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  1. Wee update on this a year down the line. I am still on the same save and am currently in 2040. My wage bill is £255,000 per week. Average wage is £4,400 and we are the most successful clun in history. Not bad.
  2. Is there anywhere to see a leagues all time leading goalscorer table? Can only find it for current season and per club. FM 2011 BTW
  3. Ok downloaded the file and put it in the correct folder. Doesn't work.
  4. Can't see a button to register at all.
  5. How do you actually download these files- every time I click on a link it takes me to file sharing prograns which look very complex Sorry for being an idiot - didn;t used to be this difficult
  6. This seems like an easy way around offering £100,000+ per week. Most of my players are coming through the reserves now and are pretty easy to negotiate with. B the time they are superatrs they have my team as favoured, usually me and coaches and players. There doesn't seem to be enough pressure by other teams for these players. I would liketo see more bids, bigger bids and transfer sagas going on. I've never had a bid above £15m for a player unless I', actively trying to offload him. For instance, I sold Neymar for £45m to Valencia. They had no interest in him until I tried to sell him. I'd like to see rich clubs like Barcelona, Man City and and Real Madrid actively pursue players as they do in real life.
  7. Your striker - Paul Reid - how do you keep him on low wages when it's due for renewal I tend to offer high singing on fees in return for lower weekly wages as its more cost effective in the long run/
  8. Interesting looking at the player values. Very early on as well so well done. Dafuge any chance of screenshot of your squad contracts screen as above
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. Sounds like you re over-acheiving. I would imagine that if you do win the league and want to stay dominant that will increase. Most of my first team are 24-26. Centre halfs are 28 and 29 so it's an average aged squad.
  11. I'm Chelsea manager - 13 years into the game. Consistently winning trophies. Won the Champions League a good few times as well. Have a coupe of World Cup winners in the squad. Very good players. My average wage is £22,500 a week. This is compared to the Premier League average of £29,000. Highest earners are on £50,000 a week (although I do have one player on £175,000 who was a marque signing and the best player in the world when I signed him) and I have a couple of players who are the best in the world in their respective positions on £15,000-£20,000 a week. My total squad wage bill is £900,000 a week - half of the budget set by the board which has gradually seemed to come down over the years. How does this comapare to everyone else managing a top Premier League Club?
  12. When your girlfriend walks in the room and you concede a goal. Probably a big cause for domestic abuse in the UK. She IS a jink though, I don't care that it is just a "coincidence".
  13. More news items relevant to the league you are playing in. Right now managers get sacked and hired, players get signed and sold and there are very few news reports about these comings and goings. For instance Sir Alex retiring. IRL this will be all over the news but in the game it's barely mentioned. Same with transfers - there's hardly a mention of big transfers except when the window closes. There are no transfer sagas like Fabregas to Barcelona dragging on for ages, or Ashley Cole to Chelsea which lasted months.
  14. Woah Woah Woah! Did this one slip through the net here....? Run that past me again.... Ryan who???
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