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  1. I love that you've spent more on Agents fees than on players - just as I do! Won't be able to do it so freely on FM14 though, if my memory of announced features serves me correctly... Reckon you'll make it to 5000 games dafuge? 'Only' 602 to go...
  2. As someone whose had a long save in Hungary this year (as Ferencvaros, nothing as ambitious as you! ) I wish you luck in the 'Best Placed Playoff' part of the CL draw. It's A LOT harder than the Champions half... Think Arsenal, Milan and Porto rather than Skonto Riga, Red Bull Salzburg and Red Star... That being said, well done so far! It took me longer to win my first title than it took you - and I started with a top team and bought players!
  3. I think it's 3.Liga as (if I remember correctly) it's the only playable German league with 20 teams. Planning on the long haul PaulHartman71 or just (over) the 365 days?
  4. I second this. I played as Rasenballsport Leipzig (Red Bull) on the Big Euro Challenge on FM11 & (briefly) FM12 and loved it. There seems to be a lot of prize money in Germany too. And toppling Bayern is VERY hard... It's a shame to hear this save's going to end, especially when it's completely out of your control... But maybe this will give you a new opportunity? And we'll all be listening whatever you decide!
  5. At least it happened at the start of the season, so you have the year to fight against it. If it'd happened during the run-in you'd have been down and out...
  6. May I be the first (unless someone else jumped in while I was reading your last post!) to congratulate you on the ending of a tremendous career. And I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to 2.11.12 now (well, for two reasons at least!)
  7. Having completed this challenge with Banbury on FM11, I wish you the very best of Luck! Hope you get out of the BSN quicker than me, as it took me 6 seasons!
  8. You do realise you've guaranteed this will happen now don't you?
  9. Great Title win again, and good to see some consistent progress in Europe! Interesting side note from your most recent stats update - You've played a lot more away games (31) than home in your career... That's over a Season's worth. Is that due to any rules in the Swedish cups (i.e. higher ranked side play away early on), or just [bad] luck of the draw?
  10. Not tempted to play the extra ten hours to reach 50 days? Seriously though, great effort! Surely one of the most successful careers ever on this forum?
  11. Luch Energia Vladivostok are a team I've always wanted to manage. Imagine winning the Champions League with a team that can see Japan on a clear day... In fact, just imagine the news reports that mention the 'x mile round trip' for away games...
  12. Brilliant! And well done on the Treble and a fantastic career Deltablue! It's funny how you become attached to certain teams even when doing a Journeyman Career. Did you have any affiliation to Milan before this save?
  13. On a separate note, given the blog today re: Network Games next year, is anyone (by which I mean Gundo ) thinking of having a Challenge based network game, perhaps only available for those that complete the challenge, where you can export your Champions League winners and test them against your fellow winners? Can you imagine (for example) vurogj's Spirmont vs midgetram's ​Macva? The mouth waters...
  14. I don't think it's a bug, as it's been the same on the last couple of FMs. If I remember rightly last year (correct me if I'm wrong!) Israel was removed from this challenge as you couldn't have scouts...
  15. How about another Journeyman career? Perhaps exclusively in (for example) The Americas? You could assess the impact of your inevitable success on the DLR of many leagues, rather than just the one? [edit] Woohoo! Ton Up! (Raises Bat)
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