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  1. There's several players you can approach to sign whose contracts are expiring at the end of June in the first season. Matthias Ginter, Nico Elvedi, Stephan Ambrosius, Kevin Sessa, Torben Musel, Viktor Claesson, Daniel Didavi, Yaroslav Rakitskyi, Tobias Kempe, Sebastian Jung, Christian Benteke, Martin Kelly and Phillip Hoffman to name a few.
  2. Nah he hasn't. fair play to him and the others for stepping up and taking them but the manager should of made the call.
  3. Surely if we can see Saka is overawed by the game, Waistcoat ****** should of seen it and said no you ain't taking one and certainly not the 5th and arguably most important..?
  4. Who ever it was who said Sterling is either brilliant or ***** the other day, no in between, is spot on.
  5. Amazing how they can get the camera off a streaker so quickly yet a player who's possibly dying nah...
  6. Can they stop showing the Germany manager picking his ****ing nose ffs.
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