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  1. Totally this. I also play primarily network games and as I said in (I think) the feature request thread, network games have gone downhill. The biggest loss for me has been not seeing 'rivals' news being fed to your inbox, instead having to trawl through the news and social media tabs (which everyone gives up on quickly) leaving the whole experience feeling like a laggy single player game. The errors on watching others matches has destroyed the communal cheering on in cup finals and so on. Unless there's news of improvements here, I'll be giving it a miss, such things as Stadia hold no interest
  2. I tend to play a lot of long-term online (games lasting 2-3 years once or twice a week with my brother and a couple of friends). We did '10, '12, '15 and now '19. The one thing that stands out like a sore thumb with the latest version is how detached we feel from each others teams. In the past we'd subscribe to each others teams and have news of their signings, progress, etc. fed to our inbox, and the chat flowed accordingly. Sure, it required an element of trust not to select 'bids made' and so forth, but it worked. Now, even with maximum detail selected for subscribed teams, we're largely ob
  3. As I'm sure you know, many of us love to play lower league games, much lower than the base game allows, using modded databases. It's great fun, but there are a few things that could be significantly improved with what I think are minor changes - and I'm sure the base game might benefit from some of these too. Apologies if these should have been separate posts, but I didn't want to clog up the forum... Firstly, it would be great if, after agreeing a new deal with your club, a player on amateur/non-contract terms will then automatically reject further offers from other clubs for at least (e
  4. Yeah, I thought that might be the case. I just found the four weeks between games 2 and 3 a bit odd, even allowing for no Vase fixtures.
  5. My fixtures seem a little awry with the latest version. Playing in the Kent League at Level 11, my last game (using the previous version of the L11 file) generated fixtures as expected: However, I decided to ditch that save as I'd made it too easy for myself, and started again with the new file. This time my fixtures were a bit more spaced out... They're fine from December onwards, playing every weekend, but there's obviously the potential for fixture pile-ups if I progress in any cups, whereas in the earlier one there were spare weekends later in the season. And on the sub
  6. I probably worded that badly, I just meant that if every team is given an away kit, doesn't matter what, then it allows us to drop custom kits on top, but we can't if it isn't there to begin with. As long as the team you copy to use as your base has one, it's all good (if that's how you do it). As an aside, I just bought in the in-game editor to try to solve this, but if I add the away kit it not only doesn't allow my custom kit pic to overwrite it but it also seems to disable my existing custom home kit, with no amount of cache clearing and skin reloading bringing it back, so I'll have t
  7. Now that I'm about 10 games into my T10 season proper, a few notes so far: Firstly, would it be possible to make youth players not earn money at the lowest levels? My wage budget started at £48 pw, but the 18 kids alone made it £90 pw off the bat, I had to let most of them go straight away. The youth intake will be mercilessly culled when it arrives, and those that remain are given 'contracts' on their 17th birthday to get them off the wage bill. There's also one player in my Rochester United side on a £20 pw FT deal, was that an oversight/typo? I edited him down to PT for my save. I
  8. If anyone else does this, I'd be surprised... Whenever staff members ask for competition win bonuses, I offer them a token £1. They don't really care as long as you agree on the basic salary. It's then all forgotten about until we win our next trophy. The following day they're summoned to form a queue outside of my office and called in one-by-one, as I pick up a freshly minted £1 coin from the pile on my desk and hand it to them, thanking them for their continued hard work before they shuffle out again muttering under their breath. Even in victory, never let them forget who's bo
  9. I think people are far too hung up on PA and spend too much time reading 'wonderkid' lists and using editors. If your player is performing, he's good enough, and PA be damned. I'd also argue that we already have dynamic PA to an extent. If I have a 100 CA player at a League Two club with mediocre facilities and run-of-the-mill coaches, he'll maybe reach 125 by playing regularly at that level and using those facilities. Then, he'll stagnate for want of bigger challenges and better training. If, however, he's then snapped up by a Championship club with far better facilities and he gets enou
  10. Here's an explanation of the fields - they don't look like they've changed since '11 or so: "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "First Name" "Common Name" "Last Name" "Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy)" "Nation (first nationality)" "Favourite Team" "Ethnicity" "Skin Tone" "Hair Colour" "Height (in cm)" "Weight (in kg)" "Preferred Foot" "Preferred Position" "Favourite Number" "Birth City" "CA" "PA" "Club ID" Assuming nothing's changed, the values to use are: Ethnicity: Unknown/random = -1 Northern europe = 0 Mediterrean/hispanic = 1 North african/middle eastern = 2, African/car
  11. For Goalkeepers, overall rating is not being displayed on the overview page. It's fine for outfield players.
  12. Pre-game editor: For creating new players, a CA range would be marvellous. As it stands, (unless I'm doing something wrong) to get a random CA, I have to leave it at 0 and set the (random) PA and hope for the best for a figure somewhere between those. What experimentation I have done showed that I needed to up the facilities to an unrealistic level to get a decent random Regional Conference level squad. What I'd like is to set the lower_ca to say 50 and the upper_ca to 100 and have the game generate from that range.
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