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  1. Went into the final 2 games of my first season needing to win both to win the title. Somehow pulled off epic comebacks in both games on the road none of the less. Then this game was for the title. I came in 1 point behind Arsenal so anything other than a win and i finish 2nd. Fergie would be proud of this one. final table Now i'm facing Chelsea in the Champions League Final
  2. PSG denied me of winning every competition, also denied me of winning back-to-back CLs. It was a rematch to last year's CL final. Stats for the year My home tactic
  3. Man, my top two players just went down injured in back to back games. Griezmann 5-6 weeks with Shin Splits and Rashford 3 months with a Broken Ankle. Both guys have played 9 games this year and have combined for 17 goals and 9 assists. Huge blow, Rashford hurts I really thought he was going to break the goal record this year.
  4. I signed this Danish regen last year and he's gone on to break all sorts of youngest ever records and is a budding star. I initially had no intention of giving him senior appearances so early but as luck would have it I faced multiple injuries in my midfield forcing my hand. In his first 7 games he had 6 assists vastly outperforming the player he was filling in for so I made his senior team status permanent. Here's his attributes and stats so far this year I've been using him as a box-to-box midfielder and he hasn't disappointed me. Last year he
  5. Even after winning the Champions league Martial still demanded to leave so i sold him for £70M (up to £82M with clauses) bought Griezmann for £82M to replace him. Griezmann is 5 years older but i didn't want to deal with a player who wanted out, hopefully Griezmann gives me 4-5 top years as he's 27 now
  6. Rashford finished year 2 with 43 goals in all competitions, 3 shy of the record. Great season, not only did i win the title but Liverpool, Chelsea and City out of the top 4! Beat Liverpool in the last game of the season with a Rashford hat-trick to keep them at 5.
  7. PSG. They beat the title holders Tottenham in the semi-final. I'd rather not be an all English final so I'm happy with that.
  8. I have no idea how i did this. By far my best match as a manager in FM17. I thought i was done for after losing 3-1 at the Bernabeu. Funny thing about this is Pogba is asking to join Real Madrid to "play with better teammates" and the only way I could keep him temporarily happy was to promise a Champions League title this year. Knowing FM if i lose the Final he'll still request to join Madrid even though we just demolished them.
  9. These are Rashford's stats for me. I use him as a lone striker(Advanced Forward). Like i said earlier i rotate alot to keep my guys fresh and injury free so he and Ibra split time almost 50/50. Ibra was better in year 1 but in year 2 Rashford has been better for me. year 1 year 2 I think he's on pace to finish this year with 35+ goals
  10. Pretty good. Finished runner up 1 point behind Chelsea in my first year and won the European League. Currently in 1st in my 2nd year
  11. Just hit the January transfer window in 2018, Pogba wants to join Real Madrid unless we win the Champions League this year -.- He finished runner up in all the major end of year awards behind Messi. Martial is in the same boat with PSG. So if i don't win the Champions League i'm gonna have two world class young players wanting out, talk about pressure.
  12. I trained Pogba to be natural at AMC, I played him as AP(A). He won premier league player of the year these were his stats the first year. He didn't play a full slate of game because of an injury he picked up and i like to rotate pretty frequently. His injury cost me the premier league(i finished 2nd) but i won the Europa League. I also tried him at MC the first couple weeks of the season before I realized i needed him at AMC
  13. i've noticed this as well, it also works for captains I made Buffon captain when he had 15 influence, his influence is now at 18. I also made Amauri vice-captain when his influence was 15, it is now 17 As for aggression I've noticed that it doesn't go down if you don't discipline the player after a red, however if you warn him or fine him then the aggression does indeed decrease after too many reds.
  14. first season worked great, now in my second season i'm having serious trouble winning on the road i'm unbeatable at home but cant buy a point on the road
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