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  1. I've just got back into it myself after a break. One minor thing - my press conferences have all but disappeared. They were going normally until 09/15, then I had nothing until 12/15, a one-off about a new signing. Then nothing again until 04/16 when they carried on as expected until the end of the season. Since then, the only time they talk to me is if I make a signing. I'm now in my third season in 01/17 and haven't spoken to the press in six months. I also had the issue of the squad not taking a break at the end of the 15-16 season (and of course complaining that I started pre-season too early!). All seems good apart from that though.
  2. Hi - definitely using 1.7, and I started the game on the 6th. As for using the short name, it seems this is the case. It does actually say Rochester United occasionally in the body text of a news item. Looks like SI just over-use the short name. As for the refs, it's certainly not a big deal. Here's a screenie of what I was seeing though - seems I was getting D'Urso, Williamson and Wright on a rota system! Again, all minor stuff and very much enjoying the game.
  3. Two issues regarding saving: 1. Add an option to save twice a week. A week can take a long time in a network game, the fewer things we have to repeat in the event of a crash or corrupt save, the better. It happens. 2. On autosave, don't do any more actions until prompted. Having to sit through an autosave and then a manual one to quit is a bit of a nuisance.
  4. I've just finished my first season with this mod, as Rochester in the Southern Counties East (as they had the smallest stadiium). The only minor issues I've had are: * Refs are all prem-level (Clattenburg, D'Urso etc.) * I started with a player on loan who was far too good for this level, Donnie Smith. He was on loan from a USA team (I forget which). A look at his history showed that he was previously on loan with Rochester Rhinos in the US, so it looks like he got assigned to the wrong Rochester. The FM gods obviously noticed this, injured him for 6 weeks in his first pre-season game, and then for a further long one on his first appearance, before he headed back in October. * The team name should be Rochester United. Whether these are mod-specific or more general issues with the game itself I'll let you decide. Other than that, the promotion went as expected - apart from me nearly blowing it - into the right division (Ryman D1S), and the Cup Finals all seem to have been played where they were supposed to. I see in the main forum that someone is complaining that today's patch broke promotion/relegation in a modded lower league game. My own game had advanced past this point before applying the patch, so fingers crossed it wasn't this particular mod. Thanks for putting this together! UPDATE: Just to check that this save wan't going to be ruined at the next season update, I dug out an old save and let it run to the season update on Jun 25th. Happily, it didn't crash. It did put me in the Evo-Stik Northern D1S this time though.
  5. Definitely this. I've had some great rivalries in the past, the one that springs to mind is this one with Merthyr Town in my 11 tier FM12 game: 2016/17 BSS - I won the division, they came second 2017/18 BSP - I won the division, they came second 2018/19 L2 - I won the division, they came up through the playoffs 2019/20 L1 - I won the division, they finished 6th OK, it was 'only' for 4 seasons, but it was a great rivalry while it lasted and you can just imagine the matchday buzz that these games would generate in real life - they must have hated us, their team of a generation being denied their moment in the sun season after season. They did win the L1 title the following season though, so they got their moment in the end, but by then I was away and without their nemesis, they tailed off. Given how many players like to take a team from the bottom to the top, these rivalries need to be a lot more dynamic and take less time to kick in. Iirc, it only took a season or two for the Forest/Liverpool rivalry to emerge in the late 70's for example.
  6. Better communication from the boardroom. To wit: I won promotion from the Skrill South to the Skrill Prem with a semi-pro squad. There was no option to talk to the board about turning pro. I even asked in a thread on here at what date the new season kicks in so I could hold off on new deals until I knew what our status would be. With less than a week to go until all the contracts expired, I cave and hand out the new deals. A few days later, the chairman tells me we've turned pro. Great. No-one will sign new deals as they've all just signed a new one. My staff are still all part-time as well, so any new signings on full-time deals will still be getting reduced training. Would it have hurt the chairman to say in May "Well done on winning the league. The board will be discussing the possibility of turning Pro at the next board meeting on June 25th" or something? Maybe even an additional "but owing to our finances, chances are slim" or "there is a good chance of this happening as our finances can support it". In fact, the whole end of season updates needs looking at. The club's status should be upgraded when the last ball is kicked, not at the end of June.
  7. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the in-game date that the game recognises the new season and actions promotions/relegations. I've just won promotion from the Skrill South and want to start prepping my squad for next season - contracts etc. However I don't want to offer these contracts before the promotion takes effect, otherwise I'll be paying out promotion and annual bonuses just weeks after giving them the deals - I made that mistake in a lower-league '12 save! Also, I might be more successful getting players in after I'm officially in the higher division. I seem to recall it was round about 25th May in '12? TIA
  8. Answering my own post for anyone who finds it by searching... As of 1st Jan, my U21 team were able start booking friendles again. I can only assume that there's some underlying code that assumes that teams below the bottom rung are involved in their regional cups etc. so can't play. As of new year, they must've all been knocked out It certainly made the second half of the season more managable!
  9. Something I'd really love for network games (yes, some of us play them long term) is a pre-season Invitational Cup that all human managers get invited to play in, with optional slots open to invite AI teams to fill slots. At the moment, we set our own up every pre-season but of course the competition retains no history. A minor thing perhaps, but as any network player knows, bragging rights go a long way Also, a csv option for printscreen/data export. The .rtf output often misses data out (and is a bit of a mess), so I have to create a .html output and then copy all the data into excel if I want to analyse it.
  10. Playing as Ebbsfleet (semi-pro in Skrill South). The problem I'm having is keeping my fringe players fit without killing my U18s. The U21s aren't in a reserves league, and the only option I get when booking a friendly with the U21s is to play my U18s. If I try to choose another team, even one without a division or their U21 team, I always get the reply that they're too busy. So I have no choice but to have my U18s play their league game on Saturday and then play against my fringe players on Wednesdays, and they're starting to feel it. Is there a workaround for around this?
  11. I still haven't seen anything to match this for ineptitude:
  12. I'm in a similar boat to the OP. A look at my steam stats shows 1,650 hours on FM12 and 19 hours on FM13. Bought it on pre-order and didn't click with it. I'll need some convincing before shelling out again. My main use is network play - I've had the same game going with 3 mates for 18 months now. It's slow, but very satisfying. Are there any specific improvements for network games? Similarly - and this one has been dragging on for years - is it yet possible to create a *custom* network game? I.e., a pre-edited database that all network players can connect to?
  13. This is the spreadsheet I keep to track my coaches abilities. It's for '12 rather than '13 so it looks like the keeper formula might need tweaking for that, but it might be useful for someone: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?d2to2w0w1rwej5a The highlighted cells under the Rating area show who is the best staff member I have for each category. Highlighted cells under Rating in the Shortlist section show staff with better ratings than I currently have.
  14. Anyone? Genuinely interested to know how this works...
  15. I often use it on scouts - I retype their name and add their JPA/JPP, i.e. Joe Bloggs (16/14). Handy when I've signed one just for their scouting knowledge rather than ability, if they give me a glowing report on someone, I send one of my proper scouts to check them over. And sometimes a player just deserves a nickname. My favourite was Mike Lord at Gillingham in '12 - I renamed him Mike 'Sweet' Lord and imagined the home crowd singing George Harrison inspired chants at him. I also gave a ref a nickname once after he sent my keeper off for carrying the ball outside of the box, but I think I should keep that particular name to myself...
  16. (This primarily relates to FM12 as I still have two very long term games on the go, but I guess '13 isn't very different). Attributes aside, can anyone tell me if there's a benefit to having higher reputation staff over lower-rep ones? I've tried searching for an answer to this but haven't found a decent one yet. Do players perhaps train a little harder for respected staff over obscure/local ones? Are players more likely to sign for a club with high rep backroom staff? As it is, it seems that higher rep staff just cost more in wages and get poached more often. I had read somewhere once that higher rep youth coaches might increase the quality of the youth intake, is that accepted or is it completely dependent on the youth network and facilities? On a similar note, does staff rep change much? I have a couple of coaches who have been with my club over 10+ seasons as we've climbed from the depths of non-league to prem challengers. The club rep has risen to national, my own rep has risen to continental, but theirs is still regional at best. Any answers or links to guides appreciated
  17. I haven't played this database (yet - still on my level 11 FM12 game) but I had the same problem there. Do not set your scouts to do 'roaming' scouting, it will bankrupt you. I lost nearly 250k one season before I noticed it, a huge chunk of the war chest I'd accumulated. Look at your scouting costs graph and you'll see it rises exponentially. I assume it works the same way in '13 as '12, but please correct me if I'm mistaken.
  18. The one I've always wanted is "Assassin" - After defeat to your team, the opponent's manager gets the sack.
  19. Sadly this isn't working for me in League One. After 10 league games, I'm at W4 D1 L5 F16 A16. Also went out in the first round of both cups to lower division oppositon. My RB picked up 5 yellows in 6 games, my CB 5 in 7, and I've been fined twice by the FA for too many bookings in a game, and dropping tackling to Medium has done little to resolve it - my CM skipper has just reached 5 yellows after 10 games too. In those 10 games I've had 2 reds as well. I've also had 3 players knocking on the door about underperforming, one of which handed in a transfer request (we were tipped for promotion, expected finish 4th). Possession is usually in the 40-50% range, only 1 game has reached 55%, and we're consistently outperformed in terms of shots - one of my wins was one of those flukey 'everything went in' ones, we had 5 shots to their 21 and 40% possession and won 1-3. It was an admittedly tough start to the season, playing the best team relegated from the Championship followed by the 3 losing play-off qualifiers from the previous season and the team just outside it for my first 5 games (I finished 1 point outside playoffs myself the previous season), but things haven't really picked up in the 5 games since then. I'll give it another 10 and see what happens - formation is at 73% overall now - but I may not survive that long if things don't pick up soon. To confirm, I played 6 pre-season games and every match with this tactic, did Heavy Teamwork in pre-season and Medium Def Pos since the season started, and have played the games myself, no simulating. Update: Next 13 league games, W4 D4 L5 F21 A20, sitting 17th in the table at the halfway stage. 56 yellows and 4 reds so far, highest in the divison. More players voicing concerns and two more on the transfer list by their own request. The formation has been at 100% overall for about 5 games now but hasn't made a difference. I'm out.
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