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  1. Any ideas what this is?

    Found out its an announcement of something new... and will be a nice surprise. Cheers for the tip though
  2. @milessi: Who needs chocolate eggs? Not me, or FM fans. Will have an Easter surprise for you all in the next hour....
  3. So, it's the second week of March...

    Im sure I seen Miles say on his Twitter before weekend that he is hoping for a 'crash free weekend' of testing. So patch must surely be imminent, as in this week for sure, even today
  4. So, it's the second week of March...

    If SI release patch end of March then there will more likely than not be absolute hell on here because the patch will then be 'late' - which is true. SI wont allow that imo
  5. Speculation is exactly that until its officially confirmed. If i believe speculation ive read, then we (Chelsea) are going to sign Sergio Ramos, Wesley Sneijder and Neymar this summer
  6. Depends with work, plus havent been on much lately as awaiting 11.3 before starting new. If i sat here and played FM solidly in one big session, I'd do a season in about 6 and a half game hours. Thats with 'only commentary' highlights or 'key 3d highlights' and the leagues loaded are Belgium top league, England to League 2, France top 2, German top 2, Portugese top, Spanish top 2, Italian top 2, Scottish top, Holland top 2, Greek top 2 and large DB Ordinarily with casual playing id do a season over 2 days roughly
  7. 8th March Patch

    Has no one noticed the line where it says "Whilst its still possible...." They havent completely ruled out releasing it this week, it boils down to "when issue is solved, patch is out" Who's to say its not going to be solved today?
  8. Bring back this feature SI!!

    I remember these 2 ^ Were they in CM00/01 and 01/02? I remember every time applying for a game postponement it never worked
  9. Patching the game?

    if you continue your save after patching, I think game fixes take effect, but you will need to start a new game for the DB changes. I always tend to start new after patching for the full effect.
  10. Licensing damages the game

    I always download all facepacks, logos, kits etc before playing, not really fussed that Rooney, Lampard, etc still look their original age when they are in their 40s. With licensing I dont know how much it'd cost, but im thinking a LOT. Good idea though tbh. (Y) But one which we are highly unlikely to ever see... I did hear Miles saying once that he cannot use facepacks etc on his game at home as if he has them on his machine hes breaching copyright and could get done big time
  11. youd probably have to download the patch off his internet, and save it to disc, take disc home and install.
  12. As asked by someone previous, (i think) why would this only delay the patch by 1 day, was it maybe due today and these Greeks have infact delayed it themselves... until tomorrow
  13. I think it was probably due today, but this attack or whatever it was on a forum has led Miles to be dealing with that all day, rather than sorting out the patch before uploading (whatever that includes doing).. then again i could be way off
  14. As a Chelsea fan myself, this is going to happen whether it be soon or in May. Unless we win CL.. but back to the patch, tomorrow release anyone think?
  15. I think Friday too, but then again wouldnt rule out tomorrow..