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  1. Please stop assuming this me getting angry or upset over something as trivial as someone not being able to find the motivation to play a computer game. I respect people who earn it.
  2. Absolutely, I just feel in this situation the only reason he isn't getting into the game is because he is making the process far too complex. Just go in blind, roll with the punches and make the experience the enjoyable factor. Getting out of your comfort zone does wonders with this game.
  3. Then you and I have different ideas over what a confrontation is.
  4. He's not an injured foal and I haven't insulted him.
  5. I'm not misunderstanding you at all. Instead of talking about why you can't get into a game and what you think you need to do et cetera, just do it. Instead of setting up test games to get used to the interface, just start playing the game. I start a new game the day it comes out and for better or worse that is my save until the next iteration of the series comes out. You idealise the game far too much, that's your problem.
  6. Talk is cheap. If you can't motivate yourself to play a game then don't.
  7. The vast majority of people I see saying "I can't get into the game" are the same kind of people who consider managing a lower league team in England a challenge. I haven't loaded England in three years and haven't looked back. You either want to play or you don't, but if your only goal is just to win everything as fast as possible, then you're not getting the most out of the game. I could go on, but then I'd start accusing people of things they'd never admit to.
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