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  1. What tactics is everybody using so far? Can't seem to settle on one.
  2. Only played 4 games so far so hard to tell. Got 1 assist so far. Just trying to give him as much game time as possible 1st season. Times on his side. But OG post is right. Main reason is decided to retrain him was because of lack of decent affordable left backs around.
  3. I’m playing a Spurs and have made the decision to use Sessognon as left back. Changed his training and sold Rose to allow him the game time.
  4. Sold them all under market value. Sissoko 20m, Rose £14m, Aurier £7m. Had to argue with the board on the last one. Allowed me the funds to get new players in though. I tried to shift Davies first but had no takers so swapped to Rose. Already have Real Madrid sniffing round Kane so expecting a bid at some point.
  5. Started my Spurs save yesterday. Followed my thoughts on the team in real life and had a huge clearout with many senior payers being sold. Made the decision to sell Toby, Jan and Eriksen. With the 2 centre backs it was more to do with age (and Toby wasn’t really interested in renewing). Eriksen has no intentions of resigning. Managed to get £110m for the 3 which wasn’t too shabby. Also sold Sissoko, Wanyama, Rose & Aurier. Purchases are: Tonali 30m, Max Aaron’s 45m, Bruno Fernandes 30m, Ajer 18m, Zinho Vanheusden 19m& Kara Dembélé £10m. Putting my faith in young players going forwards. My new centre back pairing will be Sanchez & Ajer, with Vanheusden possibly taking one of their places depending on how he develops of the next 2 seasons. Dier & Foyth as further back up. Sessegnon & Aaron’s will be my first choice wing backs. Davies & Walker-Peters as back up. Although Sessegnon has the potential to be a decent attacker I think there will be better options available in the future. As an offensive wing back he can potentially become world class in my opinion. Haven’t figures out first choice midfield options yet. Ndombele & Fernandes are starters for sure. Lo-Celso has great creative stats too so will have to fit him in somewhere. Tonali will grow into a great all rounder. Alli will most likely be Fernandes back up. Kept Winks for squad depth purposes. Attack has been kept the same with Kane, Son and Moura the main 3. I may look at retraining Alli as a striker to give him more game time. Tactically have started with 4-2-3-1 possession but may change depending on results. Have played 3 so far: Won 2 lost 1, although that was against Liverpool.
  6. Hi guys, Spurs fan here. I haven't played FM in a few years now due to time but looking to buy the new game. Have been looking at getting a new laptop (budget £750) and have been reading this thread for the past day or two which has thrown up some really suitable laptops within my budget. Would I be able to get some advice on the best option on the following: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8631622 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3039061 https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-an515-54-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-512-gb-ssd-10199732-pdt.html I had a cheap ASUS (£300 ish) before and it just couldn't handle the game how I wanted to play it (large database 7-8 leagues loaded). Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. What are your guys experience developing Mbappe? Just started a spurs save on newest patch and decided to break the bank and paid £62m for him. I don't currently play with wingers but his stats are unreal and at 17 he can be moulded into whatever I want. Has anyone had success developing him either as a false 9 type player or fast striker?
  8. just starting my 5th season at spurs and we look like we are struggling against the better teams and are not lethal enough. the last 4 seasond have been very successful so my question is can players become bored. i have not made a big signing in over 2 years instead gathering a core group of star players in the first 2 and a half seasons then turned my attention to youth. can players become disinchanted if i never make big signings.
  9. it does seem that in the latest patch the percentage of crosses that are successfull have gone up. this lead to norwich scoring 2 goals from crosses against me, getting in between my CBs. is there a way to reduce this. also would it be better if the AMC makes more runs into the box or plays higher up so he can get on the end of more crosses?
  10. just started my 3rd season with spurs. won all competions last season using a number of attacking tactics. scored well over 100 goals in the prem but did concede 40 which is wasn't happy about. have just brought phil jones for £30m and he will partner otamendi in defense. cahill will drop to bench. also signed willian for £14m which i think is a snip considering he can play on both wings and through the middle. one concern i do have is that last season i was losing money. my wage bill per week is: players: £1,053,288. monthly staff wage: 1,140,828 what is everyone elses wage bills like. plus i payed out roughly £25m in non football costs last season
  11. started using this tactic at the start of my second season at spurs and the results have been great. beat man utd 5-3, arsenal 5-1 in supercup and have just beat birmingham 8-1 with doumbia getting 5. the only blip so far has benn a 1-1 draw at newcastle but i would put that down to my players still not being totally sure with the tactic. modric has been imense on the left wing whipping in decent crosses or cutting inside to thead balls through.he has even got 4 himself which is great. the only downside to the tactic is the set pieces which i see have already been mentioned on this thread. also my right winger(lennon) doesn't seem to be getting that involved in play so far. anyone else found this a problem.
  12. my budget is £14m. in an ideal world i would sign phil jones but thats a few seasons away yet. i am also looking at nkoulou from OM. i don't really need to buy for that position as i already have cahill and otamendi there with dawson, king and bassong as cover.
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