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  1. When did Athletic win the champion's league? Must have been in-game as their Wikipedia-page does not mention any pre-2016 wins... (sorry for being lazy and not scrolling to your excellent end-of-season posts ) Great choice though! Any ideas on the impact you want to make? Improving facilities or re-shaping the squad are no options, so it must be winning the champion's league right? KUTGW
  2. Speaking about a shiny new stadium: How are Baltika doing in your save? Do they even get a new arena? I managed them on FM15 and then quit when I found out that they were not getting a new arena (not yet programmed into the game at that time)
  3. Oh and nice job btw! Always good to see a Belgian save, though I'm surprised Antwerp is yet to get promoted to the 1st tier. FM usually is programmed so that their potential far outweighs their tradition of poor management and they always seem to become a good mid-table (D1) side early on in my saves.
  4. Is the "number of away fans" just a nice statistic? Or does it actually influence anything of the game? Like percentage of the gate receipts when playing away from home, or maybe a morale boost when playing in front of a significant away support?
  5. Wow, congratulations on the success so far! And I really find Hannover 96 a very good pick after your SLB period. Many would have taken on an even bigger club where the challenge would have been absent! You sure did not waste any time in bringing that club around! I always find it very challenging to get past the dominating clubs (Bayern, Chelsea, Real, Barcelona, Juventus, ...) in the big leagues, so it's good to see that you already made it. Keep it up and hopefully you can still develop some of those youngster before you move on. Any ideas yet on where you might end up next?
  6. Great achievements in Turkey and KUTGW in Serbia Makoto! You sure got off to a good start... I'm playing Vojvodina myself on FM15 and really struggling to get past the Belgrade boys. The amount of talent you get through the ranks is amazing though and really fun to work with. What is with the Mladost side that topped the league in your first season? Just a fluke? Or maybe tycoon-owned big-spenders?
  7. Ow how wrong you are... IRL, the regular season has just ended and the fun (play-offs, play-downs, champion's finals, ...) will now really start! I won't even start explaining how it all works as a) I don't really understand it myself and b) it would give me finger cramps by the time I am through, but you're in for a treat! Of course: There is of course a possibility that the league format was just too complicated for SI to program and they went for a classic format instead. (I don't have fm17 myself to check)
  8. Aargh, I just had the same thing happening to me twice in my Mohun Bagan Safe. On the plus side: The AM brought in an Indian of Brazilian decent...
  9. I'm playing fm15 in India and have now won the ACC twice in a row. In previous versions (fm11 to be exact), winning the ACC would get you into the ACL, whereas in FM15 it doesn't. The I-league reputation is slowly increasing, but I'm afraid we Will never get an ACL qualification spot as these are limited IRL to established nations and I can't imagine that SI has programmed the regular reevaluation of nation status into the game. I'm hoping the game has a coëfficiënt system like UEFA in place, but I'm nog sure... Does anyone know whether you are able to qualify for the ACL as an indian team? I only found entries on FM13, where apparently iT wasn't...
  10. Nice idea !!! My playing style is more youth oriented, but all the yth only career updates here got a bit monotonous... I wish you all the Juan-Sebastian Veron's, Raul's and Gigi Buffon's the game can throw at you. Good luck! P.S.: I liked your first sentence in the OP. Something similar crossed my mind lately as well. Though I'd not want to go pro, kinda would take the game out of gaming I fear...
  11. Hahaha, this brought me back to a challenge I started this summer based on my annoyance with the Pokemon GO game! The challenge was to catch players of each nationality by fielding them in a competitive game for at least 45 minutes and in the end "catch them all". One of my best "catches" early in the challenge was a young Belgian/Nepalese striker who was for me the first Nepalese I ever saw in the game. I regretfully lost interest in the game after a couple of seasons and some 45 nationalities "caught", as success was hard to come by with such an irrational player selection policy. I finally lost the save file as I didn't bother to migrate it when I bought a new LT. Shame I never got round to writing an update about it on these pages... Anyway, you have an attentive reader in me and I'll try to catch up with this thread in the coming days...
  12. Your finances are indeed massive for your type of club, but I still found it odd to see that Tottenham's means were considered "modest" (in comparison) Anyway, KUTGW!
  13. That's something I have been considering, though my limited playing time would put quite some time between the updates. I'll give it another thought over the weekend following your encouragement Reminiscing on my career through a thread here, would probably increase the pleasure I get from playing the game (counterbalancing the frustration over poor finances I currently get), but my previous attempts at writing up a career update on these pages have all been cut short by inexplicable game crashes (Djurgarden, Pro Patria). So I'm a bit afraid to jinx my current game. I hope to finish my 4th season tonight and clinch my second I-league in the progress. After that, I'm releasing most of my non-academy players to cut my wage expense with a good 20%. It will be interesting to see whether we will remain a top team after that or drop back to mid-table obscurity like our rivals East Bengal and Mohammedan (who also seem to suffer from the burden that is the Salt Lake Stadium). Btw: How is Happy Valley doing in your game? I once managed them for 10+ seasons on a version of CM and they since have a special place in my heart...
  14. Hi, I always like a good career update coming from Asia and/or focusing on youth development, so it has been an interesting read so far! KUTGW. I understand that you cannot get any season ticket holders, but has your home gate reached levels comparable to those of your rivals? Have you checked whether it is actually attendance you are losing the most money on? I assume it is as your stadium is probably still way too big for you and that rent + match day expenses outweigh income, but it could be that you are just paying back big monthly fees on a loan... IRL, many clubs like Wing Yee use any of multiple venues depending on the opponent, exactly to cut down on match day expenses when the expected attendance is low. I would really like to see alternative home venues in future versions of FM. I also once heard that the board can close stands to save on match day expenses, but I never saw the message myself. I do feel the game's finances are reflective of real life in Asia, as my board keeps injecting money to keep finances under control (as someone mentioned here earlier). I can definitely sympathize with your struggles though as I am playing with Mohun Bagan AC, currently averaging an attendance of 30,000 in a 120,000 stadium and losing about 25 kEuro per home game... Prize money and regular cash injections from the board have stabilized our debt level at 800 kEuro, but I have no chance of getting any investments in our youth facilities, especially as we do not seem to be able to qualify for the ACL from India. In FM11, you at least could play ridiculous amounts of friendlies against the other Kolkatta teams and make sufficient money to plug the gaps that would open up during the season...
  15. Question: Is there a way to reduce match day expenses? I believe I once or twice saw a message about the board closing a stand to reduce cost, but that always came unsolicited for. I'm looking for a way to actively influence this as manager of the club. Background: I'm playing as Mohun Bagan AC in the I-league (on FM15). They play in the 120,000 capacity Salt Lake Stadium, which to my knowledge is the biggest stadium of the playable leagues on FM. The problem is that I only have an average gate of ca. 27,500; leaving a gap of 20-30,000 Euro between match day expenses and income. I just blew 500,000 Euro of club savings in my first season and want to avoid going broke if I can help it. There is however no way to make up for this kind of losses through outgoing transfers (this is India after all) or wage budget management (I'm spending 14k/week) so my only option is to reduce match day expense ( or increase income), both of which I don't know how to do. P.S.: I spent some 20 seasons in the I-league on FM11, where you could actually get rich playing Kolkata derbies, earning >40k for friendlies and regularly playing for a sold out Salt Lake Stadium in the league. Now the friendlies make only about 1,000E in gate receipts, the league games v.s. East Bengal draw only a crowd of about 60,000 and the other Kolkata teams are all in the lower leagues...
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