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  1. Ive tried to find a feeder club to improve our rep in another country, the board didnt want to, so i slavered aload of mince to get them to say yes, they come back and couldent find anyway. Athletic bilbao is still our feeder club (Dunno how). Anyway, i think the next stage is a stadium expansion or build a new one entirely but the game wont even let me mention anything to do with the stadium OR youth recruitment(Unless i want to cutback) Hopefully they find me a nice little asian feeder club, build a new stadium/expand the stadium and let me improve the youth recruitment, their is NO young swiss talent apart from Shakqiri
  2. Very nice first season! I thought i done well finishing 3rd You've just shredded up Switzerland
  3. Just finished top of the ECC group, Hopefully miss out all the big teams, beat Liverpool 3-1, Espanyol 5-1, drew with Leverkusen 1-1 both times, beat Liverpool 5-1 and beat Espanyol 6-0 Not doing too badly
  4. Fierro = god for me at the moment Yep funnest save ive had so far on fm12, ive mostly holidayed it when ive been at college for a season or so come back and do transfers. Furthest i got was 1st knockouts in the 2017/2017 season got put out by man city, and the few seasons before that i finished 3rd in the group. Currently sitting 2nd in the group this year 1 point behind Liverpool and 2 games to go. Also got the likes of Luis Guilherme in goals, Romario right back, Van Aonholt as a left back 2 regen cbs (got offered 28mil by man city for the dutch one i had i rejected, he scored 20goals in his debut league season, no clue how probably corners) my midfield is mostly wonderkid regens that including Adryan, wingers are regens again looking very good and fierro playing as a poacher upfront, Im also playing the 4-3-3 barca formation Oh and Sion seem to be the closest title contenders up until 2014, then they struggle not to be relegated, in my game young boys had a season or two they challenged us before falling down atm its basel who are always 2nd to us.
  5. Already onto the 2017/18 season with xamax its a very fun save first 3/4 seasons are a challenge since teams like basel,zurch,young boys etc still challenge for the title, just make sure you at least qualify for the euro cup so it lets you get better players, Atm ive got the swiss elague an automatic champions league group spot with another ECC spot in the 3rd round qualifier, qualified out of the ECC group finishing 2nd in a group which had barca (1st) arsenal (3rd) and anderlecht (4th). Got knocked out by man city in the knockouts, although we could've won. The best way to look at xamax is to buy young wonderkids from around the world and build it up like that(which i done) anyway, ask the board to uprade facilities all the time, theyll do it and plus you need a good youth recruitment + facilities as on my game young swiss talent is hard to come by! Atm i have good training facilities (currently being upgraded) and excellent youth facilities (currently being upgraded again) Also got excellent junior coaching and average youth recruitment (Needs improving). The only thing i havent sussed out is when i try and ask the board to expand/build a new stadium the option if never lit up =\ (Yes, i alredy got them to buy the stadium) Oh and i know the budgets on the first season are like 1mil, finish 2nd/3rd for the euro cup like i did you get around 10m the next season and a ton of extra cash for wages! Oh and by the way, i HIGHLY recommend Carlos Fierro, bought him when he was 19/20 for 14.75m over 48months, been on absolute fire! something like 120club goals in 80 appearances in the league (You can do quite a few 48month deals because of the rich dictator of an owner balances the finances out) *Oh and btw the badge you have on the main post if the older one this is the new one: One more thing! THANK GOD Bulat isnt anything in the game like he is in real life or everyone would be sacked for not winning every game 10-0
  6. Just started a new save with them on the full game: In: Wilfried - 2.5m James Mcfadden - Free Yaya Sanogo - 2.6m Marco Materazzi - Free Karim Ait Fana - 3.9m Siphiwe Tshabalaba - 325k Garry Bocaly - 3.8m Cheik M'Bengue - 4.8m Mahamadou Diarra - Free Marc-Andre ter Stegen - 15m (Over 48 months) Giovani Dos Santos - 4.4m Etienne Capoue - 13m (Over 48 months) Out: Z Camara - Loan G Hoarou - 7m J Bahebeck - 2.5m Peguy Luyindula - 625k Mevlut Erdinc - 3.8m Siaka Tiene - 7.5m Loris Arnaud - 2.3m Ceara - 1m Thats all the spending it looks like ill do just now, let the league begin
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