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  1. Just finished my first season, won the league by 13 points and got to the knockouts of the europa league before being knocked out by olympiakos 5-0 on aggregate ;(
  2. Ill give blackpool a go lol, see if i can get them back up to the premier.
  3. Nation: Any (Preferably EU) Division: Any (Preferably not the top league) European Competition: Not Bothered Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s): Any (Not a harsh board that sacks you after 1 loss) Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: Some Cash Other: Preferably a small club with quite a smallish stadium with SOME cash to spend.
  4. Looks good, any chance of making a megapack though?
  5. Considering restarting with Xamax. Due to circumstances the local team i support was taken over by a South Korean billionaire.....
  6. You could go for neuchatel xamax in the swiss top league, 1mil for starting budget but has a mega rich owner, you get 10mil or so in the second season, i won the champions league with them and was in the final 3 times won it once.
  7. OMG. Got to the final AGAIN the year after, this time having to beat Real Madrid in the knockouts, AC Milan in the quarters, Man Utd in the semis & then Marseille in the final, final score in the final: Neuchatel Xamax 2 - 0 OM. A Fierro doubloe was enough to secure a swiss club their FIRST EVER ECC.
  8. In the 2nd champions league final within 4 years, semis i had to play chelsea, 1-1 at stamford bridge thanks to an 86th minute goal by my bolivian international centreback, in Neuchatel we were 1-0 thanks to a stormer of a goal, 1-1 then found ourselves 1-2 down, thankfully we scored in the 80th minute then right after in the 82nd minute to make it 3-2 Now in the final against Bayern Munich hoping to go 1 better than 2 years ago *Edit: Got beat 4-1.
  9. LOL try this: Luis guilherme is now brazils number 1 on my xamax save, 30 something apps for brazil and is worth 2.3m.... what the hell lol.
  10. Infact ill make my malaga side spanish BUT will allow players from spanish speaking nations, suck as argentina, mexico etc.
  11. Gonna have a go with Malaga, i normally hate managing in spain but ill give it a try. Also gonna make them or try to make them a purely spanish team
  12. Yes sean lol, if you havent noticed, Xamax has a foreground sugar daddy
  13. Prychenko ends out premier league class, for mid table teams hold onto him, not started a hearts save yet but i do plan too Also i think templetons speed is kind of underated...
  14. Just started up a brighton save, dominated nottingham forrest away from home and won 3-1, had like 68% possesion.
  15. Got knocked out in the ECC 1st knockouts bt psg, even though i topped a group with barca, shakhtar and some small team =\, really disappointed as we got to the final the year before ;(
  16. I dont think i had any homegrown players etc when i got to the ECC final i just let my assman pick the squad to be registered o.O
  17. Also dont worry about homegrown players for the champions league, theirs no great swiss talent, all you can do is up the facilities and bring in your own swiss players.
  18. Buy ter Stegen, pay over 48months though thats if hell even consider coming.
  19. Got him for 2.7m on my Xamax save in the 2nd/3rd season, absolute quality Especially for 2.7m
  20. Probably the side at the beginning and i wouldent say so o.O
  21. LOL the season i got to the champs league final i lost to some stupid non-league team 1-0 in the swiss cup
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