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  1. I see the motive behind the OP and appreciate the idea but the game will be much slower to play and it requires new ways of evaluating players. Training reports and such. Also it forces us to watch each game in 90 mins since it is not easy to judge players just by key highlights. And eventually it will be more about guessing, try->fail->retry loops and so on. Basically we will spend most of our time just to understand/guess the attributes of players which we already know instead of playing the game itself. So I would not promote this idea.
  2. I want a "can not be sacked" option also I want an option so I will not pay dividend, these are the two things which bothers my game experience. No need for difficulty option for me, this being said I wont mind if it is added, I just will ask what is the default and will stick with it. Unless SI has major change of heart I do not see any of these or similar options making into game.
  3. Use of Notes?

    I tried couple of times but never really get big help. They are somehow so hidden, it takes lots of time to write / read them. I can imagine myself using them more if they were somehow better integrated into players default screen.
  4. Hopefully SI will fix these issues; international retirement days must be adjusted according to major tournaments, this must be an easy fix.
  5. I agree that press interaction is weak/boring part of the game. This being said I do not honestly expect much from SI about it. It is a very hard feature to noticeably improve. It will get better but will always be weak point of the game. Removing it at this point is probably out of question but my suggestions are; 1) easy improvement; add more questions / answers as usual 2) Add "press handling" attribute to staff screen, make it possible to select a any coach / ass manager to attend so we can hire one coach just for this purpose if we want. 3) have a screen to tell the this attending staff how to answer questions. Obviously we can not pre-answer each question but overall orders such as; a) always avoid mind games b) always respect opposing coach c) always crap on opposing coach d) decide yourself a) do not comment on individual player requests b) act towards individual requests c) show no tolerance to individual comments d) decide yourself ... ... ...
  6. this thread would be very easy to answer if the name of your team was Chelsea I see patterns there.
  7. Expenditures

    You can build small hotels all around the world with that money there must be a better explanation. Manchester United had to sell Ronaldo for 90m, you think they are willing to spend half of it back in a year just for scouting. I wonder why SI does not give insight on these kind of obvious questions
  8. Your age limits?

    It depends a lot on the player; 1) Good journeyman player who is not crucial to team and me: I sell them when they hit 30 so I can still make money from them before they are officially considered old in transfer market. 2) Good player important to team but I do not like him: I usually arrange their contracts so that I give them free transfer when they are about 33(+/-1). I do not even bother selling them because usually it is not worth going through negotiation for these players for small money. During their last year they are already sitting on bench so letting them go becomes easy decision. 3) Long serving local heroes or my personal favorites: If they want so much money or if they complain a lot when they go to bench then they belong to above second category otherwise I keep signing them until they retire and even try to sign them as a coach/scout... I know emotions towards bits and bytes is stupid but
  9. this a general issues for casual users using any software on any platform, so FM can not be blamed for it. SI designed to game UI to make patching as easy as possible but if someone does not pay any attention then let them play out of box version. We all know that FM always had and will have bugs BUT considering the amount of features the game has the bugs are not really game breaking for the majority and I don't think casual FM buyers will miss patches so much. Probably they would miss transfer updates more than the actual fixes which they may never recognize.
  10. I think this is a very legit debate and hopefully SI will work on the issue, evaluate ups and downs. For casual players these may not matter but for hardcore fans who wants to challenge everything, this sound familiar? , they will be happy to have more depth and options.
  11. I hate loving this issue! This bug can hurt the fun of a long, supposed to be serious, career but on the other hand trying to win both tournaments in the same time can be unique joy.
  12. This is not an official process IRL, although some areas of the world chairmans are putting pressure on coaches to select certain players still it is not a suggested method. Therefore I do not see SI adding this, if this is added then one can say "hey what about adding fixing matches", "bribing referees", "Riots in stands"..... " players sleeping with each others wifes/gf" I think SI will stay away from these areas even though they may happen IRL.
  13. It seems like a bad call from BARCA but then again if you are the best team of the world and has only limited spots for strikers you must keep best of best. If this guy is not making it as a starter then they may consider selling a bench player for good money to improve another position. As we are seeing IRL Real Madrid, buying/keeping superstars for bench is not a very smart move neither financially nor team spirit wise.
  14. Yes but the change must be very very slow. Rankings should not be upside down in 5 years regardless to winners of international cups. It is true that some nations such as Russia are raising its level and maybe some can say that Italian league is not as good as it used to be 10 years ago but still if you can compare the overall ranking of current situation with lets say 1990, there will be only couple of nations which has changed its position noticeably. So I'm in for very slow paced changes. Also IRL whenever these sort of changes happens, it is usually due to events which are not directly related footboll events. Such as Russians are doing better because now they have chairmans investing heavily into football, Italian football was hit by Juve/Milan court case.....
  15. I think it is a smart system and one of the features I really like how it works in FM. It just makes the game more realistic, makes scouting more meaningful and revealing att. especially for youngsters with prospect is very rewarding feeling in game.