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  1. hey mate, i can see where ure coming from, right! but the prices haven't changed lol. you got that beautiful fm17 sitting in your library and they slap a discount on fm18! how's that for loyalty, eh? we're in a deep recession and it's gonna get worse so the prices will eventually rise further ... you better bite the chains now, buddy, because it's gonna be a rough ride!
  2. *shrug* strange things happen in football ... just look at all the wonderful own goals we've had in the PL the past five seasons. remarkable how those overpaid primadonnas aren't more prepared in the defensive work. beggars belief.
  3. live stream on twitch and upload your videos on youtube man ... much better and stronger lol.
  4. It has fig all to do with interceptions in the match engine... think about it man!
  5. Playing as a goalkeeper is a thankless job when you think about it, right?? I mean c'mon man .. they stand there between the poles for 85 minutes, doing sod all. One shot from opposition. Goal. They've just made sure their team has lost three points. It's thankless.
  6. I've noticed the board (at least the one that runs my club) is not willing to give any additional funds when I ask. One time they agreed on releasing more money for transfer fund when a player is sold, but I had to beg on my bare knees for that to happen (not really).
  7. your a legend laddie, better luck next time, innit?
  8. At least two leagues from every European nation, mate. How can you not have it, innit?
  9. You sure it's the board you're asking? Sounds like tesco to me.
  10. cdkeys.com are cheap mate and they work. I had my reservations before, but no longer. They're solid..
  11. permit for work, innit? Not too hard to understand lol
  12. Ahhh the laddie will end up with a serious injury irl though, innit? He is a danger to himself and others, pushing and shoving when it's toitally uncalled for. I reckon someone will punch him on the nose one of these days and I'm pretty sure it'll be a team from the midlands. He can afford to retire whenever he wants tho lol
  13. Mate, people aren't stupid, innit? They know what's best for them and you're somewhat arrogant if you think otherwise. I know you think you know everyhing, lad, but you don't, right? lol ... they do whatever they want.
  14. Mate, you can't expect Mr Brock and his fine team of rocky sailors to update the demo, which essentially is the game in a distilled form. Just go and buy it and you'll get the full experience!
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