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  1. I haven't had this happen in '16 yet, but certainly in '15 you carried on studying for the badge when you changed club or were fired. I assume it's the same this time.
  2. I'm primarily concerned with the 'unavailable' part of this. I have a small squad made up of 26 'seniors' and 11 U18s. I generally only make the seniors available for the U21s when they need match finess (and they're not too old), but the rest of the team gets filled with my U18 team. As a result, they play their U18 game on the saturday and an additional one midweek. By the end of the first month they're knackered, I'm now having to manually move them all to the senior squad before the U21 game and back to the youth squad once it's been played to prevent them playing midweek. Is there some staff responsibility I'm missing regarding which players can be selected for certain squads? I'd really love a right-click>make unavailable for [selected squad] or something, or an option to only select players from within their designated squad. The only other option I can think of is to move them all to the U21 squad as default and let the U18s fill up with 'ghost' players, but I'm unsure if that would affect their U18 training. Before anyone says 'rotate more' or something, I'm doing that with the seniors, especially when we're playing midweek first team games. Besides, making a senior available for a wednesday game pretty much rules him out of the first XI on the following saturday. Normally I don't enter U21 groups for this reason, instead booking my own Monday friendlies for them, but as this is the first season I wasn't given the choice.
  3. Pre-game editor: For creating new players, a CA range would be marvellous. As it stands, (unless I'm doing something wrong) to get a random CA, I have to leave it at 0 and set the (random) PA and hope for the best for a figure somewhere between those. What experimentation I have done showed that I needed to up the facilities to an unrealistic level to get a decent random Regional Conference level squad. What I'd like is to set the lower_ca to say 50 and the upper_ca to 100 and have the game generate from that range.
  4. Is there a way to get the game to generate a face pic for a player that you create in the editor? I'm putting a custom team together but all the player pic are silhouettes, would much prefer a generated one.
  5. After 21 league games, I have 23 yellows and 2 reds, one of which was a straight red, so I'm not seeing this issue. More closing down, but neither Staying On Feet nor Getting Stuck In as default. This is average for my division, with yellows ranging from 16-52, and reds from 0-5.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've requested this before, and the same issue is still in '16, so I'll request it again. When saving team selections, allow us to overwrite an existing one by displaying the name of the current selection in the textbox, or displaying a pick-list of existing saved selections. As it is, you have to manually type the same selection name each time to overwrite it, leading to saving selections with non-descriptive names like 'a', 'b', 'c', rather than '1st XI', 'Cup Team' etc.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions nom. It looks like it's a combination of all the facilities to some degree. Setting all (Training, Yth Coaching, Yth Facilities and Yth Recruitment) to 20, I got an average 30-80 CA across 3 new saves (with a club rep of 2000 - the middle of the Conf Sth range). Putting 20 in training but everything else on 1 got me around 8-60 CA. 20 in YC and all else at 1 actually gave better results, never going into single figures, but still with lots of low rated players. 20T/20YC/1YF/1YR was more like it, with a 21-85 CA range. In the end I've gone for 15 in all categories. It's probably a bit overpowered for the regional divisions, but gives me a 28-75 range. I've noticed an oddity with the 'be_a_newgen' player creation though. With all the values at 15 as above, I have 3 players (all -7 PA) set to come through in the first batch. I'm reloading a Mar 4th save date for when they come through on Mar 5th. Strangely, each time they have the same PA - the striker always has 127 PA (CA 26-41), the midfielder 133 PA (21-41 CA) and the defender 114 PA (20-47 CA) despite it supposedly being random. As I say, it's odd, but I don't think I'll spend any time trying to work that one out!
  8. A small one, but one I'd like to see: ranges for CA when creating players rather than fixed values, similar to the negative PA values. This is a post I made on the editor's hideaway forum a few days back: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/431582-New-Team-Creation-CA-problems. It hasn't had any replies, probably because no-one knows how player generation works. It's all very well leaving CA at 0, but that's seemingly *very* random - I create 25 players with -7 PA and at least a third of them end up with sub-25 CA, and in many cases in the single figures. I'd like to set them a -7 PA (110-140) and a -3 CA (30-60) for example.
  9. While I agree with all the responses here, I do take the OP's point. Let's face it, if you got a lower-rep team up into the Prem or Championship, you'd expect the more mercenary-minded players to sign for those clubs to make a name for themselves (and earn better wages) at that level rather than sign for a higher rep club a division below - i.e. players with low loyalty values. This could be balanced out with them demanding short contracts, and minimum fee and relegation release clauses. Club rep should also be affected to a degree. Let's say you get to the Prem and your club rep is 3800. The Prem could have a rep range of 5000-10000 and if on promotion to that division your club doesn't have the min rep, it gets bumped up to the minimum. If you're going to be on MOTD every week and beamed around the world, your rep will take an initial boost - just ask Bournemouth. Similarly, if a big rep club gets relegated and their rep is above the max for the Championship, it should drop to that level and take time to repair it. It's a tough one though. A big part of the fun of getting a non-league team to the upper reaches is having to deal with problems like these. You'd have to be very careful not to make it too easy to steamroller your way up the divisions, which was very easy to do in '12.
  10. I've created a team in the Vanarama South and added a group of new players into it, aged 19-24. I want the players to be representative of their division, without my needing to know what their CA is. Loading up one of my saves a guide, I see that the CA range for that division is approx. 30-90, so an average of 60 is expected, especially for the players nearer 24 years old. I initially set all the new players PA to -6 but it seems almost impossible for the generated CA to get over 45. In fact, I usually end up with half a dozen players in the sub-20 range, easily the lowest in the division when I check that, and all the remainder in the bottom third of the divisional ratings (my last test even had a player with 9 CA and 107 PA). The only way I seem to get CA above 50 is to set their PA between -8 and -10, but I don't want to do that as I'm sure they'll all be poached away in the first window. The editor gives Recommended Current Ability of between 50-100 for these players, but doesn't come close to generating those figures when the game is created. Has anyone got any ideas on how to generate a more representative CA range for these players without manually entering them myself?
  11. Same as OP, I started Sunday League/no badges. This has been my progression through the badges: A Continental Pro coach who maxes at 2-star coaching...
  12. I saw exactly the same thing happen in our network game last week, so not a 15.3 issue as such. In our case, one of the players was going to get booked for dissent, so the animation kept looping until it happened.
  13. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I'm missing widgets on the match screen. As you can see, the Performance and League Table are selected, but are nowhere to be seen. When I started my first post-patch game, the widgets had all shifted. I'm guessing they've maybe repositioned offscreen? Any ideas how to get them back? And by the way, I'm now up to ELEVEN reserves wanting more playing time. I've had no choice but to release a few of them as they were non-contract, but at this rate I'll have no backup soon.
  14. I had one instance where my keeper slid about 15 yards after making a save. I put it down to a one-off though, will see if it happens further.
  15. In the week of gameplay with 15.3, I have had SIX reserve and U18 players request chats with me about their lack of playing time. I've never seen such a cluster of these requests before. I'm hoping that this is just 15.3 balancing something new and it'll soon stop. The last one was on a non-contract basis - I said I'd try to find him a loan spell as soon as possible, which he was very happy about. The next day he walked out of the club. I'm hoping my keeper just had an exceptionally bad game in the one I've played so far, and that it's not indicative of things to come: . I certainly don't see any improvement in reactions after a save for the third, and quite what he was doing with the first two...That clip also includes one of mine (the 3rd goal). What you can't see in the replay is that my player Cole goes down with no-one literally within 5 yards of him, before the defender does... no, I don't know what he does. Thanks all the same though. edit: and I see the poster above me has exactly the same issue with players not happy with playing time.
  16. In my current game I've had 30 cup games so far (not including replays) - 22 of these I've been drawn away. Of course, should I ever get to FAC3 (I'm non-league), I will obviously draw Man Utd at home. CONSPIRACY!!!!
  17. In answer to the above, I'm Rochester United (in Kent), so a move to the Evo-Stik was a bit of a jump (and I didn't get promoted into the 'wrong' region, I got moved sideways after one season in the Ryman Prem). We've spent £30k on Travel Costs this season, compared to £13.5k last season, which is a fair old chunk of change at this level. There are teams a lot further north than me (such as Bedworth, north of Coventry) currently in the Ryman. In case you're interested, my season in the Evo-Stik Prem have ended with a 4th place finish and defeat in the play-off final against Darlington, but that's not too surprising given their reputation and resources. They came second to Coalville who also beat me on pens in the Doodson Cup final. It helps when you've got Thomas Sorensen in goal I suppose. That aside, I've definitely hit a bit of a glass ceiling in my game. I realise that this is down to the (totally inadequate) way the game itself deals with low level teams and not the mod itself. Finding anyone to join my team is now nigh on impossible. A stream of players choose to sign terms for teams one or even two divisions lower, for less (or no) money. My game has just ticked over to the next season (my 5th - I remain in the Evo-Stik Prem), and the club reputation was altered not a jot. Loathe as I am to use such tools, I used Genie Scout to look at my club rep last season - 1,344. After a play-off final defeat and a regional cup final, my reputation is now... 1,344, despite having been predicted to finish 23rd. I'm predicted for a 23rd place finish again, so no-one's interested. This is despite my own National rep as a manager (which is in itself absurd for a Level 7 manager, no doubt due to working my way up to a Continental A badge). It doesn't help that players I become aware of through league matches also don't want to join as they don't want to relocate! Doesn't help that I can't just scout the Ryman Leagues either. Anyway, I'm just venting now None of the above should be construed as a gripe against Andy's fine work, just the game's own limitations. It's certainly challenging
  18. Just started my 4th season and got moved into the Evo-Stik Northern Premier after finishing 3rd in the Ryman Prem last season (v1.7). Is that just one of those things? I also got the 'overachiever' achievement for last season, despite there being no end-of-season report for my level. I guess this just happens in the background for all leagues regardless?
  19. Given the fixture chaos I get just from existing cup games and postponements due to my terrible pitch, I wholeheartedly agree.
  20. Playing with the level 9 mod from the editor's hideout, I started on the standard £200 pw at level 9. For the second season I negotiated it down to £100, then £35 for the third, and now £15 pw on the fourth. The newspaper deliveries to the boardroom cost more than it would to sack me My Job Status is something like 15% because of this, luckily it's very high in all other areas. I don't know if it's related but after signing my last deal I fell off of the club's favoured personnel list, despite promotions in seasons 1 and 2, and a playoff place in season 3 when expected to avoid relegation.
  21. Disappointed to hear that people find they have to use Hamachi for this, I thought those days were long gone. I've just finished a three year FM12 network game and we're starting a new FM15 one this evening, the '12 one ran without problems. Will keep an eye on this thread before we kick off...
  22. I think my issues may have been self-induced and nothing to do with this mod at all, I suspect it was caused by the "Susie Real Name Fix" mod - 15.2.1 overwrote some of that, including media-related stuff. I've reapplied the patch, so hopefully it'll go back to normal. Apologies for casting dispersions on your fine work /tiphat To Nobby - it's as good you can hope for given how badly the game's own engine deals with reputations this low. I'm having annoyances like players being released from level 6 clubs not wanting to sign for me at level 7 as my squad doesn't match their ambitions, but happily talking to 'bigger' clubs below me in my division or even lower leagues. I think you'll get this with back-to-back promotions. Cups work fine, and promotion/relegation is as expected, with some variation as to where clubs move in the regional divisions. I also haven't noticed any 'big' signings erroneously appearing in the lower leagues, and the only loan players you'll see from bigger clubs are kids who aren't that great anyway. It's fun, give it a try.
  23. (I posted this in a non-FM forum a while ago, really should have posted it here too, and haven't seen a similar post on it...) A few of you may find this useful if you use face/badge/hair packs etc. and run multiple versions. Rather than use up large chunks of hard drive space for each version (my facepack currently sits at 7Gb, the metallic logos at 4Gb), you can create symbolic links to these files and use the same pack for all versions. As the player/club id remains the same across all versions of the game, the only 'issue' is that you'll always see the latest version you added. The process: Create a 'Graphics' folder somewhere. This is the 'holding folder' for your packs. I put mine in "\Documents\Sports Interactive", outside of each game version's subfolder. Place your packs into this folder, thusly: Make sure your game version folder has a graphics subfolder (e.g. "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics"). If it doesn't, create it. You get an error if the folder to write to doesn't exist. Open cmd.exe in administator mode. Add the link to the facepack like so: mklink /J "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\faces" "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\MEGAPACK" The first path is the 'virtual folder' you're creating, the second is the source of this folder. Your paths will be different obviously. Repeat this process for the subfolders of the badge pack if you're using those, e.g.: mklink /J "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\pictures\flags" "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\Metallic Logo Pack\flags" Do the same for the "logos" and "trophies" folders. I created the "pictures" subfolder myself - again, you get an error if the folder to write to doesn't exist. Hairpacks are slightly different as they have to be written to the Steam folder. So the command would be: mklink /J "E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\facegen\hair\olt hairpack" "E:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\Hairpack\olt hairpack" If you're using the optional "OLT Hair Pack Default Replacements" (to add shirts), you need to follow the instructions in the mod's readme.txt and overwrite the original files. Do the usual Clear Cache > Reload Skin On Confirm to make sure it takes. I just did a fresh install of '13 (which I hardly ever played and didn't modify) to confirm all this and it worked as expected. Holidayed until April and checked the youth intakes, all got lovely new barnets. All metallic badges and faces worked fine from the start. If you want more info on creating symbolic links, check out this article: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ ---- Hope someone finds this useful.
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