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  1. @NakS Yep ! I understand this after I wrote it, when I read the last posts.:o
  2. OK ! I'm sorry I don't have the beta to test it so I only based my reflection on what I read in this topic. I might have misunderstand the explanation of the new UI training by NakS or maybe I wasn't clear enough in my previous post. NakS said So is there something I didn't understand or a new information I missed ?EDIT : OK I read in one of your post that what you call 'Core training' and what I called 'position based training' are the same. So we agree we have no control at all on it. That's what I'd like to be able to modify. At least I'd like to decide who is going in what training whithout having to make him play in an other position or make him learn a new position. OK but I still can't manage the training workload individually. So I will not only have to use rest day -which caused in FM12 a lost of condition and match exercise (equal to lost of performance, increase attritions on player's attributes)- but I'll have to use it for the whole team. Then, if I want to, I can add some rest individually ! In brief if I want to make one player recover his condition faster 1- I can't decrease individually the "total" training workload as I was used to. 2- I have to rest first the whole team ??? including those who didn't play the last game and/or those I won't use for the next ???
  3. Well... I will probably get used to this new training UI. But, as NakS, I think that we lost something and it bothers me a bit. The minimum I ask is that we still get the power to decide and it seems that some choices are automatically decided by our training coaches. Why not, but please allow us to modify the assignments of players in the position based trainig. Maybe I'm a pain in the *** but what if I want to assign my wingman to the central midfielder training (or fullback training,... because it pleases me ) but whithout having to make him learn a new position ? Maybe I could find a way through the differents "layers" of training to obtain what I want but it risks to affect at least partially the training of the others wingmen, no ? An other issue is the player condition managment. I'm still not sure about the day rest if it's individual or global (or for a groupe of players) but until now I didn't care a lot because I was used to modify the work load depending on the time each player played and when I think to use them again. But now with this new training I can't modify the load for a player whithout changing the load for all the players in the same position based training. Am I right ? So I can't manage the load individually except maybe with the day rest which cause (or at least caused in FM12) a loss of fitness and match exercise therefore decreases performance of the player on the field. So maybe I'm asking too much but at least SI would add the possibility, for FMists like me, to manage a bit more individually. I think (but I know it's never that simple) it's just an other layer to add allowing us to change the position based training assignment and the global workload for each player. I hope I make myself understand, I'm not English native:D
  4. FM 2011 training view ?

    I totally agree!! I can't understand why SIgames keep on showing us the training diagrams if we can't (or barely) use them to create specifics trainings. So please fix it for the final version. And if anyone is used to create its trainings for each player, please post here.