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  1. Does anyone else find that your players seem to miss more penalties a lot more than they score? This even happens with players with 18 and above for Penalty taking, yet the AI Opponent always seems to score even with (attribute wise) inferior stats?
  2. My Dlp (D) effectively sits in front of the back 4 in line with my Wb (S) and the high press up top helps. I aim to have quick players in the forward positions and stack my squad with youth. I'm in season 20/21 and my first 11 has Ander Herrara as the oldest player at 31, and I have 6 players 25 or under. (I try to stay true to the old Man Utd way of bringing through youth players.)
  3. Attacking, Fluid Closing Down More Play out from defence Work Ball Into Box and Look for Overlap Be More Expressive Run at Defence Most of my goals come from crosses and are scored inside the area with placed shots
  4. My current formation is 4-2-3-1 with Inside Forwards. Sk - (Su) Wbr (Su) CD (D) CD (D) Wbl (Su) Dlp (D) Ap (A) IFl (A) AM (A) IFr (A) CF (A) 3 Straight Champions Leagues, 4 Straight Premier Leagues and numerous Cups. (scoring bucket loads my main CF normally goals and a season and 30 Gls a season from my IFs and AM)
  5. How manage to sign everyone? Hazard, Ali, Dier, Varane and Dybala?