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  1. 30 hours with a regen called Chris Ferguson with Donegal Celtic in the Northen Irish Premiership, despite him having 16 finishing.
  2. I think you just have to put them in a position anyway, and before the match starts, it'll ask you to give them a number.
  3. So I'm in the championship and my team looks like this. GK: Kasper Schmeichal. DR: Mark Little. DL: Alan Sheehan. DC: Andy Butler. DC: Rebuen Hazell. MC: Barry Ferguson. MC: David Beckham. MR: Chris Taylor. ML: Gael Kakuta. ST: Jason Scotland. ST: Neil Mellor. I've got all the positions sorted, apart from CB, of which I probably need a new, class one because my Ass man thinks Hazell's a bit rubbish. I've got £6million to spend and can pay up to £18k wages (if I can damn well get rid of Arron Davies.)
  4. Terrible Forbes is just a horrible player. I haven't seen his stats yet, but if the researcher was correct, he's utter poo.
  5. Got to the end of the demo, and here's how things are going for me: Ben Davis is scarily good. I'm going to feel so bad when Chrs Taylor or Aaron Davies replaces him.
  6. For a DC, I got James Chester on loan from United to cover whilst Seck and Reuben Hazell were both injured. I also got Mark Little from Wolves for RB when that other loanee got injured. For DM, I bought Charlie Barnett, who sorta cost 600k, so I can't really help you there, but I did almost buy Kemal Izzet, who looks an utter beast.
  7. I got an extra 1.8 million in November and bought Chris Taylor from Oldham, Aaron Davies from Nottingham Forest and Neil Mellor from Preston for the January transfer. Now, I'm thinking of either DJ Cambell from Leicester or Febian Brandy from Manchester United, who should I go for? EDIT: Nevermind, can't afford Cambell's wages. Signed Andy Butler from Huddersfield instead.
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