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  1. How does FM perform on a MacBook Air?

    I play on my Macbook Air and it's absolutely fine. Just don't expect it to run well with all the settings maxed out. I have everything on medium or good when it comes to settings (But I remove weather, fans and ground from graphics) and it works perfectly.
  2. Simulating a whole season on FM

    So the only way to do this is to be unemployed and skip forward to each game week then see the results? I was thinking of being the England under 21 manager and doing it that way. I'll experiment with both ways of doing it and see which works best.
  3. Simulating a whole season on FM

    Please can this be moved to the General Football Manager section. I posted in here by mistake. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone I've done some searching around and I can't find any definite answer so I reckon I'll get more joy posting here. As part of a fantasy football experiment I would like to simulate a whole season. Not the 'go on holiday' kind of simulation of a season, more like simulating a season week by week and looking at who scored, yellow and red cards, basically all the things you look at if you play fantasy football. At the moment I'm thinking about putting myself in charge of England and just checking the Premier League results as they come up then using the 'instant result' button on a skin for the actual England matches. If anyone has a better idea on how to do this it your advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  5. So I started a file with Manchester United. Bought Gotze (currently injured for 2 months) and played quite well towards the start of the season (I'll post a screen shot tomorrow) and I thought I was finally getting the hang of the game. But sadly, no. I am still nowhere near understanding the randomness that this game throws at you. All I really want to know is why don't strikers score that many goals? Why do my team have somewhere between 18-25 shots a game with double figures ON TARGET. 60% possession and yet I still get beat 1-0 by (insert useless team here). It's beyond a joke. I have literally tried everything I can to get Van Persie to start scoring or for Rooney to start doing something. I've read all the guides and I've followed tactic instructions and nothing seems to be consistent. All I really want to know is that is it the game that is fatally flawed or am I doing it wrong? If its the game then I'm absolutely finished with it and I'll re-evaluate my stance when FM2014 comes out. This game has real potential but at the moment it feels like someones released a Beta version and we're all testing it now. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks
  6. Mines working now, wish i'd of seen this thread this morning and saved myself a day of uninstalling and re-installing FM. Gutted i've got to re-download all my logos and face-packs again and i've lost all my saved games. Ah well, back to the drawing board.
  7. Legendary Manager

    Ivory Coast started ranked 13th and Ghana started ranked 33rd but now Ghana are 1st and Ivory Coast are 8th. why would that make a difference? surely winning the world cup with a team ranked 33rd is better than a team ranked 13th?
  8. Legendary Manager

    We both left it as automatic.
  9. Alright, me and my cousin have been playing a network game and we decided to start with African national sides, seeing as it is the world cup and all. Anyway i started with the Ivory Coast and he started with Ghana and in our first season their he won the African cup of nations and i finished 3rd overall in the tournament, then when the world cup came round we both qualified and he, somehow, managed to win the world cup with Ghana and i went out in the group stage, my group was harder than his however. After the world cup Ghana were ranked 1st in the world and Ivory Coast were ranked 8th. We are now both working at club sides, him Juventus and me Birmingham, both of us were hired at the start of the season, around November but when i look at my profile it says i'm a legendary manager and he's just a talented manager, does anyone know the reason for this? were both the same age on the game as well. He's adamant that it's because i'm previously in the hall of fame on the game for winning stuff with other teams on other files but i don't think it is, so does anyone one know why it would say this?
  10. National Teams

    Ah right, cheers mate, got it working now.
  11. Does anyone know how to select a national side to manage when you start a new game? I've loaded up a new game, selected some leagues but when i try to take control of a national side it won't let me. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
  12. Never, you can beat that sort of behavior out of your players by coming down hard on them when they do something stupid. I had Vidic get sent off about 5 times in one season then the next season 3 then about once after that but i've found it depends how much squad discipline you have. Don't have a problem with it anymore.
  13. every game at the hour mark (60).
  14. I've found that there price goes up when they start playing international games and their value decreases loads when their contract is running out but it's probably either down to potential ability or reputation. I've got that striker from Anderlect at my Man Utd team (Roman Lukalau, or whatever he's called) he's the the most expensive player on the game at the moment, i paid 18 million for him but due to international appearances, a huge contract and his reputation as being world famous his value has increased to 36.5 million, he's also the best striker on my game at the moment.
  15. Worst AI transfer ever?

    The worst transfer I have seen, that really did not make any sense at all was Jonathan Woodgate from Tottenham to Manchester City for a whopping £105,000,000. It was on my first file when I first got the 2010 game about 4 or 5 seasons in. He was about 32 as well!