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  1. Well, I think its possible but I also think that Croatia will try to play for a win
  2. Russia, Czech Rep Germany, Denmark Croatia, Italy England, France Thats what I think.
  3. Dudley isn't seen as a city though but as a part of Birmingham
  4. Shocking!

    Millwall have renamed themselves on FM2012?
  5. Well its Wakefield but Lancaster hasn't had a league team either
  6. I'm sorry, I thought this thread was to make (outrageous) predictions But Denmark are a decent team that everyone thinks the other 3 will roll over them which may work for the Danes.
  7. England to win a penalty shootout Denmark to win their group.
  8. Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 1

    Friday 8th June Poland vs Greece, 5pm 2-0 Russia vs Czech Rep, 19:45pm 3-0 Saturday 9th June Netherlands vs Denmark, 5pm 4-0 Germany vs Portugal, 19:45pm 1-1 Sunday 10th June Spain vs Italy, 5pm 3-0 R.O.I vs Croatia, 19:45pm 1-1 Monday 11th June France vs England, 5pm 0-1 Ukraine vs Sweden, 19:45pm 0-0
  9. The Worst Team

    What about Darlington United?
  10. Danny Hurst lived in Hastings yet he played for Barrow AFC. I don't think Hurst was on a large wage.
  11. Really? I always play counter attacking away from home
  12. Well, the Great Gareth Barry almost cost us a goal