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  1. Brainstorming for the new data editor

    I will do a lot more english leagues and africa leagues.
  2. Chances for a new stadium

    How much money have you got in bank balance because you need a couple of hundred million.
  3. The ultimate retain players file.

    Yes I tryed and it worked.
  4. Adding own face to created player?

    Just create it like any other facepack with the unique id from the editor.
  5. [Guide] How to Create a Config File

    What about player faces etc?
  6. [Guide] How to Create a Config File

    What sizes do the graphics have to be?
  7. All I want is being able to be create leagues yourself in the editor.
  8. You cant make any new leagues, you can only do a league swap.
  9. making skins,superpacks etc

    Look in the skinning hideout as there is a sticky at the top what explains it but you code it yourself.
  10. Make every single league in the whole world playable.
  11. No Newgens!

    When did you start your game?
  12. **(Work permits in FM07)**

    If you offer them a new contract they usually get a work permit.
  13. fm09 database with fm07 ??

    You could edit the database so that it is updated but this would take a while.
  14. I had a regen goalie get a yellow card for handball outside the area but never had one injured or sent off.
  15. Quick Question Regarding FM09 Regens and DDT Files

    I think so.