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  1. Thanks, the same with you, vasili07. I will try this out. Which tweaks do you think should be made?
  2. Has anyone used this tactic on the latest patch? I love the football Barcelona play, and I'd like to try to play similiar to them on the lastest patch. It did not really work well. I have a very good team and would expect much better. The trequartista does not score, nor getting much involved in the game. The IFs are like meeh. Conceaded a lot of goals from like 5 meters, don't really know why. And it was not Barcelona style. I have tried several forms of the tactis, but none of them seemed to really work. I based it on the opening post, including other posts in this thread. If anyone has ha
  3. Let's say Sterling was injured, which he is now btw, would it be wrong to use two IFs?
  4. Thanks, I get it. Which roles do you think the striker and the three men behind him would suit them best?
  5. Yes, offensivt means attacking. No, I don't watch the matches fully; only the highlights. I would say the problem is that they easily counter attack me when my team pushes forward, as you mentioned. But I do also have an attacking problem. I create chanches, but few goals. A mix of counter attacks against and ineffectivity often results in losses. I don't know what's wrong with the inside forwards, it just seems like they are not participating somehow in the games, and they don't really do what their instructions tell them to do.
  6. Oh sorry, of course. FP is Advanced Playmaker. This is what it is in English: Keeper FB support - CB defend - CB defend - FB support BWM defend - DLP support IF attack - AP support - IF attack Poacher Something you'd like to add?
  7. I have either played Keeper FB support - CB defend - CB defend - FB support BWM defend - DLP support IF attack - FP support - IF attack Poacher or the same but with two CM, one with a supporting duty and the other with a defensive. Have also tried to switch the FP to AM, or one of the IFs as a winger, but nothing really seems to work. I create chanches, just not goals. Usually play short passes, press more, zonal marking. Have tried with and without counter, offside trap, etc but haven't found anything decent.
  8. First of all, I started playing FM13 with the latest patch, so that's where I've got my experience from. I have had great success in this version. An effective 442 formation is pretty much what I've used when I achieved said success. However, a 4231, which works quite well IRL (a majority of top clubs today use 4231 as their main formation, and 442 is getting less used), is just working terribly. I can't see any reasons why it shouldn't work either, really. I've tried it with wingers and IFs, with small success. IFs seem to be completely useless with this patch, especially in a 4231 formation
  9. i have two posts upcoming including pics, it says moderator needs to access? why hasn't anyone done it yet lol
  10. Okay thanks, I will try. I agree with you, again I am not disappointed or anything. It's just that I scored too little goals. The reason why I won so much was becuase I conceaded very few goals. I want to play more attractive and score more goals.
  11. Thanks, will do it. Yes, soccer.joel, I agree, but that was because I defended well. Here's my team:
  12. Hello. In addition to the players who are starting, I have both Enrique and Shaw injured, which is why Coates started. Well, I won the treble first season with Liverpool, which includes the Europe League, PL and Carling Cup, and I am definitely satisfied with that. However, I am not too satisfied with how we played. We won with only one goal in almost each match, though I had good results, but the reason behind my sucsess was few goals against. I want to score more and exploit the strengths within the team. Last season I only bought Ilsinho and Boka as a back-up on left back, because I wante
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