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  1. Utterly gutted to find this thread. Rest in peace Steven.
  2. Cheers for the reply Gudge. Was aware that increasing experience up would increase possibility of getting a job due to reputation system. I'll go with working as designed then and that Sunday League may take a season and more to find work at an amateur or semi-pro level.
  3. Hi guys, bugreported and uploaded a save to try and help fix what seemed to be a bug with problems in getting a job from gamestart as an unemployed manager of low reputation (see here). Currently at 12th June 2011 with a 10.3 game started with 10.2 database, and no job offers whatsoever yet. Sunday League reputation, unemployed from game start, sufficient leagues loaded to hit 125k recommended player limit. Was any bug identified or is this working as designed? Cheers. edit: for 10.3, please read 11.3 - long night
  4. Can't get a job

    Lucas Weatherby has asked for save games displaying this issue: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/239661-Job-Bug-2011?p=6202080#post6202080
  5. I'll set my hopes low and hope for a couple of the crash bugs which have plagued the game over the past couple of incarnations being fixed? Not loaded the game up for a good few months now and really lack the desire to due to the repetitive nature of reloading every few weeks. Perhaps also have a chat with the graphics card manufacturers to figure out why the 3d match engine doesn't work with the latest drivers for some cards and haven't done for over a year now? The corner 'bug' would be good to see nailed out of the game - currently possible to score via an exploit no matter how much finetuning you do to try and avoid it. Kind of spoils the game when you get a good dozen goals a season due to this.
  6. If you highlight the blue boxes with things like GK or Youth in them, then a small grey arrow appears. If you click on that then a drop down menu appears with more options.
  7. Thanks for confirming that wwfan.
  8. Aye, I appreciate that. What I'm saying is that there seems little way of avoiding this bug unless you micro-manage each corner routine to remove any possibility of it happening because any player on the corner of the box with a decent long shot rating (and not even that heh) will be picked out by the corner taker. A goal or two a game obtained this way, without even trying to use the exploit, is no less remarkable than racking up rugby score by deliberately taking advantage of it.
  9. Can I just get confirmation that the AI is incapable of using the bug? Not wishing to be contentious, but I loaded up Liverpool, changed none of the default, pre-set corner settings and had two chances created this way in the very first match. Only one led to a goal, but then the player the chances fell to didn't happen to be a left-sided centreback with a decent shot... edit; Guess what I'm asking here is whether anyone actually needs to set up their corners in a specific way in order to exploit this flaw in the match engine?
  10. Hi Neil, the problem is that the latest drivers for certain cards have not worked with the 3d match engine for just over a year now, and with 10.3 the drivers older than that now longer work at all with the game. Have faith that your 3d team are currently looking at the issue based on the latest bug reports for 10.3, but it is something of a frustration being a Steam user and not being able to roll the game back to an earlier patch version at will when things like this crop up.
  11. My 3d worked with 10.1 and 10.2, now I have to use 2d because 3d won't work with 10.3. (Root problem was initially bug reported for 9.2). As I bought through Steam, no amount of helpful advice is going to let me play in 3d again.
  12. Welsh language

    But us first language Welsh speakers are still about in some numbers But yeah, the different language issue may have unusual in-game effects although you do have to wonder whether it would accurately reflect the culture shock of moving to Bala. As for Heinze, it's often said that he speaks fluent Welsh, but I've always thought it to be an urban myth as it's never properly sourced - there's only around 20,000 Welsh speakers in Patagonia now who can speak Welsh to any level at all, never mind fluently. Still, possible I guess.
  13. Welsh language

    I'd presume that he's from the Welsh-speaking community who live in Patagonia if he does, although how true it is would be interesting to know in his specific case.
  14. I quite like my pacy, powerful strikers who have less than amazing technical ability to have it - ball over the top, thunderbolt on target, happy days
  15. Those would be the financial reports released every year which show an increase from 33 million per year in 2005 to the 52.9 million reported in 2008? Of course as I'm not looking at the facts and making assumptions, I wouldn't know about that nor about the one-off factors which have influenced Spurs turnover and saw that wages to turnover suddenly plummet from a ratio of nearly 60% to down to 46% over the course of one summer... The Deloitte Top 20 is judged by revenue. You're a big London club in the Premier League. If you're not in the top 20 clubs in Europe for Europe for revenue then something would be seriously wrong - as in the Premier League not passing on your share of the tv money Urgh. Interest bearing loans and overdrafts rose from 57.187m to 66.504m in that accounting period. So we're talking about a debt of 66.5m not 65. Mea culpa, I was 1.5m too low for that accounting period. Now is that debt going to be higher or lower when Spurs release their figures til June 10? Btw I'd love to see the definition of intangible assets which allowed Spurs to double the value of theirs over the course of a season.. but I digress... Sorry you were saying something about incorrect assumptions?