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  1. Hey thanks dude, you been a massive help! I've now created my very first skin (popped my chery) and although it's pretty basic I'm happy with it and feel I have a basic grasp of the essentials. I'm pretty confident now, knowing the basics, that I can trial and error to take this further, so much thanks. !!!!ALL HAIL KING MICHAEL!!!!
  2. Ok, I believe I've copied the relevant files now (FM2008-widgets) and downloaded paint.net, but I still cant figure out how to make the image transparent once I paste it into paint. Am i supposed to be just taking each file (paper_bottom_left, paper_bottom_middle, etc) into paint individually? Because this is where I get stuck. Sorry If I'm making you repeat yourself, but I'am grateful.
  3. Hi michael, as you appear to be the resident super-power on skinning, I hought I would humbley beg for your guidance *on bended knee complete with a pitiful look on my face*.:o I'm trying, for the first time, to create my own skin from scratch and have followed your skinning bible through parts I and II fully and succesfully. Although I have only changed the font and attribute colours I feel I have a basic grasp on this now. I have followed step III as far as adding Radestocks skinning panel, so i have added this and all folders and files upto this point, but haven't gone any further as I'm not concerned with the title bar, header,etc at this point (although I may have a crack at it in the near future). What I'am interested in is the background. I'm having the same problems as those above, i.e cannot figure out which of the extracted files/folders I need to copy to my "testskins" folder next and what to do with them when they are there, to allow me to increase the transparency and add my own background pics,etc. If you could find the time to help me through this, I would be very gratefull.
  4. Ok i have a couple of requests.... 1) A system to set an individual players instructions (eg mentality, closing down etc) to within a predertimined distance of the team setting, So that when you reduce or raise the team slider, the individuals setting will automatically rise or fall by the same value ie he remains 3 clicks above the team value, etc. 2)A quicker, easier and less carpeltunnel enducing method of setting OI, for example being able to set closing down always for all MC, or show all wide players onto their weaker foot without having to set every players instruction individually. ps It would also be nice if my instructions automatically passed onto the oppo's substitute, if he is a "like-for-like" change.
  5. training youngsters.

    Does the size of club and league the players are loaned to have a big impact?
  6. Ok im up and runnin, think i may have been over ambitious in projectin a top half finish to the board (gulp!). Especially as i plan to create a new set of tactics from scratch, i always score plenty but am always dissapointed with my defence, i just cant set up a solid back four im particularly vulnerable down the flanks despite playing with plenty of width............any advice?:confused: Anyway here we go...........'Mon the 'tic!!!!!!!!!! http://www.filefront.com/13995379/Profile1.bmp// http://www.filefront.com/13995355/Profile2.bmp//
  7. Hi i'm a massive hoops fan and im well up for this! Is the file im supposed to be downloadin the illumina installer? Ill try to follow the earliear posts for advice on settin up but might be back for help, cheers.