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    I am a masive footy geek and have made a massive book of footy with every team on FM in it!!!!

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    In a house with a square head a computer, an internet stick for this forum ONLY and a copy of FM!!!!


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    Man.U, Peterborough, Eng

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  1. ruci has the new version came out yet, if so where do i download it
  2. Sorry if if the following has been answered but... I have downloaded a training schedule and put it in FM2009-schedules, hoe do i put it into effect or does it automaticly take effect????
  3. Sorry if it's already been asked but how do you put a custom training schedule into effect! I downloaded a training schedule into FM2009, schedule. Any help???
  4. wow looks good can't wait!!!!!
  5. on every version of FMRTE i can't get my buget or balance above 999milion if i do it resets the budget/balence is it ment to be like that or is it a bug?
  6. re install framework (worked for me)
  7. done it and thanks again ruci i will keep tryin to figre out what the problem is
  8. When I load a game it says ERROR LOADING TEAMS DATA I have installed latest version and latest fm patch but still won't load trin 2 reinstall it!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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