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  1. There's a guide for how to create a config file to map your graphics files in the game. You just need to: have the correct sizes of your logo in PNG format (I'm not sure if there's specific requirements, but the pack I've downloaded uses 360x224, 177x110 and 25x16) know the record number of the nation you're wanting to change the logo of have created a graphics subfolder inside your main game data folder if you haven't created one already
  2. I haven't tried it with a cup stage before, but there's certainly the option to do with from a league stage because the Peruvian league does so. You need to add an additional helper 'Possible Points from Stage' to your league, setting the competition to receive from to your super cup, and then add the additional helper 'Extra Points From Stage' to the super cup itself.
  3. Have you added the matches from the first round into the second round under "Extra league games"? It's under league settings.
  4. When you first click on Career to start a new game, the very first menu has Quick Start and Advanced Setup options, while in the top corner there should be a menu item showing which version of the database you're using (e.g. 20.4.0 update). Click on that, and it'll open a menu for you to select which database files you want to use, assuming you've put them in the correct folder (Editor data in your main FM data folder).
  5. It's hard to describe exactly how much of an improvement this is upon the visual diarrhoea that is the default skin....
  6. There's an error with the end fixture date for the first two regional competitions at level 3. Fix those and it verifies.
  7. From memory, the bonus points are connected to the youth league. The winning club of the Torneo de Promoción y Reserva gets 2 points for the main league, the runners-up get 1.
  8. Ignore me, I've worked it out.
  9. Perhaps I'm being exceptionally dumb, but I really can't get this to work. I've got the skin in my skins folder, and it's being picked up in the game. I've got a stadium pack in my graphics folder which, in various other skins will be picked up and shown in a little box on a club's overview screen for example, depending on the skin. I've made sure to turn off caching and reloaded the skin, but I'm still getting clubs using just the default flag background rather than picking up the new stadium backgrounds. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Have you changed the season dates in the nation rules file, as well as in the schedules for individual leagues? That might have something to do with it.
  11. Haven't played FM since 2012, and only just got back into it last week. In previous versions, there was a screen where you could compare two teams in order to show the history of all the matches they've played against each other in your save. Am I being spectacularly ignorant, or is this option no longer available?
  12. If you download the pre-game editor, editing a club's colours is incredibly easy. You can also do the same thing in-game if you use the create-a-club option. Here for example, I've set them to have delightful rose pink shirt with a dual electric blue/old gold sash for their new home shirt.
  13. I haven't actually tried doing this yet, but would setting a team pool up with the available clubs, and then using 'Get Teams from Team Pool' for each division created, and then setting team type for First or U23 as appropriate work?
  14. If it's a club competition, I don't think it's possible. The only competitions I've seen that last multiple years are things like qualifying tournaments for international competitions.
  15. It's fiddly, but it sounds like the Spanish Segunda B system, where there's an initial playoff to promote 2 of the 4 division winners, and then the semi losers drop into another playoff stage with 2nd-4th from each division. So you'd create your initial playoff in the parent competition for the lower divisions, and set it up with the fate actions to promote your winning teams. From looking at the Spanish setup, you don't have to include this within the child divisions, though it should work if you do. Your second stage would be created, if I've read what you're aiming f
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