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  1. Since I didn't get an answer in the topic pre-video, and that the said video don't give me an answer, I'll ask again here (hopefully, in the right topic, if not Mods feel free to tell me !): I want to pre-order a boxed version (for multiple reasons) and my local seller advertise two versions, a "Football Manager 2017" at 44,99€ and a "Football manager 2017 Special Edition" at 54,99. Since it was not advertised in the vid, I suppose the second don't exist, but then again I can't remember for the life of me if the "Special edition" last year with the documentary was advertised either. Anyway, I'm planning to ask the seller directly, just in case they confused FM Touch for the "full" game or something, but would someone from SI be awfully nice to me and confirm there is no "special edition", so that I can pre-order the one version of the game I want and not another one ? Apart from that, I'll join some of my colleagues who said it better than I can: some (if not most) of the new features I'll not use, but they are still interesting ones that were "needed" for the sake of realism, and I love some others so I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless. I'm a tiny bit disappointed there isn't the possibility for me (or the press guy) to say that after the match, the captain and the rookie who scored his first goal ever will join me in the press conference, but hey, like the Stones said, you can't always get what you want.
  2. Hi everyone, Not gonna comment on the marketing strategy or anything (I don't like it, but it's not exactly as if I could do anything about it, so "meh"), nor the videos, but I do have another question and I hope I put it in the right topic. So, basically I'm planning to buy the boxed version (as always, even if I lose the fidelity offer on steam), and my "new" place to go for my videogames cravings is confusing me. I can pre-order Football Manager 2017 for 44,99€, but also what they called "Football Manager 2017 Special edition" for 54,99€. I was wondering what the said "Special edition" was: was there anything released on that ? If not, was that shop not supposed to talk about it already, or did they take unknown hallucinogenic products and invented that edition ? Is the answer to all of this "42" ? Thanks for the answers, and if I wasn't supposed to know already, I promise I won't blackmail you if you promise not to send secret agents to make me shut up
  3. Hey guys ! I know claassen and igorferreira118 already did the biggest leagues of Africa, and I can't thank them enough for it, but I was wondering if some of you might know if there is somewhere a realistic pack (or even individual leagues) for the smaller leagues of Africa (like Somalia, Lesotho, etc). I want to start an African journey, and as usual for me when I leave Europe, I want to load all the countries (or the most possible) but Africa is always the poor child of the lot. Bigger pyramids for the big leagues are definitely a big plus but not needed. If you also happen to know similar packs for Asian or North American smaller leagues (I already have all pf them for South America and Oceania, as well as Europe), I'd love those too but I'm focusing on Africa for now. Thanks, PS: If it's not OK to ask for particular updates here, sorry and obviously feel free to delete this topic !
  4. So far, my experience with this update was quite good. A few difficulties to have my MC and MOC perform: at least they are getting poor ratings at the end of the match most of the time, but don't play that bad on my opinion, so I'm sure it will be better after the patch. And if not, I'll try to tweak my tactics for the first time in years. (Yes, I play with the same old 4-3-1-2 since FM05, and yes, I'm insane but it has worked so far, even if I can understand my way of playing Football Manager may start to be outdated sooner or later). The only problem I have with FM15, and more particularly with 15.2.1, is the (known) bug of the friendlies being cancelled and other days becoming unavailable to play another friendly for no reason. But i'm confident it will be solved, and maybe I can achieve other projects during this time, so strangey enough this bug may be a good thing (for me). By the way, I have a question for the next update: no, not "When" (you mods can breath, I'm not one of them ) but for this kind of bugs, do you know if I'll have to start another save or will the one I have currently be "cured" of the "Friendlies"-bug ? Just so I know if I need to think about the next team to manage or just prepare my mercato with my current team. Thanks ! (and sorry if it is something you can't tell for now because you don't know the answer yet)
  5. I think you can find one on FMFan.ru, but since I don't talk Russian at all, I'm not sure at all.
  6. I also think there is more luck to find it on a Belgian site (and that's why I always check them), but (I may be wrong) last year noone released a full pyramid (or at least, a full realistic pyramid, I've seen Beneleague) and at this point there is none other than the one from fmscout. And yes, getting the 5th tier isn't too hard, but I'm already working on another project for the french-speaking (and mostly french) site where i'm an Admin, so not sure I can do both (and when you know I'm only doing the data search since I'm really bad with the editor...). And as said in the first message, I'm searching for a full pyramid, or at least the 6th tier ^^'
  7. Yes, I saw it but there were a little too much mistakes for me, sadly... (teams not in the right tier, new province, etc). If someone don't know the country, I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun, but I'd like it to be a bit more close to reality (even if few small mistakes like teams not promoting onto the right group -but still in the right province-, promotion rules, etc are still fine).
  8. Thanks for the advice, I didn't see the thread with my search ^^'
  9. Hi everyone, Do any of you know where I can find a good lower league file for the Belgian pyramid ? The lowest I can find is for Promotion (4th tier), but I was thinking about a file going as low as Provinciales (tier 5 to 8 if you find a full pyramid). It's been two years I haven't played in my own country, and it's time to go back home. Any full pyramid, even if it still have a few mistakes (teams promoting into the wrong regional league, etc) will do, but don't hesitate to tell me if you have found something going to 6 tier or below. I've already tried to find one on almost every football manager sites I know, but I don't know all of them so I can have miss the one I had to visit. Thanks guys !
  10. Two suggestions from our french fansite: - A "Save and continue" button, for those of us who likes to save after every single match and use this time to go grab a snack, go "where nobody can replace you" (also known as "the William and Cynthia room"), etc. It would allo us to gain a few seconds/minutes. - One of our admins is currently managing Torres in italian Lega Pro and has chosen to add a bit more difficulty: he only can buy/offer contracts to sardinian players. But if you want to do it, you have to add every single town or village in your search filter: would it be possible to add a "Born in *insert region here*" and "Trained in *insert region here*" ? Probably already asked (and maybe even considered by SI), but it would be very helpful for him and potentially lot more of players.
  11. The return of the full-pyramid Belgian leagues: last year, for the first time we didn't have it and I missed it an awful lot. I love to take the worst teams of the 8th (and last) tier and make them the Giant Killer.
  12. Great idea ! I'd love a guide on how to create new continental competition (to replace the old ones) or even better, how to add rounds/qualifiers to the existing ones. So that we can have a chance to win the North American Champions League with a club from the Carribean, or the African one with a club from one of the few countries not qualified (Malawi, etc).
  13. Just to be sure I understood it correctly, I have a question about the Scouting aspect: it seems hidden attributes are now replaced by something more of a indefinite going from X to X+Y in Determination, or Pace, pr whatever attribute you want. In the previous FMs, you could choose between having hidden attributes for players you are not supposed to know well, or have directly every attributes for every player, even that Vietnamese 2nd tier guy you only sign for your PL side because he has a funny name. In this Fm, will it still be possible to choose to have every attributes at the creating of the game, or do we have a more realistic (but for some, not as enjoyable) look and only have vague ideas and the obligation to scout the players to know if the 11-14 is more of a 11 or more of a 14 ? To be honest, I'm not sure I would still be as enthusiastic as I am now if I can't sign young players from Lesotho just because the chairman said Lesotho was too far to send a scout, and I can't decide if the guy deserve my attention because his attributes needs to be clarified by the said scout. Sorry if I'm not clear, english is not my mother tongue, and I'm on a 28-hour run without sleep so it can be even worse to write in an understandable way
  14. Hi guys, I have another question in this topic. So as I see, you have found a way to force players to have a specific nationality, or at least mixed names. But for a project i'm working on, I need to have all players and staff with dual nationalities (the one of the newly created "country" and a random one from any country already in the game). Is there any way to force the random second nationality ? I can't have only the first (since it is not really a nationality, just something in common for the players and staff of the teams), and I don't want to choose the second nationality (even if I can choose one more likely to appear for most of the teams). I don't care if they choose to play for the new country, since I want them to do so, but I'd like to avoid having only new/scottish or new/nigerians in one team. The idea is more "17 french, 4 belgians, 5 swiss" on team A, "13 english, 6 scottish, 2 irish, 1 french, 4 bulgarians" on team B and so on: a "region" from where most of the players/staff will come, a few "oddities" and all with dual nationalities without exception. I hope i'm clear and you'll have any ideas but thanks for reading anyway
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