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  1. I’ve just met a players release clause, but want him to join at the end of the season instead of during January. There’s no expiry on the clause, and the contract runs for another 2 seasons, so presumably they should have to accept the bid - but if I don’t go with the next available date for transfer they’re able to reject the bid. Is this correct? Paying full £15m fee up front so no clauses that could drag it out
  2. Just tested this. I think Mike has nailed it with the staff attributes. Editor worked as normal (as Luke showed) with Eric Bailly, but not with Romero (who has staff attributes). Thanks for your help EDIT: confirmed this with other players who also have staff attributes now. will just avoid them for the scenario I’m setting up.
  3. Thanks Mike. I’ll double check this when I next boot up the game. It was Sergio Romero in summer 2021 so that is potentially the issue.
  4. Hi Luke Afraid not. It let me search a club, then asked me to choose the role and then just transferred them on a free. i was expecting that box but it never appeared
  5. Hi all Quick question - I tried to sell my players for varying fees using the in-game editor (a scenario I ran on FM20) but now it just transfers the player for free without any options for fees etc. Has this option been removed or is there a different way of achieving this? I wanted to avoid just selling all on a free and adding a lump to my transfer budget/finances, but can do if that’s the only way
  6. Can’t find another thread about this but it’s happened to me just now also. selected all 11 takers in a particular order and it’s running through them in reverse
  7. Thanks Kev. Do you happen to have an opinion on the general quality of either? I had a HP Pavilion before and I didn’t think it was great, but I don’t know if that was a one off or if there’s been improvements since etc as it was 2011 I bought it.
  8. https://www.ebuyer.com/1129539-lenovo-legion-5-ryzen-7-16gb-512gb-ssd-rtx-2060-15-6-win10-82b10062uk?_sgm_campaign=scn_8b13a0d7b2000&_sgm_source=1129539&_sgm_action=click sorry I meant this. I feel like this would potentially sort me out for the next few years playing FM at a decent level. I don’t really need graphics as I prefer 2D Classic but performance wise I couldn’t find much else in the price bracket other than the HP Pavilion on Box with the same RYZEN 7 4800H processor
  9. Hung off for months waiting for a good deal then missed the Lenovo EBuyer deal that’s now out of stock Do you reckon it’ll come by again or just go for the HP Pavilion on Box?
  10. Thanks Jordan - nothing better in the price range that you can recommend off hand? Read one or two reviews that say it’s pricey for its spec
  11. Been dithering for months over this - but want a new laptop for when FM21 comes. Play on 2D Classic so not worried about graphics (but do want at least FHD so I don’t have to scroll on profiles and can watch Netflix etc) Anything better in the price bracket than this? https://www.box.co.uk/81Y6005UUK-Lenovo-Legion-5i-15_2943292.html#DetailTop
  12. How does your 30 year stadium sponsorship end in 100 years?
  13. Cheers Ed - I don’t play in windowed but is still an issue full screen. out of interest - is there a minimum vertical resolution figure I should be looking at?
  14. Hi all, Still on the hunt for a new laptop for FM (previously posted in January). Budget has increased since then and actually been eyeing up an XPS 15 if I can find a decent 0% finance deal. Biggest bug bear for me however, is using the default skin on my latitude e5270 is the scrolling. For example, on a player profile screen, underneath the attributes where you have career stats etc. I have to scroll to see most of the information on those, rather than it just being visible which really annoys me. Not sure if this is down to screen size, resolution or both (already play
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