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  1. After going through all folders I managed to find it. Its in the; graphics - boxes - flut folder. I just deleated the flut folder and now my facepack is in cut out style.
  2. Hi guys! In the skin Im using I have a frame around the cut out facepack and I want to remove the frame. I know I just have to deleate a file, but cant figure out which one. Please help.
  3. Hi guys! In the skin Im using I have a frame around the cut out facepack and I want to remove the frame. I know I just have to deleate a file, but cant figure out which one. Please help.
  4. I think we shoud be very happy with the work done. Remember that the database is not just about football in England. Im from Croatia so maybe I shoud ask about the second croatian division and why its not updated? And what about Norwagian and Swedish lower leagues? FM is very popular in Scandinavia. At the end offthe day its easy to make changes to the database, but to update 60-70 leagues takes time. Try it, you can use transfermaket.co.uk to update the leagues. And most inportantly, its free.
  5. Great work pr0, really appreciate it. Wanted to give you a feedback about Jan Jansen, but figured it out
  6. Nice discussion. I was just wondering, doesnt Dortmund play with a fluid style? I have heard Kopp talking a few times how important it is that everyone in the team can contribute in both defending and attacking and switch quickly between the both. Since the team press a lot higher on the pitch it will open oportunities for fullbacks (shoud be played as wingbacks?) to move quickly to atttack. At the same time attackers shoud be also good to defend/press (like Mandzukic). Isnt that the whole point of gegenpressing? the quick transition between defence and attack, with the whole team participating in both phases?
  7. ok, I found another file that is finnished.
  8. Hi I have a txt file with real fixtures for 13/14 season that I want to add to the game but dont know how to do it in the editor. Im using a summer updated database but dont know how to import the txt file. The description with the thx file says: To import open editor>change nation rules>england>premier league>use specified fixtures>import ( the work is done by scottrj from fm-base, (no answers from him)) The problem I have is that there is no possibility in the editor to "change nation rules" only to create it. Please help.
  9. Great work on DB pr0. This is probably the best summer DB. I have dobbelchecked the Seria A and Ligue 1 and you got 95% of the transfers, which is realy great. I did made some more changes to the CA/PA database since some of the stats are really outdated. I used squawka, whoscored.com and some other sites to get the information. Eto and Paulo Fonseca are some off the players/coaches that needs attribute changes.
  10. Hi Im just dobbelchecking all the transfers in different leagues and have 1 question: Are the new contracts suposed to start 1.7.2012 or 1.7.2013? or is it the same? edit: I figured out how it works. I decided to check all the top 8-10 leagues in europe for transfers. So far in Seria A I found around 20-23 transfers that are not updated, mainly mid teable teams or lower. However many of those players are PA -8, -9 so we are talking about important players here. I understand how much time all updating takes so dont take it as a critique. Thx for the hard work and all the hours you put in editing the database.
  11. I was wondering if hidden attributes are fixed or can they be improved ingame? like consistency, important matches...
  12. I have been playing FM for few years and just got FM13. The training has changed from previous versions and Im trying to learn how it works. - on the individual training window Im getting feedback from my coach that some players should be put on the individual training regime to work on tactical role. How do I do that? there is no specific attribute to focus that increases tactical understanding. Does he mean that I should have on general training default focus on tactics? - when you want to increase a specific attribute on a player... how long do you focus on that attribute? 3 months? or is it random? does determination influence attribute development?
  13. Im updating the database for my self and was wondering about what is the best way to update future transfers. Do I have to update the finances of the club buying (Transfer budget and Balance) or wil the amount of cash be windrown automaticly on the transfer date? Like club A buys a player on 31.1.2013 from club B. I update the DB on player (future transfer). Game starts 1.7.2012. Do I have to update the finances of club A at the start of the game or wil the transfer money be windrown from club A on 31.1.2013?
  14. Does anyone know where this list is and can it be altered?
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