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  1. Thanks, never even thought about the demo. And couldnt really understand the specs. Nice one matey
  2. Can anyone help with the above, not interested in 3d match engine or running multiple leagues. Will the above work??
  3. Hi guys sorry if wrong forum but need some advice. Ok, so my laptop according to a couple of sites isn't compatible for FM2016 but they also say that its not compatible with FM2015. However I currently run FM2015 from it. I'm not very technical and just need some advice before buying the game. Just checked back as far as FM2009 and it also says not compatible?? Toshiba Intel® Celeron® CPU N2820 @ 2.13GHz 2.13 GHz 4.00 GB (3.89 GB usable) 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Many Thanks ChAnCeR
  4. During my games my AMR, AML keep swapping positions. How do I stop this? Thanks in advance guys ChAnCeR
  5. Hi, really enjoying this is great to see the greats, but gotta say I found it difficult trying to choose which team to go though lol, I don't supose there would be any chance of adding Pierre Van Hoydonk or Jorge Caddete into the celtic team?? Thanks C
  6. Mr U Rosler, great work yet again. Just been promoted 1st with Boro in my first season using your DOM tactics and going to start prem season with new set. On the Dom setup I used my ass man for the general training, and 50% on the bar pre season with match tactics then start of season 40% attack move. Would similar set up work with the new set?? Thanks again matey....C
  7. The new tactics are awesome mate, using on my Boro save, media prediction 5 and sitting joint top by December. Your work is appreciated, I work 60hrs a week and jut dont have the tie I used to, to do my own tactics anymore, so thanks again. Cheers.....C
  8. You get it in the news items but every now and again it doesn't show. Is there anywhere else to find it, need it for tactic set I'am creating. Thanks....C
  9. What are peoples thoughts on training?? A lot of people think this has a big impact on tactics. I tend to use tam cohesion on very high, with bar to 50% and match training set to tactics in pre season. Then Balanced, high, 40%, teamwork Just looking for sum input......C
  10. Hey, first of all what a great tactic. I'm Nottingham Forrest and have got 5th place prediction but just finished first season 1st, brilliant. How to u add the filters download?? Thanks....C
  11. Hi getting new laptop tomorrow and not very technical, will these specs be enough for football manager 2014, thanks Intel Celeron Processor 1005M 1.9Ghz 2MB cache Windows 8 750GB HDD, 5400rpm RAM 4GB DDR3 Thanks Again guys ChAnCeR
  12. What training are people using on this, going to give this a go. My usual training that i stick with generally is Team cohesion=High and Def position with both boxes ticked. Thanks Craig
  13. Very good tactic but getting a lot of fouls, had 30 in last game but 7 yellow cards and one red. Anything you can advise Mr Hough?? Many thanks PS, your tactics are always awesome ChAnCeR
  14. Got Mattia Destro in my Southampton save, and he has high penalty kick ratings but in the 2 seasons I have had him he has missed all penalties. They have either been saved or wide of post. Anything I can do in game to sort this, any advice would be great Cheers
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