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  1. it kinda meant worst result, i didn't exactly explain it very well
  2. ah ok, that makes sense, as i had previously signed merkel who has a secondary russian nationality but he was still classed as foreign
  3. i signed a regen winger, 4 stars, he got 2 in 5 and helped me win the champions league
  4. I was wondering if there i a way to find out if a player can gain russian nationality. i know if they spend a certain amount of days they can qualify, but not all players even attempt this. so far i have only found that brazilian players gain russian nationality, but not all of them. e.g. i had to brazilians, got them at the same time same age, came when they where 18 and only 1 of them started to gain russian nationality. I've recently bought a brazilian from another Russian club who is collecting days but i was wondering if there is a way to find out prior to them joining the club,
  5. deffo gonna give this a go, just had my cska moscow team be bought out and just won the champions league (among other things) my donate money to my russian feeder club
  6. just had an awesome comeback in the CL quarter final. As cska moscow 2nd leg at home loosing 2-0 to arsenal, and then arsenal score early on, so i think game over so who cares i go all attack and have work into box. won the game 4-1 all goals scored in the second half. Oh i also only had 3 fit defenders
  7. if you need money sell, could get a few good players with the money
  8. if you have cover i'd sell him, or try to get more money off of city, is there any type of player you need that you could use the money for? if not, and if you dont particularly need the money then you dont have to sell him
  9. i think im gonna go for gonzalez, he is technically the worst one, but is 19, has cheaper wages and can play on the right wing and striker and i like to uses 4231 so i like to juggle my attacking players about.
  10. im my game united won the league for the first 3 seasons and then chelsea won it for the next 3, i also beat them in the champions league final 1-0 with cska moscow
  11. So i have had 3 bids accepted for 3 separate players, I'm looking for a new striker, i use a poacher, i would like one who can also play on the wing but im not too bothered, these are the players i have bid for i was wondering which one you lot think it best. the first is gonzalez, the offer is £20m and 48k a week, his ca star is 2 1/2. he would be my 4th best striker and miles behind my right wingers but he has mash potential. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/685/gonzalezcopy.jpg/ the cheapest option, £16m offer but he will be on about 57k a week and he's 22 and a specific weakness of injury proneness. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/derosacopy.jpg/ the final is the best striker, will cost 25 m, wages will be 74k he would be my second best striker, but he is a poacher and has the potential to be the best. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/7/dillioncopy.jpg/ i have £34m to spend, i just sold doumbia and i want a new young striker. Which one would you sign, if any?
  12. united fans did it a couple of years ago against city to hide there blue moon, which prompted police to ask city no to do the blue moon. also united fans did it in france, i think it was against marseille and what i heard the guys were looking at life time bans
  13. in Russia all the time, also it does happen in england every now and again, man united have done it, city have done it, and so have liverpool
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