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  1. there also one question. I ve read somewhere that Football manager is programmed to use only 2 cores and if this is correct there's no need to upgrade my computer with 4cores right ?
  2. you know I played football manager 10 and I had loaded all leagues and I had passed 10 seasons and I never experienced a crush dump. football manager 2012 needs more RAM than 2010 ?
  3. funk ! okey guys thanks . I guess I ll have to search how to do an upgrade without paying that much
  4. ooh man this sucks is there any chance to make my computer use all 4gb of ram ??
  5. hello guys i have this question. I ve loaded almost every league in the game and when I play the game and I also have firefox opened combined they consume 70% of my RAM. do u think that I ll have a problem lets say after 20seasons in the game ? (I dont care if its slow I m only afraid of crash dumps) I have an intel core duo 2.33 with 4giga ram (only 3 giga can be used)
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