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  1. Didn't they give you £80m? :confused:
  2. Lionel Messi

    Can I ask; what year are you in?
  3. Has anyone else been annoyed when they've played Frankfurt? I can't tell the difference between the strips.
  4. I had three goalkeepers play man of the matches against me in a row when I was Chelsea. It only ever seemed to happen in the Premier League. It doesn't happen much in the Bundeliga unless you're playing Bayern.
  5. Possibly the only player I've seen who's rugby tackled a defender in the box and won a penalty for his team.
  6. Great post. I do agree with your opinion on Bosignwa. I believe he should've been sent off, but Lampard? No, I don't think that deserved a red. I mean, if you're going to punish Lampard, shouldn't Gerrard have been booked at the very least for his challenge? :confused:
  7. Midfield ratings need a tweak ?

    Hopefully they'll sort out the problem with hitting the bar, too. I've hit the bar 12 times in the last 5 games and it's really starting to annoy me now. I've been pretty patient with it before, but now it's just beyond a joke. Sort it out, SI!
  8. I have a question; is it just me or have Liverpool been incredibly lucky this season? First of all, one thing that sticks out in my mind is "that penalty" given against Atletico Madrid in the Champion's League. Steven Gerrard jumps into one of their defenders in the last minutes of the game and funnily enough, the referee awards Liverpool a penatly? That was funny. It was amusing when they managed to scrap a win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge after a Xabi Alonso deflected shot. *Sigh*. When will the luck end? I mean, 2-0 down to Man City, but they manage to win 3-2 and when does the last goal come? Oh yeah, 94th minute? Also, didn't Man City have the upper hand in the game untill they got a man sent off? (****ING LOL!). 2-0 down against Hull, but they manage to win 3-2. How did that happen? Surely it can't have been ANOTHER last minute goal...Oh wait. I don't even think I can start commenting on the red card that was given to Lampard this afternoon. My brother's a Liverpool fan and he was convinced it was a redcard, but if you aren't a Liverpool fan, I think it was fairly obvious that it wasn't deserving of a red card. After all, the entire panal on MOTD thought it was a another bad decision that went Liverpool's way. The game completely changed after Lampard went off. Once again though, they managed to score not one, but TWO last minute goals. 89th and 94th minute goals to be precise. Surely it'll end soon and surely I'm not the only one who's noticed this? Surely?
  9. I'm with you; that annoys me the most. It always seems to be the same keepers that play well against me. Michael Rensing (LOL!), Shay Given, Almunia (LOL!); et cetera. I wouldn't mind if Rensing and Almunia were actually good, but let's be honest, they're not exactly capable of keeping 15+ shots out of the net in real life.
  10. Way to many offside goals ffs

    I can normally tell that it's offside if I'm at home and the crowd boo when I've scored. To be honest, I thought it was a lot worse on FM08. It's improved this year for me.
  11. I'm just about to start my third season with Leverkusen. I've won the Bundesliga twice and I've won the German Cup once. Got them to the semi finals of the Champions League last year, but were knocked out by Arsenal. :o I've been taken over by some tycoon, so I've got a lot more money to spend this year on bringing in some quality players like Pirlo. I'm glad there's finally a Leverkusen thread.
  12. Diego Buonanotte

    I try not to buy the same players that I did for previous teams when I start a new game, but when it comes to Buonanotte, I can't look anywhere else for an AML. He's been consistantly brilliant throughout FM09 for almost every team I've been. He was impressesive for Barcelona as he often lead the club's leading assist chart; he didn't assist too many for Chelsea, but he scored a load of goals for them from the AML position. Just recently signed him for Bayern Leverkusen and he's been a revalation in the Bundesliga. For some reason, he scores a lot of freekicks for me this time around. Oh well, I'm not complaining. He's well worth the 12.5m that's guaranteed to get him everytime.