeps them winning games I'm beside them.
  16. For the first time in my life, I saw an Italian team playing beautiful football. Great at defence, obviously, it's Italy, but beautiful playing when attacking. Yesterday, Italy played well and deserved the win. They even deserved one or two more goals. Congratulations. Now, kick Spain's butt for us.
  17. I love this sentence.lol Portugal deserved the win yesterday. Another unlucky day for Ronaldo and friends. It's not usual to see Spain playing long balls and missing so many passes. Portugal, through the first 90 minutes, nullified Spain. They did nothing of notice. But, as in the past matches, the last minutes were dominated by Spain, which I understand. It is hard to stay motivated when you miss so many chances, and when you try so much and nothing happens. It was an ungrateful loss. We could already see Alves was going to miss. He didn't look confident. There was something wrong there. But hey, Portugal played really well in the last for matches. We reached the semis when we weren't even expected to and, to me, alongside Germany, we played the best football in the tournament. Credit to Paulo Bento. Now, let's hope Germany beats the hell out of Italy tonight and of Spain next Sunday. I'm tired of the boring tiki-taka football. And I believe that, right now, we all are. Oh, and I agree with Cleon, Moutinho was, once again, brilliant. I missed a penalty and it was really unfair to a player that gave so much to the game and the team. Awesome player.
  18. First sheet I saw had Fábregas starting. Don't know which is best, with or without the striker. Fábregas would put a lot of work on Veloso, but Negredo is a menace in the box. They are definitely going to put pressure on our players. Well from the last three matches between the two teams, we won two. Today, I really believe victory is ours, let's hope for those boys to do their job. Força Portugal.
  19. First things first. Sorry to spoile it for you fyrefuze, but Cleon is not a dude. Secondly, Portugal have a lot fo support tonight. Ucranian, polish and English, all are by our side. Will that give us the win? I don't know, but I surely believe we're going to win. obviously it won't end 4-0 like the lst time we met, but 1-0 is totally enough. It is going to be an interesting match. Two teams trying to play short passes. Spain defenitly trying to keep the ball and Portugal trying to open spaces for Ronaldo and Nani to run into. Only thing, as stated before, somewhere in this discussion, is that Portugal can not play on the counter. We will be killed if we wait for them to attack. But all out attack is not good either. I know Portugal is going to win, but we're facing the champions and our player need to stay focused and play their best football. Maybe a really high pressure without getting stuck in, leaving no space is a good strategy. Let's see how it goes. It's taking to long to reach the 19:45 time target. I can't wait that long.
  20. All of them are great players and, obviously, deserve a prize, but Ronaldo adds goals to his game (at least lately he has added goals). So I can understand why he is considered "game player". But I agree that at least Moutinho, deserves a prize.
  21. I didn't watch the game last night. Only the penalty shootout. But I must say that I got disappointed. I wanted England to go through. It would be cool to see England face Germany. I hate penaltys.
  22. I believe that our country lives by the old saying: "A galinha da vizinha é sempre melhor do que a minha." (The neighbour's chicken is better than mine). We're never happy with what we've got. Personally, I'm not a fan of Ronaldo. Mostly because, for years now, I'm a Barcelona fan. With so many portuguese players in Real Madrid maybe I was supposed to change oppinion, but I haven't. So, though I admire Coentrão (he played for my Benfica a long time, and we kind of miss him), Mourinho (obviously), and Ronaldo, my team is Barcelona. They are deadly rivals. But he is our scorer. Our best technician. The MAN. He's our "go to" option. And what's the problem? Messi is the same thing for Argentina. Though Portugal plays as a team (and a really good one), Ronaldo is the guy to have the ball in the final third of the field. He opens space, he gets through balls and he scores goals. We can not ask for more. Is he the best portuguese player? He is. And it is not only for scoring. The guy is getting better from match to match, and thank him for that. If someone understands why people keep criticising Ronaldo, explain it to me 'cause I don't understand. And this comes from a guy that has ALWAYS been gainst Ronaldo (except at Utd, because Man Utd is my team in England (yeah, I support one at almost every country in the world)) since he only played for my rivals. He played for Sporting CP and now Real Madrid.
  23. Agreed. I really think he can play every role as a striker, so I find it hard to put him in only one. Let's see how he develops. Hope e just doesn't develop into another Mantorras.lol
  24. I always forget about Crouch. Yeah, kind of he's style of striker. http://youtu.be/ey6AQGLoJik Here's a video of the boy.
  25. Damn girl, you can make any formation work. Doesn't matter how many times I read your threads and the others around I can never get results like that. Well, I have fun playing either way, so who cares. Sorry for the off topic.
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