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  1. Because somebody decided hosting it in Qatar in high Summer was a really good idea. Then, having realised that the extremely high temperatures means it is, in fact, a really stupid idea, it was rescheduled to November/December.
  2. That's actually correct. It's only in the Vase that clubs have the option to force a result on the day by agreeing to penalties.
  3. 1955-56 FA Cup Third Round - Leeds United 1 Cardiff City 2 1956-57 FA Cup Third Round - Leeds United 1 Cardiff City 2 1957-58 FA Cup Third Round - Leeds United 1 Cardiff City 2 Real life is often unrealistic.
  4. You could change it, but you'd have to rebuild the Turkish league system using the editor in order to do so.
  5. Create your first league stage as you normally would, with schedule, match and sub rules etc. for the first 19 games, setting number of rounds to 1. Make sure 'Top team are champions' in the league settings page is ticked. Set any relegation rules etc. you want for your league in this stage. Below the usual relegation rules section, there's an option to 'Process early finish'. Enable that, then set the 'league separator at early finish' option to 10 (while making sure not to set the 'second league separator...' option) and set the number of rounds after split for both sections to 1. In the section marked 'Extra league games', add an item for both groups, stages 1 and 2, min games 9, then set the top and bottom positions for the two groups, remembering that position 1 is 0, position 20 is 19 etc.. In 'Qualification rules', again create two more items. Untick the league fate box so its blank, then for each one set the appropriate positions. Call one Championship group, the other relegation group or whatever you want to call them. Then create two more league stages, one for each half of the league, using the stage names and stage indices you set up for the extra league game and qualification rules. In the stage requirements tab, add the main stage. In the teams tab, you want 'Get Qualified Teams from Stage', with stage set as 0 and the Main Stage Name set as Championship Group or whatever. Make sure both have the 'Top team are champions' option is set to no (i.e. left hand tickbox is ticked, but option box isn't), along with the hidden stage option. Set it to process results into stage 0. Set sub rules etc. along with creating your schedule, and , assuming I haven't forgotten anything, should be done.
  6. In that case you could just do as they do in German regional leagues and relegate more teams from the league being relegated to to compensate for receiving more teams.
  7. Squad limits like that are set in fixture rules which are included in the nation file, not the individual league records. Unfortunately only a few countries have their nation xmls included in the available archive (England, Scotland, France and Spain off top of my head), so you'd have to recreate the entire file to do so. Doable but a bit of an inconvenience
  8. Have you set the version number of the file so that it's higher than the default? If not, it won't be recognised.
  9. Probably should be doable with a little bit of tinkering with the XML or using the advanced editor if you have that option. Add an extra round before the final, set losers of the semi-final to go to that round, then set-1 for winner of that rounds next round. Then you just need to set fixture dates and rankings for it and should be set.
  10. How did we get to post #24 before someone mentioned Ronnie Rosenthal?
  11. Two other minor things. Marine aren't being entered into the Liverpool Senior Cup which I believe they enter ever season. Certainly did this year. Everton on the other hand should only be entered into the Liverpool Senior Cup. Whilst we have previously entered the Lancs Senior Cup, I don't believe we have in a good few decades now. Liverpool have in recent years but skipped both the LSC and LaSC this year.
  12. Actually, having just checked, the semi dates are working properly regarding designated midweek match days (so they're takin gplace on the Tuesday mostly), though presumably the date should be changed to Tuesday in case a team doesn't have a designated day.
  13. One minor thing I noticed. The play-off dates for the Northern Premier are wrong. Game currently has the semi taking place on the Thursday after the final league games, with final Monday after. It should the the semi being nominally scheduled for the Tuesday (actually hosted on the clubs nominated midweek match day e.g. Ilkeston of D1 South hosted Sheffield on the Monday, Carlton's against Leek was Wednesday but doubt you can set that), with the final on the Saturday afternoon. Premier Division play-offs are happening later this year due to the farrago with Vics and their appeal only being heard last Tuesday. Otherwise seems pretty awesome.
  14. Initials and surname, with a picture of Puss in Boots from Shrek as my pic. Why the cat, I'm not sure.
  15. Laptop overheated on sunday night, League Cup final against Utd, 1-0 with a few mins to go. Annoyed does not begin to describe it. Won 1-0 second time around, though this time scoring in the 91st minute rather than the 5th after hammering them for the entire game and having 5 goals ruled out for offside. Thought I'd never score at that rate.
  16. You can use the editor and fix it yourself if it's annoying you that much.
  17. River Plate may be many things, but a small club isn't one of them.
  18. Turns out in my second season (used real fixtures first season) I get to follow Villa. Which is of pretty much no use to me whatsoever. Joy.
  19. It's not just calling a poster a Nazi. It's the use of Hitler/Nazis to discredit a point along the lines of "You did X. Hitler did X. X is therefore bad", also known as reductio ad Hitlerum. Though the law in its purest form "[A]s an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1" would cover this. Pedantry over, carry on, nothing more to see here.
  20. Do you have the 'Move matches for TV' option unset in preferences?
  21. You might have to go and visit him though, I hear he's not very helpful if you expect him to come to you.
  22. Start a new game with a team capable of doing 'it', do 'it', get achievement, load your previous save game and carry on with life. Job's a good 'un.
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