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  1. Buying: Player Name: Eden Hazard Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Chelsea Player's Value: £43 Offer: £80 Transfer/Wage Budget: £73M / £700K p/w Patch: 16.0.3 Season: 2nd Hazard asked to leave Chelsea and I was able to get a bid accepted for £20M up front and £60M over 4 years, with another £2.5M after 50 apps and £2.5M after 50 goals. Again, don't really need him, but dare I pass up a chance for a world class player while weakening our chief rival at the same time?
  2. As is tradition, I started the first game of FM16 beta as my favorite team: Arsenal. Just like last year, Arsenal is in a very strong position to challenge for the league and even the CL, especially with some key signings. In fact, I would argue that we are in a much better position now with the emergence of incredible talents like Coq and Bellerin. That combined with the star players finally reaching their potential could really make Arsenal unstoppable. Assuming, of course, that they can deal with their most dangerous foe of all --injuries. With all that said, let's get started. TRANSFERS: As I mentioned before, this time around we have a very well balanced team that needs very little improvements to be competitive. As all Arsenal fans are well aware, the one position we are in need of is a world class striker. In real life, Arsene decided to play Giroud and Walcott up front, and while Giroud is IMO a much better player in FM than IRL, and I definitely plan to use him a lot, I think Walcott's pace will serve us better on the right wing. I looked at different options to fulfill our need, including Benzema, Higuain, Zlatan, Lewandowski, etc., but those options are either too old or too expensive. After searching for a while, I finally decided on Morata, who I think will be a perfect man for our attack force. He ended up costing us £42.5m (coincidentally same price as Ozil). Another gap I see is in defense, so I bought the FM legend Balanta for £3.8m. His stats aren't quite as superhuman as in FM15, but he's still a bargain at this price. Sven Bender is available for £11m or so, but I wanted to use Coq as our main BWM, and I think Arteta and Flamini still have one more season left in them, so I decided against getting him. Kristoffer Ajer was brought in for £1m, purely an investment for the future. In January, Tielemans became available for £10.25m, so I snapped him up also. TACTICS: As with last season, I went with an attacking 4-2-3-1 as my main tactic. This works pretty well in most situation, but I also have a more defensive tactic prepared for when I want to run down the clock, as well as a counterattacking tactic for away games against tough opponents (a la Bayern game this year). With the following players in each position: GK: Cech/Ospina LB: Monreal/Gibbs/Balanta RB: Bellerin/Debuchy/Chambers CB: Kos/Mert/Gabriel/Balanta/Chambers BWM: Coq/Flamini/Arteta BBM: Ramsey/Arteta/Wilshere/Tielemans LW (IF): Alexis/Welbeck/Campbell/Jeff RW: Walcott/AOC AMC (AP): Ozil/Cazorla CF: Morata/Giroud SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: Arsenal 2 - 0 Chelsea (Community Shield): A great way to start the season (just like IRL), with a brace by Giroud to give us our first competitive win. Chelsea 2 - 1 Arsenal (PL): Our first and only loss in the league, and it had to be from that douche Mou... Falcao even scored. Arsenal 6 - 0 Tottenham (PL): Cazorla scored 4 goals, 3 of which were penalties. Very entertaining game for us. Man City 1 - 3 Arsenal (PL): The title race has been incredibly tight up until this game, with Man City and us even on points for most of the season. This is the beginning of the end for them, with each of our front three (Alexis, Walcoot, and Morata) contributing a goal. Arsenal 4 - 2 Bayern (CL Qtr Final): We somehow managed to win 3-1 in the away leg after being down 1-0 from a freak goal by Lahm. However, Walcott scored an incredible brace and Alexis sealed it with another goal. We then finished the job in a nerve wrecking 1-1 at home. Chelsea 0 - 0 Arsenal (Arsenal won 6-5 on penalties) (FA Cup Semi Final): By far the most tense game of the season. None of our attackers were playing well, luckily the defense held Chelsea to draw for 120 minutes. It took 3 missed penalties from Chelsea for us to edge this one out. Man City 3 - Arsenal 1 (CL Semi Final, 1st Leg): First leg vs. our nemesis Man City was a disaster. Aguero scored a brace, Sterling scored one, and the only goal we got was from a Kompany OG. Thing were looking a bit grim, and I was resigned to defeat, but wait... Arsenal 6 - 1 Man City (CL Semi Final, 2nd Leg): Let it be known that no one beats us twice in a row. With the hunger for revenge from the previous defeat, our boys struck back in the best possible way. With Alexis and Ozil both scored 2 goals each, and Debuchy & Bellerin each got one (thanks to Agent Gael). Man City 6 - 3 Arsenal (FA Cup Final): Yup. Them again. I guess you can't win them all. Aguero, apparently super pissed from their last defeat, turned into a cross between Messi, Ronaldo, and Superman and scored 5 goals all by himself. Yeah, not much I can do to stop that. Arsenal 3 - 0 Juventus (CL Final): That right. WE'VE DONE IT! After trying for 20 years, Arsene's boys have finally won the Champion's League. I imagine Arsene watching from the stand with a single tear of joy rolling down his cheek. Walcott opened the floodgate by scoring an early goal in the 4th minute, and Alexis followed suit soon after. Pogba getting sent of at the 17th minute also helped us immensely, although I think we still would've won even against 11 men. All in all if was a great way to end the season, completely made up for the disappointing loss in the FA Cup final. SUMMARY: Not surprisingly, Alexis was by far and away our best player. I can pretty much count on him to score in almost every game he played. He ended the season with 40 goals (beating Henry's record of 39!), 12 assists, 17 MoM's, and average rating of 8.37. He also won World Player of the Year and was runner up for Ballon d'Or. Truly an incredible player, both in the game and IRL. Morata didn't disappoint despite his hefty price tag, contributing 23 goals and 11 assists. Better yet, he's still young and can improve even further. Despite this, Giroud ended up being a slightly better CF with 20 goals and a ridiculous 19 assists, only one less than Ozil. Although he'll be 30 next year, so I'll have to think about replacing him sooner or later. The biggest disappointment of the season (if you can call it that), was Ramsey as BBM. He wasn't exactly bad, but he was just meh throughout the season. I feel that with his excellent stats, he should've been able to contribute more to the team, Bellerin, just like real life, was excellent for the first half of the season. Unfortunately, his broke his ankle right after the January window closed and was out for 3 months. Hopefully this did not stall his development. I still think he will soon become the best right back in the world. Overall, I really like FM16 so far. Subtle improvements over FM15, but nothing too drastic. I would've liked improvements with player interactions (although they seem to bitch a lot less this time around, which is good). Injuries seemed a bit better, although I was still plagued with some horror long term ones, but that's not too unrealistic given that we are Arsenal. I struggled a bit with tactics initially, but once everything was in place we were unstoppable. I loved how Arsene was promoted to a DoF instead of just getting fired and going to another team. Feels like he's just stepping back while still mentoring me and seeing his project through to the end. Coincidentally, he announced his retirement after the season was over. I'd like to think that I finally fulfilled his dreams of finally winning the CL and getting back the PL title that eluded him for so long. Now he can finally relax knowing that his beloved Arsenal is in good hands.
  3. Not sure what you mean by "I'd bite their hand off," but he's been playing pretty well. I've actually been rotating between him and Ox on the right wing. I do have Yarmolenko and Gabriel Barbosa who can probably play there in his place, but I'm not sure if they'll be as good, definitely not in terms of speed.
  4. Selling: Player Name: Theo Walcott Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Juventus Player's Value: £34 Offer: £57 Transfer/Wage Budget: £83M / £797K p/w Patch: 16.0.2 Season: 2nd Don't really need the money, but that's a lot of cash. He has been playing really well though, and he's homegrown...
  5. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Per Mertesacker Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Real Madrid Player's Value: £9.5M Offer: Exchange for Jese Transfer/Wage Budget: £91.43M / £843k p/w Patch: Season: 15/16 We've just come off of winning the domestic Double. It's near the end of the transfer window. A journalist asked me if I was interested in R. Madrid's Jese. Of course, I said sure, why not? I did my due diligence and scouted him, although I'm a bit packed in the attacking department already and Madrid probably won't want to sell him to me anyway. A few days later I got a new mail in the mailbox, Madrid wants Mertesacker, with an offer of... one Jese!!! Right now I'm still trying to decide if I should go for it. Mert is currently my captain, and probably one of our best CD (the others being Balanta, Nkoulou, and Stones). He's 30, so he probably still has a few good years left in him. But Jese still young and has a lot of potential. Do I send yet another one of our captains to Spain?
  6. Just finished my first season with Arsenal. Overall it was a wonderful year. We pretty much steamrolled through the league, winning with 100 points at the end (Liverpool was 2nd with 79). We also repeated the FA cup win. In Europe, we got to the quarterfinal, but sadly got knocked out by Bayern in the most heartbreaking fashion (more on that later). Here are some info: Transfers: In: Bender, Balanta, and Nkoulou are obviously to address our defensive concerns. I'm a bit ambivalent about Bender. He didn't have a bad season, but not great either, which is what I'd expect from a £20M signing. Hopefully he got himself settled in and performed better next season. Both Balanta and Nkoulou are young, but are already performing very well, Balanta gave away a few penalties, but hopefully he gets better as he matures. Gil Romero was signed as a replacement for Arteta, as he's no longer cutting it at this level. He was loaned back until the end of December, and performed pretty well for the second half of the season. I actually tried to take advantage of Reus' £20M clause, but he refused to come despite me trying to convince him. Shaqiri became available in January, so I snapped him up instead for £22M. Not a bad alternative as he proved to be a great signing and a definite improvement on Podolski. Munir got an offer for a new contract from Barca, so I had no choice but to sign him in Jan to take advantage of his £10.25 clause. So far it looks like he'll become a great player and another classic Barca steal. Silva is a replacement for Monreal. I felt that I overpaid a bit for him, since he's already moved to Sporting by the time I tried to get him. They wouldn't take anything less than £15 even though his actual value at the time was less than a million. Either way, he should become a better player than Gibbs after a few seasons and take over the first team role. Total: £82M Out: I basically tried to clear out any deadweights or players who are too old to contribute. Probably could've gotten more for Podolski, but no one else was interested when I tried to sell him. Total: £38M Season Highlights: Arsenal 1-1 Man City (Community Shield): Not sure how we stole this one from City. They had 15 shots on target vs our 3, they even have 53% possession. In the end, we won 5-4 on penalties, signalling a great season to come. Arsenal 5-4 Chelsea (A): One of many memorable games against Chelsea. This game was played on New Year, and was Shaqiri's first game for us. Remy and Shaqiri both scored hattricks, and Ozil scored a penalty. Arsenal 3-5 Chelsea (A) / Arsenal 3-2 Chelsea (H) (Cap One Cup Semi Final): Man, this one was a bit upsetting. Lost pretty badly in the first away leg and needed to win by 2 goals at home. We actually was about to do that until we gave away a penalty at the 82nd minute, no prob, still winning by away goals. But then that same douche Remy scored the winning goal in the 92nd min. Oh well, at least it was only Capital One Cup. Chelsea went on to win the whole thing, but that's okay because... Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (A) / Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea (H) (Champions League Qtr Final): This one was sweet. After the previous defeat, we came back with a vengeance for a competition that actually matters. After this game I gave an interview that "we broke Chelsea." They went on to finish 5th in the league and Mou got sacked . What more, he was replaced by Pep :lol:. Arsenal 1-1 Bayern (H) / Arsenal 4-5 Bayern (A) (Champions League Semi Final): Ugh, this was truly heartbreaking. We drawn 1-1 at home, which wasn't a great result and I was already resigned to the fact that this was probably over. On 2nd leg, we pretty much sealed our fate by conceding 3 goals in the first half. I screamed at my team during halftime, asking them were the passion is. Second half, a miracle happened. Welbeck pegged one back right away at the 45th minute. Boateng then gifted us an own goal at 47th, Ozil added one mofre at 54, and Alexis sealed the deal at 61. Holy ****, this is happening. We've actually came back from a 3 goal deficit to beat Bayern at home!!! Nope. In the exact same way Chelsea robbed us of a win in the Capital One Cup semi final, Gotze scored at the 84th minute and Muller finished us off at the 91st. Sufficed to say, I was completely gutted. Oh well, at least we came this far, and there's always next year. Arsenal 3-0 Southampton (FA Cup Final): A great way to end the season as Double champions. Summary: Welbeck is awesome, as is Giroud. I was originally planning on selling Giroud and replacing him with someone better, but because he did so well this season I think I'll just keep them both. Arteta, Rosicky, and Diaby have been rotting in my U21 team for the 2nd half of the season. They'll all be leaving at the next transfer window. Cazorla wanted an improved contract and is demanding £150k a week!! Yeah, no. He'll probably be sold at the next window also. In this version, players seem to attempt long range through balls a lot more, which works out perfectly with out pacey wingers and Welbeck. This is probably a big reason we did so well. Surprisingly, I didn't have to deal with too many injuries. Players occasionally got injured but we've always had adequate covers. I'm not exactly sure how to satisfy the "Play Possession Football" philosophy, since I have "Retain Possession" shout active on all my tactics and we usually end the game with 60% possession, yet I'm still only at 56% confidence . Maybe a bug? I'm not a fan of the new tactics page. It's now much harder to figure out who's playing which position, and the tactic map doesn't have any useful info on it. It was much better back in FM14 and I hope they fix this on the final release. It seems a bit harder to keep players fit compared to FM14. I never had anyone with 100% match fitness (they seem to max out at 99%), and it goes down pretty quickly. Offense is the best Defense, it seems like. I have much better results with attacking tactics rather than a defensive one. One little weird thing. Wenger got a new job at Roma, and he kept getting interviewed about how he feels that his old team has "struggled a bit" since he left. This was after we'd already won the league, got to the semi final of the champions league, and the final of the FA cup . Maybe another bug? Now that the team is pretty well balanced, I'll probably focus more on bringing in good youth players in the next window. Overall, I like FM15 better than the previous versions. The interface and 3D match look a lot better, and the new additions are nice. There are a few bugs and interface oddities here and there, but I hope those will be fixed by release. I'm looking forward to another awesome season with the Gunners!
  7. So far, Monaco has pretty much been my personal outlet mall. I've sold to them: Kos - £25.5m Giroud - £31m Khune - £6.75m (bought from Sunderland a season before for £2.3m to be a backup keeper, he wanted to leave after a season though) Ox - £41.5m (!!) Gnabry - £15.75m Cazorla - £8.25m (he's in the last year of his contract and demanding too much money to extend it, plus the deal was done after the transfer window was closed, so I get to keep him for another half season) Not to mention they hired Wenger as coach after the first season. These sales have pretty much funded my spending spree for the first 2 seasons (Getting Diego Costa, Shaqiri, Lars Bender, Griezmann, and Benteke to name a few). I also bought Rodriguez from them for a low, low price of £12.5m. Overall an excellent partnership. Would do business with again. Thank you agent Arsene.
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