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  1. Yeah that caused me to lose a fair bit of interest in my original save. Feel like starting up again now though.
  2. Roma is a great save. Good core, good youth, good coaches. Really got all the elements to take the club to the top of european football.
  3. Is there a problem with AI to Human team loans? Each youngster i loan on the last year of their contract - they run it down. They've got huge futures but don't get a new contract. Happens all the time on my saves.
  4. Oh this is the most nerve racking, annoying, soul destroying... fantastic save i've ever had. Finished 4th, but was so close to automatic promotion. We really crumbled in the run in. Lost so many leads in the dying moments of the game. Play-offs are looking like this - I've been unable to beat all of these guys in the 2nd half of the season
  5. I don't think the tactics for managers in spain have been set up very well. I found everyone plays the same formation (42121) apart from RM/Barca. Half the managers don't actually play with their well known tactics - Simeone doesn't play 442. Ancelotti plays 41221, which I'm sure they don't use... Maybe that's the reason it's a bit too easy? Teams aren't playing to their actual strengths because SI have left half of them on default settings. I found it a bit frustrating when I gave this save a go, too unrealistic.
  6. Finding this Preston save a lot tougher than I thought I would haha. My slow defenders can't handle a pacey striker at all.
  7. I've gone with Preston. Local(ish) team, great history too! Will update you all as I go
  8. Thanks JB! will take a look at these four. All seem like really good options. Decisions, decisions!
  9. Hey guys, I want to start a save in League 1. Wondering which teams has the most attacking talent from the off?
  10. I've played in Brazil before, lots and lots of games in a season there... Real fun though. Took my Internacional side to World Club Cup victory over Barca.
  11. I changed my tactics to zonal and I hardly concede.
  12. Yeah it's really a problem for me when I'm playing, ruins playing the CL for me.
  13. Just wanted to bring up this problem - once an AI team loses their manager (unloaded leagues) they don't hire anyone to replace them. If you want me to start a thread somewhere else, please do.
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