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    There is a difference between kneeling down and bending over...
  1. Is this the biggest wage drop ever? http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/nelsonmcjones/wagecut.jpg Needless to say I've caved in to his demands and offered him a contract... I wonder if he'll accept.
  2. I'm no South African runner but the board at Parma seem to be a little confused... http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/nelsonmcjones/Untitled-1.png Allow me to metaphorically drop my trousers... http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/nelsonmcjones/Untitled1.png Pershaps it's just my high cheek bones...
  3. Worried players all of a sudden

    This just happened to me. I didn't fine/warn my full back after he was sent off and my GK got the 'slight concern: lack of managerial discipline' message. I just offered him a new contract and it went away. His personality is professional, don't know if that's why he got miffed. Also he is my vice captain and one of only three key players in my squad. I think these factors could be responsible for why he reacted to my oversight. Still, new contract: problem solved, he didn't even want a pay raise...
  4. Can't change player colours

    I just started a game in Italy and the co-owned player colours are too hard to read. I tried editing them in fm_colours.xml, loaded the game, turned off skin cache and turned on reload skin in prefs. but they are still the same. What am I doing wrong? It's a while since I did any skin editing so I could be making a stoopid mistake. Feel free to point out the obvious. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is a player cup tied for the champions league if he's played in a UEFA cup qualifier before you buy him? TIA.
  6. Duuuuuuuuudes. Has anyone managed in Spain for 3+ seasons? I'm enjoying my Valencia save but I'm well worried about the progress of my youth players due to the U19 registration bug. Has anyone managed to develope young players successfully in La Liga? I have some good talent to come through the ranks: Carlos Paloschi Santon Feghouli Bastos Carvajal Rochina Fiorillo About £10m worth so I hope I've not wasted my time/money... Let me know before I accept the West Ham job.
  7. Would you mind playing one or more of your unregistered U19 players in your next league game (save it first, obviously) and see if any of your 1st team players get their squad numbers "stolen". Just as an experiment. Let me know if you do/have any problems. Cheers.
  8. You seem to have missed the point. I don't want to register my U19s. I want to STOP them having squad numbers. I am able to play U19s without registering them but they "steal" Ist team players numbers, making them inelligable. Unless there is a strategy around this issue it makes developing youth players very tricky. It's looking like a game breaker to me...
  9. I am running 9.3.0. It has been reported on these forums as a bug but as far as I can tell S.I. have not acknoledged it as such. No one seems to know if it can be fixed or if there is a way around it.
  10. Hello. I've posted about this on other threads but without too much joy. I'm playing my first season in Spain as Valencia. I have a decent first team of 22 players plus 7-8 promising youngsters in the U19s. I don't bother with the B team as I can't control training. I have registered 3 of my U19s in the first team along with the 22 first teamers, making the full allocation of 25 registered players as per La Liga rules. On match days all of the U19 players appear as available (including the 2 non-EU players I have in there, huh?). Due to suspensions, injuries, call-ups, etc. I sometimes play U19 players in league games. Mostly this is not a problem but occassionally one of the unregistered U19 players "steals" a first team player's squad no. Said first teamer is then inelligable for league games until I can re-register him (up to 4 months in worst case scenario). Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it? If not, is there a strategy for developing youth players in Spain without compromising the first team squad? All help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Managing in Spain

    The B teams in Spain seem to be autonomous and are treated as affiliates. You can't adjust training schedules and they don't use the same facilities. I think you can only manage B teams separately, not as part of the club. I am managing Valencia and don't really bother with Mestalla. My big problem is player registration issues. With a limit of 25 first team players and only 2 registration windows, when one of your U19s "steals" a squad number and makes one of your first team players inelligable for 3-4 months it's quite annoying. U19 players don't need to be registered to play in La Liga but for some reason they don't have their own squad numbers. There must be a strategy for developing youth players in Spain but I haven't figured it out yet...
  12. I'm half way through my first season with Valencia and have had problems with U19 players "stealing" first team players sqaud numbers. I first noticed Pablo Hernandez was ineligable around October time. I checked on the contract veiw and noticed he didn't have a squad no. He had previously been no 21. David Santon, who was in my U19 squad, had played a previous league game and now had the 21 shirt. I had to wait around 6 weeks to re-register Hernandez and this time gave him the 15 shirt. 27th of February and due to injuries and international call ups I had to play 4 players from my U19s. Now my U19 keeper has "stolen" his number and he is ineligable again. Why is it always Hernandez? S'pose I should be gratefull it's not Villa... I've just had to use Thiago Carleto from my U19s in a league game and he has "stolen" Paloschi's no. 19 shirt. It seems to me that, as manager, you can only assign first team squad numbers in the stated registration windows but the game can randomly re-assign them whenever it pleases. Most frustrating.
  13. Hello. Do any of you guys manage in Spain? I'm having a problem with player registration. I have found a few posts on these forums but no-one seems to know if it is even accepted as a bug, let alone how to fix it. Any help much appreciated.
  14. League - 100 Undefeated - 140 Champs. League Q/F - 60 Cup - 60 League Cup - 30 Top Scorer - 20 Supercup - 20 80 Goals - 15 Benfica & Sporting - 5 Total - 450
  15. I enjoyed it so much I'm gonna try and better my previous score. Profile: http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/nelsonmcjones/Prof.jpg