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  1. Isn't the lack of professionalism among players an issue in Scotland? I say this because I remember an interview from Ryan Gauld when he moved to Portugal, where he said young players like him in Scotland used to go out and drink booze, and he was surprised that none of that happened in Portugal and players were a lot more strict with their diet etc.
  2. Lahoz is Spanish, don't rate him highly personally.
  3. Maybe I didn't express myself right, I meant the big teams had wrongly disallowed goals for offside when playing against the smaller clubs who park the bus quite often. The difference in attacking situations is so big that VAR ultimately benefits the teams that attack more, and the smaller teams don't like it because they can no longer get away with refereeing mistakes that helped them level the playing field a bit.
  4. Some supporters of the smaller clubs in Portugal don't like VAR, because they used to get away with 2/3 uncalled penalties per game or the odd wrongly disallowed goal for offside when they parked the buses against the big teams. So yeah, VAR tends to be most beneficial to teams that actually attack and some people don't like that, saying it was designed to help the rich.
  5. Hopefully now with Brozovic in, Modric will go forward and the real Croatia will emerge.
  6. I think Croatia is best when Modric plays as the attacking midfielder, it showed against Denmark.
  7. If England doesn't score soon, this may be a repeat of Denmark-Croatia, with Sweden excelling in the physical duels and frustrating the more talented team.
  8. Witsel not having his greatest game so far.
  9. Falcao is too isolated upfront, it's difficult to imagine Colombia creating chances from open play unless England are caught sleeping.
  10. Hey, at least Maradona played attacking football, won every match before being murdered by Germany. Easier to get assists when your only attacking partner is not Hugo Almeida.
  11. No way, Portugal had useless Carlos Queiróz as manager who left Moutinho at home to take Ruben Amorim, Nani and Bosingwa were injured and only managed to score against North Korea during the tournament. He started 4 CBs against Spain with Pepe playing in midfield, what was Ronaldo supposed to do?
  12. That's debatable. Even if true, Portugal had a way worse team than Argentina in all previous tournaments, 2006 the only time being close.
  13. Yeah, against Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia and Andorra.
  14. Well Switzerland beat N. Ireland 1-0 with a penalty to qualify.
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