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  1. I'm starting a new save. Wanting to play and sign only players that can be homegrown eventually, Going to keep Ramsey and build around the players at the club. I know some won't cut it, but the challenge for me has always been developing and getting a full homegrown squad
  2. Bayern offered 25 million for Son. How much have people sold him for? I'm not looking to sell, but with Breel Embolo playing well as well as having Lamela on the right, I'm being tempted as much as I like Son IRL. Thoughts?
  3. My first off season has seen me bat away the likes of PSG and United for Lamela and Kane. I did have to offer Lamela a slight raise to stay while Kane sacked his agent at my request. Still looking for takers on Wimmer and Vorm since I have Mammana and Dragowski next season. Still considering other signings but I really like my existing squad and don't think the team needs huge upgrades.
  4. Like Welshace has said, lots of people have posted but since it's New Year's, I'll give some quick ones: Buy: -a Striker. Possible options: Breel Embolo, Luan, Gabriel Barbosa Sell: -Federico Fazio, Nacer Chadli. They aren't terrible players, but with all the depth you have, those are the 2 most expendable. If you play them a lot, you can make some solid coin. Chadli can go for 20-25 million in the January window
  5. I'm not really focused on signing either unless they're young and need development time. I signed Mammana because I'm willing to let Wimmer go if United offer me the 24 million they were rumoured to be doing. Stoke got relegated and I had a split second thought about going after Butland but nah, I'm quite happy with Lloris and Dragowski next season. I'm probably going to bank what I have and focus on development. I won almost everything so my team doesn't need drastic changes
  6. On the verge of signing Dozzell and trying to get Mammana as my unreal first season comes to a close. Other than them I don't see myself making too many moves as I really like the team. Eriksen, Lamela, Kane, Lloris, Verts, and Dembele are a solid core while Alli and Dembele have really come on development wise. Mason and Townsend would be expendable but I want to keep them around because they are homegrown and they become important in the European comps. Wimmer hasn't been bad at all while Son, Breel, and Carroll have provided depth. If I get great offers for some players I'll then look to
  7. I started a Juve save as well but I added Berardi's buyout clause in the game. Fair is fair. A little sad about Kingsley Coman's buyout to Bayern but hey let's see what happens. Juve will be a little challenging considering that you have 5 injuries already and that will hurt initially. Disabled windows but looking to add some youth into the squad with the ability to make them homegrown players. I'm looking at goalkeeping prospects as well.
  8. Coming up to the end of the 1st season and I'm extremely proud. i didn't make too many changes as I wanted to continue developing the players I had and investing in some great prospects. I had the first window disabled. Transfers Out: Chadli - 20 million to PSG Fazio - free to Valencia I wasn't planning on selling Chadli as he was a solid rotation player but when PSG offered 20 million with potentially 4.5 million more in add-ones, I couldn't turn it down. Fazio wanted to leave as I wasn't giving him enough playing time with Verts, Toby, Dier, and Wimmer all ahead of him. I just told my D
  9. I'm on the fence with that. The money is good but other than Barbosa I don't like the others as a main striker. Kane at least for me is beastly and I wouldn't let him go just yet considering you could get a lot more when he hits his true peak
  10. I had a similar issue with Vertonghen. United offered 12 million and I flat out said no. He became upset and I told him I'd only sell if their offer met my valuation and he backed off. I'm greedy too and because of that I got 24 million for Chadli
  11. Breel Embolo in his first game scored a goal and set up Kane on another. Yeah, he's pretty good indeed.
  12. Nice YG - that's fantastic Hit January in my season and I can't believe I'm still sporting a perfect record. Having said that, I've got the team playing some excellent football. Eriksen has really started to assert himself with 12 goals and 16 assists while Kane continues to score with 22 goals in 21 matches. Dele Alli is quickly turning into an absolute monster in the midfield while my defense has been ever present. Sonny has struggled a bit, but slowly regaining his early season form once I switched him to an inside forward role. PSG came in with a 24 million bid for Chadli. H
  13. I also had Kane as a CF and he's been really good for me at least. I usually work the ball in box so he doesn't take as many silly shots from distance. He's dominating the scoring charts although he is offside a ton.
  14. I'm loving the way my team has played so far. Finished November and am the Golden State Warriors of the Premier League. Haven't dropped any points Didn't cheat also, but did get lucky in some tricky fixtures. Only minor blemish was a draw with Sampdoria in the Europa League, but that's it. Harry Kane has been unstoppable with 19 goals so far. He scores for fun. Eriksen has been a creative force leading in assists, while Sonny and Lamela have done well with 17 goals between them. Dele Alli is now an England international and has been great as a roaming playmaker. He's been my most con
  15. Nice edgar. I'm still in the early parts of the first season, and am tied with Swansea for the lead. I love Deli Alli. He's a quality player already and only going to get better. I started him in all my big games and he's done well
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