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  1. (Resolved) In-game editor for '16?

    Never mind, found it hidden away in the Properties box for the game in Steam, can now access the downloads store. Bit cheeky still wanting full price for it though.
  2. Is it still somehow possible to get the editor for '16? I find I need it for an long-term 'let's play' write-up I've been doing for a while (two years in fact). If I click on 'Store Page' or 'DLC' from within Steam, it just boots me off to the main store page - I assume the '16 page has been removed - and if I try to go via 'Downloads' in-game, I get a pop-up telling me that I need to 'Enable Steam Community In-Game' in the Steam settings. Despite going through every menu in Steam and in-game, the nearest I can find to that is "View > Settings > In-Game > Enable Steam Overlay" which is already checked. Help a brother out!
  3. Mainly I believe it was solved by doing the clean install of my graphics drivers (using DDU) and getting the latest AMD drivers from their page - Microsoft recommend updating your drivers to the latest version before updating to the CU but that didn't stop them from doing a stealth update with seemingly no driver version checking, and trying to apply the updated drivers over the rolled-back update didn't work. I also reinstalled the DirectX and all Visual C++ redists just to be sure based on things I'd read but I can't say if that helped or not. Then I downloaded and ran the Windows Update Assistant and applied the CU again, and this time it worked, solving all graphical issues. HTH
  4. After spending hours fixing the what the Creator Update broke, it works again. Huzzah.
  5. As an addendum, I just installed the '17 demo. Exactly the same thing happens - it works fine in fullscreen and then switching to windowed gives me a white screen.
  6. As of today, windowed mode has stopped working for me on '16, I just get presented with a white screen. Same happens for Maximised Borderless Window. If I delete %localappdata%\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\Cache and Preferences, the game loads properly as expected in fullscreen, but resetting to Windowed causes the white screen again. I then have to close via Task Manager and re-delete Cache and Preferences folders. I've reinstalled FM16 and the behaviour persists. I suspect this has happened since the 1703 'Creator Update' for Win 10 failed to install for some reason, borking my graphics in the process. I have rolled back to 1607 plus subsequent security updates, as well as a clean reinstall of my graphics drivers (card is an R9 280X), and everything is working fine again, but FM16 just won't run in windowed (though FM15 will - I don't have '17 though). There's no crash dump file to include as the game doesn't crash, it just won't render. Any ideas?
  7. This one isn't so much to make the game run faster than it is to make it load faster. In the \Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 20xx\data\movies folder, I rename all of the files except si.ogv (I just add an underscore to the start of the file names). No more sitting through all those loading screens. Caveat: I assume this hasn't changed in '17 but this is the first version I've skipped for 9 years, it worked in all previous versions.
  8. Following on from my question here (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/460861-A-question-on-play-with-first-team-tactics), I'd like to see the option to tell U21/U18 squads to "play with the first team's tactics" extended to include the three first-team tactics being trained rather then just the currently selected one. As I stated in my question, if I rotate between a 4-1-4-1, 4-4-1-1, and 4-4-2, I'd like the respective team manager to play one of those best suited to the players he has available, rather than shoehorning a midfielder in to a second striker slot if I happened to play 4-4-2 in my previous game. I'd also rather not turn the option off and leave it entirely to his choice, that usually ends up with them playing a 4-1-2-3.
  9. I switch my first team between a 4-4-1-1, a 4-1-4-1 and a 4-4-2, and I'd like the U21s and U18s to stick to just those formations that are in my tactics 'pool'. Do they already do this if I specify to play with first team tactics and I'm just overlooking it? Or do they only play with the currently selected tactic?
  10. A minor one that has bugged me for ages - show the start date of the next season a lot earlier. Case in point, just promoted into L1 for start of 18/19 season and start planning friendlies - you have to do this early to snag a big team for the money. I check the previous seasons: first saturday in August, first saturday in August... I build my pre-season around that, then the fixture list is finally published and the season starts second saturday in August. OK, in this case you could say it's a 'bonus' week of pre-season, but I've also suffered the reverse and had to cancel 'morale-boosters' against lesser teams in the final week.
  11. Coaching badges

    I haven't had this happen in '16 yet, but certainly in '15 you carried on studying for the badge when you changed club or were fired. I assume it's the same this time.
  12. I'm primarily concerned with the 'unavailable' part of this. I have a small squad made up of 26 'seniors' and 11 U18s. I generally only make the seniors available for the U21s when they need match finess (and they're not too old), but the rest of the team gets filled with my U18 team. As a result, they play their U18 game on the saturday and an additional one midweek. By the end of the first month they're knackered, I'm now having to manually move them all to the senior squad before the U21 game and back to the youth squad once it's been played to prevent them playing midweek. Is there some staff responsibility I'm missing regarding which players can be selected for certain squads? I'd really love a right-click>make unavailable for [selected squad] or something, or an option to only select players from within their designated squad. The only other option I can think of is to move them all to the U21 squad as default and let the U18s fill up with 'ghost' players, but I'm unsure if that would affect their U18 training. Before anyone says 'rotate more' or something, I'm doing that with the seniors, especially when we're playing midweek first team games. Besides, making a senior available for a wednesday game pretty much rules him out of the first XI on the following saturday. Normally I don't enter U21 groups for this reason, instead booking my own Monday friendlies for them, but as this is the first season I wasn't given the choice.
  13. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    Pre-game editor: For creating new players, a CA range would be marvellous. As it stands, (unless I'm doing something wrong) to get a random CA, I have to leave it at 0 and set the (random) PA and hope for the best for a figure somewhere between those. What experimentation I have done showed that I needed to up the facilities to an unrealistic level to get a decent random Regional Conference level squad. What I'd like is to set the lower_ca to say 50 and the upper_ca to 100 and have the game generate from that range.
  14. Facegen for created players?

    Is there a way to get the game to generate a face pic for a player that you create in the editor? I'm putting a custom team together but all the player pic are silhouettes, would much prefer a generated one.
  15. After 21 league games, I have 23 yellows and 2 reds, one of which was a straight red, so I'm not seeing this issue. More closing down, but neither Staying On Feet nor Getting Stuck In as default. This is average for my division, with yellows ranging from 16-52, and reds from 0-5.