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  1. Would you care to share how you by passed it?
  2. sevenman

    FM12 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    I resolved my issue in the end thank you, I had downloaded the wrong thing, doh! Cheers dude.
  3. sevenman

    FM12 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    I still can't get mine to work, I'm thinking about deleting all files and starting again. What exactly do I have to download?
  4. sevenman

    FM12 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    The link on the first page, it is 4.00, as I never had any older packs as it's a new laptop, that's correct isn't it?
  5. sevenman

    FM12 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    I have no config.xml file either.
  6. Sorted now, it wouldn't create an icon, disaster averted.
  7. sevenman

    im new to all this so....

    Are you the same kopitelewis from .tv forums?
  8. sevenman

    any old school users here?

    I was on the old forums too, no idea what my username was though. Two posters I recall are, mr rubber gloves and the harry pontek. The later was highly amusing.
  9. sevenman

    Database Issue FM09

    But I don't get the option to change the database when I try to load up my saved game. It simply shuts down.
  10. sevenman

    Crash dump 24th July 09

    Go on holiday to overide the crash, hopefully.
  11. sevenman


    I heard that people who eat porridge can stay erect for longer.
  12. sevenman

    Database Issue FM09

    Nobody have any ideas?
  13. sevenman

    Database Issue FM09

    Right my problem is that I've loaded up FM on my desktop - Edited the database - Saved game, I've now decided that I want to transfer my game to my laptop, so I've transfered the saved game file and the edited database to the laptop. When I attempt to load up my game on the laptop I get this error.....The database folder with which this game was created could not be found. The game is now using the default database folder. As I said above unless I've done something wrong, I've transferred the database file to the laptop. If I go to start new game, I can play a fresh game with my edited database no problem, but I can't load up the data from what I started on the desktop. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  14. sevenman


    Also, for some reason it doesn't work if you make a desktop icon, always load up through the winrar file.
  15. sevenman


    At last my problem is solved. For anyone else having problems, make sure you're extracting with winrar and not winzip (my default) I changed what program to use to open it and it works