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  1. I think this should happen. In real life most manager have their own set of coaches and these coaches follow them whereever they go. I think SI can try to adapt similar relationships so that when a manager leaves the club his favoruite staff members ( if there is any ) will leave with him. Also it should be somehow easy to get rid of existing staff members when you join a new club. In real life in in most cases when a new manager arrives he brings a new Ass Manager and old ones are fired if they still remain there.
  2. first of all I finally had time to play FM2009 for real in July despite buying it on February. Half of my summer holidays are wasted in front of PC but it was mostly quality time. My overall feeling for version 930 is very good. If I was to rate it I would give 92 out of 100. Despite being best on its own catagory I'm sure SI is non-stop working on it. Here are some new features and improvements I would like to see in FM10. -> In real life when a manager leaves a club or signs for new club usually they go with their own stuff. Meaning that most coaches bring their own Ass Managers and fitness coaches with them (if not more) to whereever they go and when they resign/sacked, same people usually follows them. It would be nice to see similar personal attachments at least for top class coaches in FM. -> Now we have favoruite clubs for players which affects their view on moving clubs, also their ambition to play in bigger nations and bigger leageus have affect. Also some players have a favorurite nation for whatever reason. For example some players may exclusively want to play in Spain. -> sometimes I have players which I want to get rid of and there are teams interested then I do most obvious and put them transfer listed and offer to clubs with half price or less. I keep doing it until someone bothers to make an offer and usually it works fine, depending on the player I sell them around %20 to %50 of the real value. but sometimes I cant sell some players even if I set asking price to 0, teams are interested but they still say asking price is too high (do they expect me to pay to them for buying my player) -> %90 of the time I watch the games in Extended highlights mode. Every now and then it shows so much of out of play instants such as goal kicks throw ins, refree interactions, injuries and such... I think these should not be shown in extended mode or should be shown much faster. I understand and like the fact the they are in the game and some of them are nicely related to time wasting concept but we just dont need to wait and see them unless it is full match mode. ->I believe it is mentioned here before a lot but the possibility to score from corners are not seem to fair and real. I tried many variations and it seems challenging Goalkeeper produces much more than any other option. I dont mind scoring goals from GK challange but after finding this combination, I hit at least every third corner and score in evey tenth (about) which almost means a corner goal in every second or third game. with any other attempt I could only score 2 or 3 in entire season. It would be nice if this is balanded and there should not be any exploit tactic or totally useless tactic. -> In match engine, which is getting better and better in my opinion eash year despite all the complains. I have one small but very visible and disturbing issue. Every now and then 3 or 4 times a season I score or concede a goal where the ball just bounces and end up just in front of goal line static. Then none of the defenders or GK do anything for at least couple of seconds and a forward comes from way behind and tips it in. I guess this is a small bug in ME, I cant imagine GK or defenders watching ball 1 meter in front of their goal line. -> I asked this for FM 08 and I will ask it again; I would like to have an option to save my players even after they retire and does not want to stay in game. So I could come and look their history when ever I want. Their player and staff profiles can be removed but personal and history would stay. so when a player announces his retirement there could be option in misc menu saying save this player permanently so in case he does not become coach he just remains in game as a retired player. in fm07 I had a striker whom I bought when he was 22 and he retired when he was 34, he was loyal, solid performer and a fan favourite then suddenly he stoped playing and said he wont stay in game. I would love to see him remain in game as a non-player so I could go back and look his great stats when I miss the old days -> Tooltop help for attributes. The explanations we have on manual should be accessible in game. I still confuse some of the attributes and somehow fell lazy to open manual and read them (despite my manual is 50 cm away from my PC). -> My last wish is a bit extreme but I would love it and I'm sure many will eventually use it. It would be nice to have an option in game when you create new manager and if it is selected whatever happens you will never be fired and always get at least 1 year renewal for the contract. Board satisfaction may be very low, fans may be restless, team can be low on morele and press can throw all sorts of crap on us but still we will keep the job. I dont want this to try how low I can get Real Madrid or something like that; but I want to to some some extreme methods for building squad such as relying heavily on home grown youth players which means I can not achieve expectations for the first 3 4 years but eventually I may have a very young and solid team. I'm sure different people may use this option for different experiments. Now we can do it by creating a new manager each time after we are fired but it would be better to do it with the same guy.
  3. Considering how much popular FM in UK and how important are the UK sales for SI, I wont be suprised even if they add local pub teams of London at some point. Also adding these teams kinda brakes the scale of attributes, not to mention how to do a fair research for them. However for me; England already has enough(maybe more than enough) low leagues whereas countries like Spain and Italy does not even have proper 3.tier teams.
  4. 07 with patch 2 was really good. It maybe lacks some features compared to 09 but it was playable and stable which matter most for the majority. Something which is always worth to keep in hard-drive. This being said, I also like 09 and it will be better with patch 3.
  5. During the last years there has been lots of cases where players born in Germany with Turkish parent can pick both National teams until they are 21. Whenever one of these young prospects approach to their 20s this become a hot media topic. It is all about who will make him play at least 1 minute in their side because after that players can not change their mind. Currently the fuzz is about Mesut Özil of Werder Bremen he currently plays German U21 but he still did not play for senior squad so he can still change his mind until 21 and he is hinting that he may switch to Turkish team if he is offered a place. There are lots of news about it in both Germany and Turkey and obviously lots of pressure on Özil. I would like it if SI could add such cases to media events so if a player has two nations havent been capped yet but has potential to do for both teams then media can speculate which team the player prefers.
  6. Qatar would be nice just becase a lot of old famous players end up there for their last playing years for big money. Cyprus should be there because for the last 5 years they are playing high level football. Cyprus has a population below million but football is loved there and it is not a poor country and piracy is not on very high level. I'm sure it will pay back financially for SI. Even more UK divisions. Obviously UK is the mainland of FM and local teams are pupular in UK. I would not mind if SI add even one more layer in UK. Football quality may be very low but still people will appreciate it and I'm sure a lot of people will start the game with these teams for long career games. Adding more African and Asian Nations would not harm anyone, but they will not be even selected as often as UK Sunday league teams.(Now I'm talking about users who will buy legal copy of the product) with the pirate users counted; stats might be very different but I do not think they are SIs priority.
  7. Besides the overall fix/improve existing features, I have one main wish (for the third consecutive year) Much better and clear feedback about traning. Stats constantly go up and down and in most cases I (or any average FM player) can not explain why. Ok, I admit it works fine in a sense so that when a player is young it is mostly improving and declining after certain age but still I dont think user has enough control over the process on both cases(increase/decrease) My second wish and I believe this is easier to implement for SI. Have an option to save permanently player profiles even after retirement in case user wants it. I hate to see my favoritute player ages and then disappers from game completely if he is not into coaching. Maybe a small option in player interaction saying "Remain visible Forever" can do it. So we can go back to that profile any time and look at the stats to remember old days. If he comes to make some comments on the media it is even better If this causes database size problems, user can be limited to save up to 20 or whatever profile. I actually do not believe 20 extra profile matters much assuming in a normal game we are having over ten thousands profiles active.
  8. I really appreciate you running the club 50 years without getting fired nor bored. Also you were not winning constantly but still remain there which makes the game even more interesting in my opinion. I hope your 2b money will not disapper for some strange reasons. @2055 Portugese and Brazilian teams are among the richest clubs in the world. I guess your FM has witnessed a big financial rotation in the globe.
  9. *Have an option for players so that when they retire they will remain in game as an unemployed personal so we can still view their career and stats. If feels sad to lose the track of players after playing with them for years and if they dont become coaches they are totally wiped out after retirement. User should be able to pick which players to remain in game from that players personal menu. *Introduce the weight data and make it important factor in player fitness. Lazy/old/injured player put on weight and eventually they temporarily lose their pace until they lose weight again. Ronaldo is a perfect example, it is hard to say he lost his skills after last injury but obviously his new belly wont make it easy to move on pitch for him. *Track coaches head to head records. For example it would be nice to see our all time records versus Mourinho including all the team we and he managed during the game. This data could also affect the mind game comments before games.
  10. this is really good reading but despite all the fuzz there is very little conclusion. At least now we learnt what is a free attribute and being able to usee both feet can have more affect that we could imagine. My personal outcome from this is; *give up improving training because SI just made their own artificial rules which are not self-evident and neccessarly perfect. *Also there is not enough evidence that training has a lot of impact on the success in game. I heard many players winning almost everything available without paying any attention to traning except hire coaches and make couple of schedules without worrying much about their outcome.
  11. I gave up hope on traning long time ago due its confusing presentation without any proper feedback and so on. I know you have been using this research mainly for traning regimes. I read all your messages and seen very interesting results however I do have no intention of touching traning at all anymore. I hire good coaches for each dicipline and I already have quite generic schedules for each position. But I dont even look anymore if players go up and down in attributes because I'm convinced that it is not directly related to what I do( I dont want to call it random but what ever is the reason behind the scenes is very trivial and confusing for user) so I gave up. But please keep your comparisions coming on affect of different attributes. They are excellent to read!
  12. Training is not about getting the most out of your players, its about reshaping players (if you desire). Playing matches is whats going to improve a players CA, not training. Training just tells the game on what attributes it should spend those extra points. So for a striker, you'd rather have the points added to "shooting" rather then to "defending", so you make him train more in shooting and less in defending, which will increase the chance a players' finishing will go up, instead of his marking, which would be pretty pointless for a striker. Thats why you should create training schedules. Not in order to raise his CA, because playing matches will do that. As such, creating special pre-season schedules is also pointless, because playing matches will get players match fitness. Making them train very hard in aerobic and strenght would just reshape his attributes. In theory anyway, because in practice you'd be using those schedules far too short to really exhibit a lasting difference. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I agree with you that having high numbers on both feet skills is not always best depending on position and tactical preferences. I'm also not sure yet about the given examples because I know by experience there are a lot of different factors in the game which affects outcome. Just run premiership without selection any club and after 5 attempts you will always get completely different tables. I think this is enough to prove that there is no "BEST" or "BETTER" concept in FM which can be exaplained just by summing up numbers with given formulas. Training is something I never liked in CM/FM. First of all feedback from training is very poor and tracking progress is painful and confusing. But on the other hand, I cant believe that training concept of FM is as light as you call it. I myself never use any tool to track CA because I think game is more fun when I play without knowing that. I more count on what I see on field, stats and my sixth instict. But I think we all had young players who improved significantly in couple of years without really playing minutes in games. So training must have something to do with it. And in general, FM has a lot of features related to coaches, training facilities and training schedules. I dont think this entire system is just serving to switch skills from one attribute to another. There must be more to do with it, it is just not presented properly to average user.
  13. This is absolutely fantastic Hawshiels, and with the passing too Since 07 I've always tried to buy central players with two feet (I do realise how potentially silly that sounds!) Do you support Tenerife? At a guess I'd say there' likely to be more two footed DCs in Spain than England! You know the test you've got to run now though don't you? Two footed v 1 footed strikers.... Now THAT would be interesting! Although I think creation of scoring opportunities is probably a lot more random than passing and tackles so you might want to try and holiday for a couple of seasons this time (depending on speed!) and then repeat, for better data. Even if I didn't have law exams I'm severely limited in tests like this because I've got a three and half year old laptop that only just manages to run FM and firefox! Re law exams, just had my 9th hour of exams in four days, and got my last one tomorrow - a whopping 3 and a half hours of property law. Not fun. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> yeah it would be also very nice to see striker version of same test. To be honest it is what I'm most interested about. Maybe this can explain ridicilous misses coming from players with high finishing stats.
  14. I'm really curious to hear results of this, but to be more accurate I strongly suggest you to run the same tests two or three times in a row before changing variables. Because as you know additional factors like morale and opposition also affects player stats. I think just one round for each test case may not be enough. Maybe 3 times half season rounds. Besides that it will be very interesting to know the conclusion.
  15. I could not agree more, programing wise FM works like a clock but design is very poor if what we have read here is correct
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