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  1. First of all thanks again Dave for your guide, up until now I thought that loading just a few leagues doesn't have any particular impact on game immersion. Realizing that in order for clubs to be competitive on continental competitions their leagues have to be loaded really helped me improve the game. As I realistically cannot load all leagues playable, do you think that at least national teams are able to produce a good amount of newgens regardless if their respective leagues are loaded? Playing the World Cup with only European teams dominating doesn't seem as immersive. I'll likely test
  2. Despite the current FM21 newgen bug, does adding more players through the custom database equals more players generated throughout the game? I wasn't aware of the custom database option until reading your guide, and currently loaded only international players to fill the national teams and not stress the CPU that much.
  3. How can the CAM be better utilized in a 4231 gegenpress formation with two inverted wingers? Shadow Striker or Attacking Midfielder on attack?
  4. Maybe as long as the playable nations get at least a good amount of newgens, starting a 5-10 years save and see how it goes might be worth it. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks Dave for your work and advice, it's been really helpful. I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to whether load more players from non-playble leagues through the custom database or not. Bearing in mind the newgen bug, do you think the benefit right now is worth the performance hit? Cheers.
  6. That's promising. I have been playing in 2D for all those years and it seems like a good alternative, like last game's VAR offside camera. Haven't bought the game yet though and would really like to see if that's the case, could anyone post a screenshot from this camera angle please? Cheers.
  7. Is it possible in any way to use the VAR camera in-game? It's a good compromise between 3D and 2D Sorry if it has been asked before, cheers!
  8. I'm using the Milla 2.2 skin, having installed "Match In-Between Highlights" and this mod in that order. Everything's working fine except the Post Match Review screen, which gives an application error. Replacing 'match in between highlights panel review' file with the original one from "Milla" does solve the issue, but is there a workaround to make it work? Thank you
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