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  1. is it possible to make the menu with the rules of the game automatically minimize? if I do it, every time I open the tactical screen I always find it open, and I wish it was closed, and if I need it I open it. Thank you
  2. is it possible to set the primary color of the team as the background of the sidebar, and the secondary as the color of the icons and text?
  3. it is possible to change the height and the width of the boxes related to "score" and "match statistics" (highlighted in red on the screen) Thank you
  4. And for edit this page? what file .xml i have to edit? thanks a lot :P
  5. can I enter the team or nation logo or flag above the team name (or country), on the screen that I changed? And i can see only markers, not ammonites and expelled (if is possible)
  6. is possible edit the content od this page: what is the .xml file for this? thanks
  7. Hi, how i can edit the the statistics page that appears by clicking on the match result on the calendar page? What is the xml for this? I attach image
  8. ok, then a problem is solved ... it is always the same that if I reload the skin the game crashes, and I do not understand why
  9. if I open steam first and I click on play, the game starts correctly ... but the problem of crashes remains when I reload the skin.
  10. I apologize, it's a very strange problem. Start Fm2018 by clicking on the icon, but steam (and FM2018) is as if it is stuck, it does not start, and any application I open remains in the foreground Steam in the upper bar of the screen. I close the application and restart automatically, correctly, but I do not open FM, I have to do it from the steam window. Maybe this is also the problem of the crash when I reload the skin in play? I attached a video, maybe this is better understood. Video problem FM2018.mov.zip
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