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  1. [Release] Vitreous2 skin for FM2010

    Thanks for creating the skin, but I'm facing difficulties loading correctly and would love some help, thanks. When I load up Vitreous 2, background skins change but I get no player photo's nor club emblems?? I followed instructions, chose Vitreous 2 as the skin option (rather than FM 2010 or FM 2010 Dark), unticked the "Use skin cache" and ticked "Always reload skin", but as outlined above, whilst backgrounds darken etc there are no club logo's or players faces. Any idea's where I'm going wrong thanks? Ta
  2. I would like the manager to have more say in regards to club sponsorship. At least to be able to request the board seek more. I have had two contracts end and not be renewed, which stifles earnings.
  3. [Release] All English Club & Competition Logos

    Actually, I've managed to get the team and competition logo's up and running, but have had no luck regarding the player images, any ideas thanks?
  4. [Release] All English Club & Competition Logos

    Hi. I downloaded your skin, I had no 'graphics' folder so created one at: Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\graphics. I then extracted into that folder. I logged into the game, went to preferences/display and sound/ I unticked "use skin cache" and ticked the "reload skin" option. No luck, nothing has changed. I'm on version 9.2, any suggestions re how to remedy this and get it to work thanks?
  5. Hi, I'm operating under version 9.2. I'm into season 2011-12, yet no international manager has left or been sacked from their role. This includes following the 2010 World Cup?? Is this a bug - have others experienced the same issue?
  6. [Release] All English Club & Competition Logos

    Hi, top work with this. Before I download though I would like to ask whether, under version 9.2, this will work with an already running game or whether I would need to begin a new game for the changes to kick-in? Thanks