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  1. Hi all, Is there a way for me to safely move the location of my ...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018 folder to another storage device without adversely affecting my game? I seem to be running low on space on my current drive and can't seem to clear anymore.
  2. Managed to get it sorted - a full reinstalling of my graphics software did the trick.
  3. Kind of correct. It will launch in the small window, but as soon as I even resize the window, it will freeze again. So either dragging the window to a certain size, or setting the resolution, that causes the game to freeze. I worry that it's something in my graphics drivers - a few of my other games seem to have started playing up but I have no idea how to sort it.
  4. Apologies for taking a while to get back to this. I tried the above and got past where I got to before, and I made it to the menu screen. However, I can't do anything if I resize the window - it just freezes up again.
  5. I have tried all of the above steps, and it is still stuck on the loading screen. DxDiag.txt
  6. When I try to run FM18, the game will open on the FM18 logo and the menu music will play, but the menu will not actually load. The cursor will change presumably when I'm hovering over a clickable link in the menu, but I am unable to actually use the game. I haev tried everything re: deleting older files, cache, preferences, veirfying cache. What more can I do?
  7. One of the most technically gifted players in the world has 0 England caps... Remarkably true to life!
  8. Yeah I've had a look. In the league, it's once from corners, but then I'm only about six games in. And then I can't go back to check last seasons stats, can I? [edit] there's goal 2 conceded from corners, 8 games in
  9. No worries, I just appreciate the help. This is the first FM that I've had problems in to be honest! See this is the funny thing, we are predicted to be doing as bad as we are doing. Last season it was 20th. However, last season we scored 72 goals, which put us top half in terms of goals scored. Alas our goals conceded shows us why we ended S1 in 19th. This season, we're predicted 22nd, and currently 21st. So in that sense, we're doing okay. But this team is better than 20th! I can't give you a reliable number for this season, or any actual stat from last season, but set pieces do also seem
  10. This season, I'm 6 games in and have conceded 11 goals. Plus six goals in two cup games. Then last season, it was 80 goals conceded in 46 games.
  11. I see. So is it a case of just dropping this defender for someone better? I have tried that, and it seems to happen fairly often no matter who I play.
  12. http://www.mediafire.com/download/c1e70ae0ndkknww/Stevenage_v_Northampton.pkm
  13. It made use of my starter's high Aggression/Bravery attributes, though I'm guessing it really doesn't make much difference anyway? I can't see any PPMs with the players involved (at least in the way of Marks Opponents Tight). Yes, 100% sure.
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