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  1. Cheers Ed - I don’t play in windowed but is still an issue full screen. out of interest - is there a minimum vertical resolution figure I should be looking at?
  2. Hi all, Still on the hunt for a new laptop for FM (previously posted in January). Budget has increased since then and actually been eyeing up an XPS 15 if I can find a decent 0% finance deal. Biggest bug bear for me however, is using the default skin on my latitude e5270 is the scrolling. For example, on a player profile screen, underneath the attributes where you have career stats etc. I have to scroll to see most of the information on those, rather than it just being visible which really annoys me. Not sure if this is down to screen size, resolution or both (already playing at 85% zoom). Does anyone know what I’d need to look out for to avoid this with the new laptop? And does anyone use an XPS 15 know if it avoids that issue? (I’m looking at the 7590 most likely if that effects anything). thanks,
  3. Summary: End of Season 1 as Leicester manager, arranged a testimonial for Andy King. His contract expired and he left the club a few days before the testimonial (v Chelsea) took place. The news item states "Chelsea honour King" - but Leicester arranged the friendly and he spent the majority of his career with them. I've uploaded the 3 most recent autosave files for you (titled - Leicester City.fm, Leicester City (v02).fm and Leicester City (v03).fm
  4. Bit late to the show, but my scouts in my Leicester save found this guy for me. Signed him for £1m in the first Jan transfer window. Schmeichel kept getting injured and Danny Ward was awful, so brought this guy in as a new no2 but I think long term he may take over as no1 for a couple of years. Had considered deals for Butland/Lafont in the summer but this guy might cut the mustard himself.
  5. Anyone recommend a good laptop for the below specs please: - Min 15.6 inch screen (currently got a Dell e5470 and I can’t stand having to scroll for stats etc on FM) - Max Budget £750 (although obviously cheaper the better) - Want to be able to run a hefty FM Game (plenty of countries/leagues, large dB) for a long term journeyman career and it be fast enough to not drive me crazy or let my missus think I don’t need to be fully focussed at all times I don’t use 3D (only 2D Classic but sometimes even only commentary). other than that would only be used for day to day internet browsing etc (possibly some rollercoaster tycoon) nothing major
  6. Afraid not. It seems to be repeating so I’ll update to 3 rolling save files and upload when I get a similar issue.
  7. Aye, I don’t tend to use it against top, top teams but works fine 90% of the time. Also use him in a 424 which can go against me as well. Have invested in defence and midfield to ensure some balance but defensively hasn’t gone entirely to plan. Tempted to ship out Ake and Maguire (both had interest in the summer window) and buy someone like De Ligt. Need to save some money for Donnarumma in the summer as a DDG replacement as Henderson is shipping too many goals to take the #1 spot.
  8. If they’re both in my XI I’ll be playing a 4231 with Pog as one of the 2 and Bruno as an AM behind the lone striker. if I’m only playing 2 in the middle I’ll rotate to have either; DLP, BBM, or a BWM.
  9. Checked and I don’t have another save. have just taken praise for winning the CWC when I got knocked out though, so it’s almost even
  10. I’ve done 2 seasons with United now. Their revenues are so high I’ve concentrated mostly on improving the squad initially (losing deadwood and strengthening depth) and getting everyone I want to keep happy. Season 1 - Qualified for CL and got to the EL final losing narrowly to Bayern Munich. Not a great performance in the cups. Season 2 - Finished 2nd in the PL (took Liverpool to the last day but lost by a point). Lost 3-2 in the CL final to Atletico Madrid in stoppage time, knocked out in the FA Cup semis to Liverpool. In terms of the squad I’ve got the deadwood out anyway possible so by the start of season 3 I would have lost; Romero (free), TFM (free), Jones (£15m), Rojo (£6.5m), Matic (free), Mata (£6m) and a few fringe players. Sanchez, Smalling and Bailly have all been out on loan for 2 seasons as I can’t get any permanent offers for them, hopefully that will change this summer as I’ve got very low asking prices for them again and Smalling just won Serie A with AC Milan (may try p/ex for Kessie who has requested to leave). In terms of transfers in, I’ve tried to make long-term signings for the future; Chiesa (£51m - Scouts said Berna was injury prone), Todibo (£65m), Chilwell (£60m), Ake (£40m), Berge (£25m), Fernandes (£40m), Guimaraes (£15m), Haaland (£30m) Pogba is currently refusing to sign a new deal due to long term interest from Barcelona. PSG made a £86m bid which I rejected and he isn’t bothered, but there’s only 12months left on his deal and I want to get £100m or keep him, so it may end in tears. So in terms of depth the squad looks decent: GK - DDG, Henderson, Pereira RB - AWB, Dalot CB - Lindelof, Maguire, Todibo, Ake, Tuanzebe LB - Shaw, Chilwell, Williams CM - Pogba, Fernandes, Berge, Guimaraes, McTominay, Pereira RW - Chiesa, Lingard LW - Rashford, Martial, James ST - Greenwood, Haaland Typically play a 4-2-4, which has seen us ship a few goals but the individual performances of Greenwood (~25 goals), Haaland (~25 goals), Rashford (~40 goals) carried us this season. Aiming for a net transfer profit this season as I’ve done my deals early and bought 3 South American talents (including Almada) for about £16.5m and providing nobody I want to keep leaves, I probably won’t make any more signings (save for cheap wonder kids, and a potential marquee signing) and hope to ship out a lot of deadwood (or at least use the Sanchez new deal tip to reduce his wages - but he just got 15 goals on loan at Norwich so hopefully someone will take a punt on him). On the marquee signing point, Liverpool bought Dybala who carried them to a double this season and Chelsea have (despite being an EL team) unsettled Mbappe so I may have to swoop in to try and steal him. Expecting some younger players such as Chong, Garner, Gomes to move on this summer as they haven’t performed/developed well on loan and I want to maximise playing time for youth players who will make it into my first team. The youth intake has had some really good talents both seasons. In terms of managing the club as a whole, I took Luis Campos from Lille as DoF when I took over and then left the staff alone (bar filling the odd vacancy) until end of season 2. I wanted to improve the scouting team so had to mutually terminate a lot of scouts (I had 42 with an allowance of 16 and the board wouldn’t increase at all!) but some were very mediocre. Have paid over the odds to get some really good ones in but my knowledge and network has taken a battering for the short term. Paid £750k in compensation to take a 71 year old scout from Sporting CP who announced his retirement in 2 weeks time the day after he joined. Once the final scouts are in place, I will start on the coaches. I love having ex-players about (Nicky Butt, Patrice Evra) but I don’t think they have enough impact compared to quality stats so will probably see them be replaced this summer or throughout the season. Nick Cox will also go as he has been dishing out contracts to players that need to be shipped out. Stadium expansion completes this summer and facilities are all state of the art so expect a solid season of blooding some youth players and increased revenues to come! Will upload some screenshots next time I play.
  11. Hey Rob - I don’t think I will as I’m on a 1-file rolling autosave every fortnight and I’m now playing the CWC. Be nice if I did though as I lost the CL final just after 😭
  12. I have uploaded the game file to OwnCloud with the name: Man Utd (error point).fm
  13. Summary: End of 2020/21 season at Man Utd and just after the final league match, some members of the squad and the board have expressed their disappointment in the club's performance. The board expected us to challenge for the PL title. We finished 2nd, 1 point behind Liverpool and took it down to the final day, but everyone's still unhappy.
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